About Economy and Business Faculty

The Faculty of Economics has been established since 1986 when it was still called Bangkalan University. The Faculty of Economics, Trunojoyo Madura University (FE UTM) currently organizes 3 (three) levels of education namely D3, S1 and S2. The accredited Bachelor Study Programs are Management (concentration on Human Resources, Finance, Marketing), Accounting (concentration on Taxation, Public Sector, Sharia), and Development Economics (concentration on Banking, Development Planning). Study program D3 Public Sector Accounting and Masters in Accounting study interest in Forensic Accounting. And in 2012, the Faculty of Economics added 2 more study programs, namely the D3 Entrepreneurship Study Program and the Masters in Management. The number of UTM FE lecturers is 83 people with details of 1 person having the academic position of Professor, 11 Doctors, 13 Doctoral candidates and 61 Masters