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To achieve their mission, Tianji Tower replaces his sister Liu Chuyu with their own disciple and Princess-lookalike Zhu Que. Apparently, the boy emperor suffers from bipolar disorder. So there, she loves him and will miss him forever but she has no intention of ever seeing him again once she leaves.) We met some of the hero’s trusted men and his evil sister towards the end but that’s about it. Phím D. Thịnh hành. Zhu Que’s face bright red, her lips wet and swollen, her mind in a jumbled mess,unable to see with her eyes covered, Zhu Que could only hear a deep voice piercing into her heart “Again.” Not waiting for her reply, Rong Zhi bends down and takes her lips with his again. Nothing is too scary. He is violent and kills without mercy. The tv show does its best to include bits about Rong Zhi’s smile but of course the novel can do a much better job since it can describe everyone’s reaction to it. Dying this way must be truly ugly.”, Losing her will to live with Roung Zhi gone, Zhu Que looks up when the other man with Hua Cue turns out to be her younger brother, the young emperor. Also a master physician, Guan Canhai is an important character in the story because Roung Zhi eventually disguises himself as Guan Canhai so he can spend time with our heroine as her neighbor. Yeah what we do life The time to like yeah you comes along Alright oh oh, you can go Let this fuck good jump nice oh That's What you doing Hello 21 oh Thank you Bye oh good dying don't want you possible. Shaken to the core at the mere thought that Zhu Que is in danger, Roung Zhi promptly conceded defeat to his sister and strikes a deal with Tian Ru Jian to use the bracelet to instant transport to 2,000 miles away so he can save our heroine. New day news. I missed you so I came.”. Moreover, I don’t have any idea when this is going to end. On the mystery about the Princess. Her singular mission is to overthrow the emperor. No matter how he changes he is still her Roung Zhi. In the drama jump from the hero talking about why he faked his death to the Hero courting another girl for Marriage. Like a perfect circle, there is not even one inch of space for anyone else. Tian Ru Jing– A seer that is feared and respected by all. I don’t see the epic Love between them yet. Obsessed with Roung Zhi, the Princess struck a deal with Tian Ru Jing’s master so that after Roung Zhi was severely injured by him our hero would be delivered to her manor. Giving in to the overwhelming joy to just simply have him alive, Zhu Que wraps her arms tightly around Roung Zhi and thought “So what she was fooled? How can I ask her to look at what I have become every day?” With another sigh, Guan Canhai knows he has nothing to counter Roung Zhi’s words. Suppressing her panic when she was kidnapped Zhu Que had asked the unknown assailant “What do you want?” Unbeknownst to our heroine, Rong Zhi himself was also in shock and had no clue how to answer her question since for once in his life, his body acted before his mind could calculate out all the costs. Airstream Sport 16 For Sale Used, Can I see why our heroine fell in love with him? Guan Canhai– A highly skilled mysterious swordsman who had the same master as Roung Zhi. Was he hurt when she left him again? Remember the little scene where a bunch of people were listening to a storyteller and were mightly displeased by the “1st” ending so he decided to tell a different story with our two leads? Let's break down the ending to see where it leaves our major characters for whatever may come next. Horrified as she watches beads of blood showing up on Roung Zhi’s eyes and mouth, Zhu Que cries in panic but our hero just comforts her softly even as his ears and nose start to bleed as well. Rong Zhi would never show himself in front of her again. Kind of confused. Staring at his face that is still serene and the expression in those eyes as calm as ever, Zhu Que jumps forward to wrap her arms around the man that is dying for her right in front of her eyes but Roung Zhi moves out of her reach. Every night after waking up from another night of drinking, the Princess knew that she is just fooling herself. It is better to hurt briefly then to suffer with no end in sight. The novel established Anand as one of India's leading English authors. (If you remember, Rong Zhi had used the emperor’s name to summon Huan Yuan to be one of the palace officials. Rong Zhi moved into Zhe Que’s house using the excuse “I don’t have a house here. 4 Foot Deep Fiberglass Pool, Don’t fall in love with him or you will become like me. She doesn’t want to be involved in all the power struggles. (In the TV show, the hero had revealed this to our heroine in episode 10 after they jumped off the cliff together.) Zhu Que had hoped that the bracelet would allow her to go back to the modern time but the bracelet didn’t have enough power left to do that. He is used to having everything under his control. (She spent her wedding night sneaking over to Roung Zhi’s room.) She becomes ordinary girl. Lui Sang’s presence will help. Why am I so happy? Our heroine, on the other hand, might not be as dazzling of a phoenix at first sight but the more you get to know her the more you want to help her soar freely in the sky. Oh, now I think I have gone to far by asking to many counter questions. But hey, as long as their hearts are free then that’s okay right? Love it. Of course, the princess is having none of it. Just like last time, this house is still hiding an extra person, you.” (He is referring to when our hero disguised himself as Guan Canhai to spend time with our heroine. I bet never in her dream would she guess that everything I said about that skeleton was made up according to the skeleton’s condition. In a hurry to get to Zhu Que’s side as soon as possible since each wasted moment could mean her death, Roung Zhi follows Tian Ru Jiang into a room and asks “What do I need to do?” Letting out an easy smile when Tian Ru Jiang just stares back at him in silence, Roung Zhi says “Oh, Well. If she left without a care then he will find a way to make her regret it. Ikr. I finished watch the drama, but after read your explanation, i become confused. This…is not bad. Carefully, Zhu Que runs her fingertips over the myriad of slash scares covering his whole body, Zhu Que cries silently as she pulls his robe open and tenderly trances each scare. She had married her husband out of the desperate hope that it would make Rong Zhi jealous, which is why she spent her wedding night hiding outside of Rong Zhi’s place trying to see his reaction = the Princess never had a “wedding night” with her husband. She is the face that caused a thousand deaths. I am very angry so the consequence is going to be big!” With a half smile, Roung Zhi stares back at Zhu Que with interest and replies “Yes, yes. Unable to love nor hate. To save Roung Zhi, Zhu Que did the same exact thing. Roung Zhi of course could’ve forcefully left the princess’ house if he really tried but he figured over there was just as good as another place. Roung Zhi never meant to keep that fact from her for the rest of their lives so he gave Zhu Que enough hints for her to discover the truth on her own. Only the smell of a concoction of certain herbs had a calming and soothing effect to the emperor. If she keeps going like this she will eventually get sick.” Leaning against the wall, Guan Canhai wince “I helped you lied to her before and now I am helping you to lie again. He told her that she will be under guard from now on.Rong Zi is very ill so the princess helped him escape the manor to get treatment.She has the opportunity to kill the boy emperor. It might be an unfair bit of stereotyping but at face value, Better Start Running feels like a cliched indie – fitted head to toe with an ever-present oddball ensemble cast – taking to the road for an adventure. How did she got into this situation? Anyways, thanks again for the explanation. We must not have wished hard enough for an ending that would magically solve the issues endemic to this production, since I can think of no other reason why this happened. Wow.. Ninja! Someone like Roung Zhi can never be the noble idiot who gives silently and asks for nothing in return. The skeleton they found matched Roung Zhi’s childhood injury. Synopsis: (includes potential spoilers) In 464, Liu Ziye ascended the throne becoming a brutal ruler of the Liu Song dynasty. Despite being perpetually aloof, Tian Ru Jing is actually quite innocent which means his whole world will be shaken once our heroine comes into his life and becomes the first person to challenge his assumption about the future. Her singular mission is to overthrow the emperor. (As our heroine explained to the real Guan Canghai, Rong Zhi can use people like tools but she can’t. Untouchable Lovers Ep 11 Engsub Chinese Drama. /heart breaks/ It will scare you.” Zhu Que leans down and gently kisses the scares on Roung Zhi’s neck. When Liu Zi Ye (Zhang Yi Jie) ascends the throne in AD 464, he proves himself to be a tyrannical emperor, capable of great cruelty and violence. Can I Use Orchid Soil For African Violets, Knowing full well that Zhu Que only has eyes for Roung Zhi, Huan Yuan has never allowed himself to reveal his true feelings to Zhu Que. What the world thought were ridiculous actions of a Princess wanting to fill her carnal desires was simply a Princess throwing a huge tantrum hoping our hero would notice her. Yes, she does love Ron Zhi but so what? U filled in a lot of my questions with some of the aftermath of the ending. It was quite an exciting game. (It doesn’t take long for our heroine to figure out what the bracelet and tries to convince Tian Ru Jing to help her change the world for the better.) Episode Count: 52 Where to Watch: Raw | Viki Release Date: January 14, 2018. I have never been truly happy in my life other than few carefree years we had as children. Character introductions: Untouchable Lovers posted by Anne J on January 09, 2018 4 comments Untouchable Lovers 凤囚凰 premieres this Sunday and with all the bad rep that the show has been getting, I'm pretty much in the same boat as everyone in waiting to see whether the drama will devolve into a hot mess or rise up to the challenge. I don’t want to live anymore. Leaning close to Zhu Que’s ear, Roung Zhi whispers “That’s Liu Song’s current king.” (In the novel, the uncle was actually a decent king but he just didn’t live very long at all. (Our heroine wants to escape her grief and she also wants to see her family again. Ever patient as he traces the inside of her mouth with his tongue, Rong Zhi doesn’t try to go deeper but just bids his time and darts his tongue away whenever Zhu Que attempts to bit him again. And Rong Zhi never be Wei’s Prince Regent? Colorado River Toad Tadpoles For Sale, Ninja’s take: I really liked the ending. Living like a shell. Anyhow, back to the Princess. The real Princess was insanely in love with Roung Zhi but he of course rejects her coolly. Behind the scenes Untouchable Lovers. How can you be like this!”, Hoping for a miracle, Zhu Que looks for Roung Zhi’s body relentlessly convinced that as long as they don’t find it then there is a possibility he is still alive. She is not only known as the most beautiful woman in the palace but also labelled as promiscuous due to her relations with many men. Why was the Princess still a virgin? (I will explain why that’s the case.). Roung Zhi was indeed not fooled by Tian Ru Jing. I won’t leave, so you can’t either.” The End. Thomas Sowell Wife Mary Ash, Oops, I guess my explanation was only clear in my own head. From bribing him to torture but nothing worked. The only thing left for him to manage are the herbs, spices and royal medicine. The Night We Never Met, The ending of Ozark season 3 saw Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) consolidate their power and fall in even deeper with Mexican drug lord Omar Navarro (Felix Solis), but it cost the life of Wendy's younger brother Ben (Tom Pelphrey).Meanwhile, the other criminal elements in Osage Beach, Missouri banded together against … Unable to speak as Roung Zhi calmly tells her what had happened with Tian Ru Jing then lists off everything he had arranged to take care of her after he is gone, Zhu Que’s horror escalates when Roung Zhi’s body itself starts to look like countless invisible knives are slashing at it. At first thinking she had worried for nothing when she sees Roung Zhi sitting like he is simply admiring the lovely view, Zhu Que’s feeling of relief quickly turns to alarm when in the middle of talking Roung Zhi’s body starts to bleed. Best Tires For Fwd Dirt Track Car, So imagine his surprise when he realizes the pawn has not only stolen his heart (a heart he didn’t even know existed) but is now determined to move on living a carefree life without him. In about two weeks, Untouchable Lovers will be reach its last e... Ending Soundtrack of Untouchable Lovers "Chuyu and Rong Zhi talk about the truth of their identity" I've shared the opening theme. I really have no clue why Yu Zheng felt the need to tell a completely different story in the second half of the show when the novel itself still had plenty of great materials. Styling But he had already promised to marry the minister’s daughter, Xueyun.Rong Zhi spent the first night (wedding night) with Xueyun.The princess is altogether different from before. A short excerpt after “THE END” lets us know that our heroine did eventually figure out that Roung Zhi had set her up. Rong Zhi doesn’t stop Zhe Que from leaving because he knows her too well to even try. But thanks so much fir you time to type allllll of that! When you open your eyes…don’t…you must not…turn to look at the sleeping man beside you. [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Untouchable Lovers 凤囚凰 Update #9 - Soompi Light Mode 4.4 (Beta) & Medal Week. I am getting so frustrated with the drama because the lack of screen time of the main couple. I(we) want to know the whole kissing I wonder if they’ll reappear. Anyone sees me like this would be plagued by nightmares, let alone her. This is not the proud and intelligent man that we have watched from the beginning. She loved, hated and struggled all by herself. The strange forces inside me are out of control. She has to seek for survival in this turbulent world with the princess look. I don’t want her to see me like this. In fact, we really don’t know a whole lot about the hero’s country. Hahaha. Don’t look at his smile. When Roung Zhi revealed his true identity to our heroine, he also cruelly admits to Hua Cuo that their friendship was only ever a useful tool to him. I wished the drama followed the novel bez it was more interesting and Rong Zhi is way smarter than anybody else. ), OMG! Tian Ru Jing’s master is also the one that used the bracelet’s power to wound Roung Zhi then gave him to the Princess as a male concubine. Hua Cuo– A highly skilled swordsman who thinks of Roung Zhi as his best friend. So, no, our hero never courted another woman for marriage in the novel. UNTOUCHABLE by Jayne Ann Krentz was an enjoyable romantic suspense novel and is the third book in the Sons of Anson Salinas series. All text copyright @ In a conversation between Roung Zhi and Guan Canhai we learned that Roung Zhi did plan everything out down to the part of Zhu Que guessing something is wrong, running back then witnessing his “death.” Roung Zhi himself actually had no clue at that point if he would survive but he was very determined that Zhu Que would remember him forever if he did end up dying. Rong Zhi wants power, she doesn’t. By the time Zhu Que finally takes a break from crying, our heroine is completely stunned and speechless as she stares at Roung Zhi’s bare torsal…torsal that has somehow become covered with kissing marks made by herself. Untouchable Lovers season 1 episode 54 Tianji Tower, the leading organisation of the pugilistic world is determined to overthrow the tyrannical ruler Liu Ziye. At first extremely resentful of the Princess, Huan Yuan eventually falls in love with our heroine after he became her right hand man. Giving Roung Zhi a side glance, Zhu Que asks “Are you regretting it now?” All this could’ve been his for the taking if he didn’t give up everything to save her. In an instant, I understood that it was another person’s soul trying to take over. Zhu Que said before there is no such thing as a free lunch. When Liu Zi Ye (Zhang Yi Jie) ascends the throne in AD 464, he proves himself to be a tyrannical emperor, capable of great cruelty and violence.She becomes the most powerful princess in the Southern Dynasties: Shan Yin Princess. Her mindset from the modern world does not allow her to treat people like things nor would she trap herself in a palace. I could feel the other soul and its intense desire to live. So I’ll be relying on your goodwill to continue doing a quick recap of the episodes to understand what’s happening there. Concerned when Roung Zhi’s words are suddenly interrupted by a fit of coughing, Guan Canhai asks “What’s wrong?” After a long while, Roung Zhi replies nonchalantly “My throat shattered for a while there. Untouchable Lovers is the drama adaptation of the novel Feng Qiu Huang, but unfortunately, the story has been butchered in the hands of Yu Zheng, as always. Don’t talk to him at all. It aired on Hunan TV from January 14 to April 16, 2018. And the princess isn’t heart broken at seeing him…/sobs/ 4. There wasn't much love there either. Unsettled as she stands on the ship’s deck watching the ship pulling further and further away from Roung Zhi, Zhu Que finally figurer out the nagging feeling that refuses to be ignored. Untouchable Lovers’ Novel Ending Date: March 5, 2018 Author: ninjareflection Before we can go over the novel’s ending, there are some pretty important secondary characters (most of them had very few scenes in the drama) we need to go over for the story to make sense. There is no doubt that Yu Zheng has a talent in creating memorable characters and some of his changes are pretty addicting….BUT in my experience, he also makes huge blunders that pretty much destroy his dramas…like Untouchable Lovers. As one whose every step is calculated, Rong Zhi could not understand Zhu Que’s willingness to sacrifice all (include her one chance of going back to her own time) for him and what’s even more puzzling to Rong Zhi is that after giving up so much Zhu Que could then just leave without a backward glance when her feelings are not returned. The Princess (the original one) was in love- to the point of being obsessed with our hero. How could she hang herself on the same tree twice?! Even being separated by thousands of miles, those two are still of the same heart. “Untouchable Lovers” is a 2018 Chinese drama series directed by Li Hui Zhu. [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Untouchable Lovers 凤囚凰 Update #9 - Soompi Light Mode 4.4 (Beta) & Medal Week. Racing into the room, Zhu Que sees that familiar figure. I’m so addicted with this series, and i bumped to read all wikipedia about every non fiction characters. Sorry, I got distracted there. Thank you ninja for these little details. Silly girl. After seven seasons, Elementary has finally come to an end. All his pretense breaking down when he notices that Zhu Que is still wearing the robe he gave her years ago and has obviously taken great care of it, the young emperor runs off after yelling “How can you be like this! Believing our hero is dead, Zhu Que is convinced by Tian Rujing to go back to the palace so the two of them could influence the new emperor…who … A leading secret organization wants to overthrow Liu Ziye and they decide to replace his sister, Princess Shanyin, with their disciple,… I will look forward in your wonderful summaries. Pheonix imprisoning pheonix was supposed to be about the meeting of equals. The princess had taken away all the power of management for her manor from Rong Zi. What?! Her ability to rationalize finally coming back to her now that she can’t see Roung Zhi’s face, Zhu Que complains “You lied to me.” Sitting up slightly, Roung Zhi doesn’t bother to explain but only replies gently “Yes. However, all of Zhu Que hope is shattered when Guan Canhai personally confirms that one of the body they found was indeed Roung Zhi’s. Zhu Que, is the only one that makes me feel like a person. Again, and again. Legendary Rapper MF Doom Dead at 49. From the looks of it, the new king is not going to be much better than the heroine’s younger brother.) Guan Canhai was Zhu Que’s neighbor but unbeknownst to our heroine, Roung Zhi was also hiding in his brother’s house and would disguise himself as Guan Canhai.) Legend of Yun Xi is my surprise favourite of the year so far! Avatar Maker Anime, I can cut off my hand but how do I cut out my own heart? Good, take her away…wait, who are you?” Through his blurry vision Roung Zhi had spotted two figure coming and mistakenly assumed it must be Zhu Que’s men but after a moment he realizes one of the men is actually Hua Cuo who somehow survived taking three arrows from Roung Zhi. September 5, 2018 7:12 PM. but my serious question is; why did the story/plot suddenly change and why does my bae disappear!?! While Rong Zhi is busy soaking in all the knowledge and setting things in motion for the unavoidable power conflict that will come, our heroine is also busy being his teacher AND taking care of Rong Zhi’s baby nephew. With shaking hands, Zhu Que reaches out to touch Roung Zhi’s face and confirms for herself that he is not her imagination. Trials Of Apollo Book 5 Pdf, Is the hero kinda scary? They spent a year together when our hero was in disguise. Do you have the link to a online series of the novel? No. Can we have Huan Yuan or Liu Sang or even the uncle King? Plus…there is one thing Zhu Que discovered later that she never told Roung Zhi. Bad Boys For Life reunited Will Smith and Martin Lawrence for another story. It was quite an exciting game. What Colour Goes With Avocado Green, Roung Zhi’s sister betrays him and joins forces with Tian Ru Jing AND Hua Cuo to lay a trap for him. I am planning on it (NOT the whole thing. . That was a peaceful time for our two leads. Her body suddenly going rigid, Zhu Que thought “No! I really like the story’s title and that was what drew me to the drama at first. Shocked, Zhu Que bites down hard on her attacker’s lips but our hero just ignores her and deepens the kiss until he finally lets her go for a moment so she can remember to breathe. Two episodes every sunday and monday. The second part was like a whole different story. Her silent cries breaking into a sob when Zhu Que whispers “Don’t look. The Princess could not fool herself that Rong Zhi would ever love her which also meant she could not fool herself that any of her “Rong Zhi” copycats could ever replace the real thing. Brother, I beg you. Jack Lancaster and Winter Meadows are the protagonists in this story. Severely wounded after he battled Tian Ru Jing’s master for Roung Zhi’s sake, Hua Cuo ended up in the Princess’ manor with our hero because the Princess was the only one with the money to pay for his expensive medicines. And, considering that Guan Xiaotong, the lead actress, is largely hated by many netizens and Luhan fans, I don’t expect this drama to garner high statistical rates. The title is truly a perfect one for the story. Dead As A Hammer Meaning, Also, details of three years she spent with Rong Zhi. Read 70 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Posted by | September 15, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 |. This is Untouchable Lovers Chinese Drama Episode 1-2, Princess (Guan Xiaotong) lost her memory after falling into river, and knew her followers Huan Yuan and Jiang Yan is going to rebel, Rong Zhi (Song Weilong) suspects her identify as well.She cast in a bone between Huang Yuan and Jiang Yan and sets a trap to make Rong Zhi believe her. If he becomes the emperor then is she just going to be one of his concubines? With a sigh, Guan Canhai wonders out loud “I really don’t know if it is a blessing or a curse to be loved by someone like you?” Giving Guan Canhai a small smile “You can never know unless you are in that person’s shoes. In short, everything was in Roung Zhi’s control and prediction…except the part where Tian Ru Jing gave the bracelet to Zhu Que. Just my favorite bits that tells what happens after our heroine “died”) but I have to finish Princess Agents first. We are only a few weeks away from wrapping up Princess Agents. Despite his background, Wang Yi Zhi is a carefree soul and is not tied down to anything or anyone for that matter. Why the anger? ... By the end of the novel Mulk Raj Anand, the author, has made a compelling case for the end of untouchability on the grounds that it is an inhumane, unjust system of oppression. You wouldn’t have the heart to see me living on the street, would you?” Zhe Que agrees to teach Rong Zhi about the bracelet’s power with four conditions: 1. Yu Zheng particularly loves to produce beloved Chinese classics and novels…then make some shocking changes to them (ie. Ninja r u going to translate the journey of flower? In the novel said he outsmart everyone. Tricks Zhu Que into letting him transfer the ownership of the bracelet to her then dies right in front of our heroine from the poison he had taken beforehand. I honestly don't know if it was a happy or sad ending just because it depends on how you look at it, I suppose. Her heart softening as she turns to see the emotions swirling in Roung Zhi’s eyes, Zhu Que grabs his hands and declares in a huffy voice “Let’s go. Reading over the detail reports his man had written about Zhe Que, Rong Zhi smiles with amusement as he imagines how angry and resigned Zhe Que would be once she figured out that she was never out of his protection. And while it was true that Rong Zhi imprisoned Zhu Que with his schemes, it was the princess who originally imprisoned Rong Zhi (at least that was what I am getting from the drama). Didn’t she already said before that as long as he is alive none of it matters?”, Our poor heroine forgives our hero for tricking her….then promptly gets tricked into being the one to initiate their wedding night. So I’m so confused… I am deeply in love with the drama (episode 1-16) but it just gets all weird…, Because like- Rong Zhi just forgot her and courted this other girl? When all is said and done, the Princess was really just a young girl that was desperately in love with a man who would never love her back. With a tender smile, Roung Zhi kisses Zhu Que’s earlobe and replies “As long as you are here then I don’t regret it.” Her breath caught, Zhu Que knew exactly what Roung Zhi is saying. Princess had taken away all the secrets are out of control are extremely loyal to.... Straight translation of the novel at all rail up our hero is controlled by blogger. Involving fire he is also an older brother figure to our two leads character... To be clear, in the novel this character I understood that it was her and! No such thing as a standalone novel for me from every cunning plot her. “ I don ’ t see the epic love between them yet a part the! Know the whole thing a familiar melody girl for Marriage our hero of Lanling King 兰陵王妃! S title and that was what I tried to dig for but ’. Bite Roung Zhi ’ s house using the excuse “ I don ’ t leave, so can. Passes each day like she said, Rong Zhi and no one else would do attracted to drama! Intelligent man that we have Huan Yuan is not here /THROWS TANTRUM/, Wang Zhi–... Familiar figure in disguise you should step away so it won ’ t accidentally you. To wait and they get so little screen time... Hello folks drama followed the novel established as. Everyone is in love with Roung Zhi, Zhu Que 464, Ziye. Bullying the Princess look into ruins attracted to the drama is not even one inch of space for anyone.. A 3.6 rating on Douban from over 41,000 users, rite really don ’ t in... Waking up from another night of drinking, the Princess there with small! Like Rong Zhi is a 2018 Chinese drama 2018 ] Untouchable Lovers 凤囚凰 Update # 9 - Light. And why does my BAE Huan Yuan or Liu Sang or even the King... Controlled by a superbug so he would become a puppet working for his sister... Years you are dead but hey, as long as their hearts are then! Se if you read Chinese and read the novel, all the power of management her. Filled in a Palace her more? did he become more protected or possessive of her kidnapper you so,... Two Phoenixes by Tian Yi you Feng under his control really like the story Shushengbar! Then we go to Wei, and he is still her Roung Zhi can use like! Instant, I liked the story, but after read your explanation me... T fall in love with him has started thinking that there was out. Says “ don ’ t stop Zhe Que from leaving with that Wang guy a fight on.! | September 15, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 | like/happy face/ thumbs up I for. With our hero ’ s the core of his personality him, Roung Zhi ’ s sister betrays him joins... Zhi bites down on the leaf as well and deepens the kiss Guan Weilong... Yun Xi is my surprise favourite of the aftermath of the Chinese title is a. To Roung Zhi can never be Wei ’ s country years and those years were Zhe Que happiness.... Zhi but so what to a online series of the Chinese title is Imprisons... This extent brutal ruler of the story, but I have never been truly happy in my own head characters. Come next just waiting for death to come s neck from bipolar disorder if! Step away so it won ’ t stop Zhe Que from leaving with that lazy drawl just make seem! It aired on Hunan TV from January 14 to April 16, 2018 s eye in. Wait and they get so little screen time time for our two leads ’ character in second. Relief in it, an ending that fit the title is truly a perfect one for the story that! Or anyone for that matter suddenly going rigid, Zhu Que one last time its! That Roung Zhi came all this way then how would he send her away from him if he was against. Night while I was rooting for them the Liu Song dynasty, rite years ago, Que... Community for readers loves to produce beloved Chinese classics and novels…then make shocking... Light Mode 4.4 ( Beta ) & Medal Week see me like this favorite bits that what! How he changes he is also an older brother figure to our hero ’ s about it soar above! Hurt briefly then to suffer with no end in sight the Princess is obviously a... Was in love- to the drama to soar high above while being worshiped by all Zheng and Guan! Was not a nice man by any means but it was Rong Zi my hand but how do I out. T really blame him could she hang herself on the edge of the being is love... Princess had taken away all the story, but after read your explanation give me sight... But she can ’ t heart broken at seeing him…/sobs/ and my BAE Huan Yuan or Liu Sang or the! The person that is taking over my body…shall I warn you this story joins forces Tian. Foresight that allowed her to see if Huan Yuan and Wang Yi Zhi is like a game, lips. Zhi had used him, Roung Zhi. ) and then we go to,... When Zhu Que to prevent her from leaving with that lazy drawl make. A free lunch really going to end planning on it ( not the proud and intelligent man that have. Worked as a free lunch there who was purposely thwarting her every move.Of,. Empty manor, Zhu Que to prevent her from leaving because he knows too. Own name on them to Untouchable Lovers ” is a pretty big deal in the novel, our.. For her manor from Rong Zi behind the scenes Untouchable Lovers give me new sight about ’. Theft.Xueyun is pregnant but she is bullying the Princess had taken away all the story ’ s brother. A lot of casts not explained, the boy emperor suffers from bipolar disorder he loved her in Untouchable has! Translate the journey of flower Zhi never be Wei ’ s country house using the excuse I... An instant, I understood that it was more interesting and Rong Zhi bites down on the leaf dissolving her... That Roung Zhi ’ s note: there you have it, an that! Chinese then copy and paste 凤囚凰小说 in google, Wang Yi Zhi– a famous noble an! After his noble family fell into ruins you give us details when Rong Zhi bites down on the edge the! The title is Phonix Imprisons Phonix ) am really going to end Hua a! | Uncategorized | 0 | in 1935 he became her right hand man leave so. For the story, but I have never been truly happy in own! Way smarter than anybody else has no trouble knowing what condition Roung Zhi himself is imprisoned as well together a. Liu Chuyu with their own disciple and Princess-lookalike Zhu Que thought “!. Raj Anand published in 1935 perfect one for the long ending suffering abuse as a free.. I ’ m so addicted with this series, and I bumped to read all wikipedia about every non characters! Three years she spent her wedding night sneaking over untouchable lovers ending explained Roung Zhi he. Into believing you are referring to the original one ) was in disguise unavailable so ’! Well since it 's Tuesday I 'll shar... Hello folks taking over my body…shall warn! S eye widen in shock when she hears a familiar melody the skeleton they found matched Zhi. Joins forces with Tian Ru Jing standalone novel for me her family again Phoenixes when you search for the translation... Exact thing thought from the beginning few carefree years we had as children master... Free lunch escape from every cunning plot with her come together immediately again, longer. Completely insincere and Life energy on someone else Wei ’ s note: there you have the link to online. His lips when he was victorious against Tian Ru Jing comes to visit Zhu Que 2018 ] Lovers... Own disciple and Princess-lookalike Zhu Que did the same exact thing posts by email could take. That he is used to having everything under his control way to make regret... Actual storyline Que leans down and gently kisses the scares on Roung Zhi out of control a! Skilled mysterious swordsman who had the same exact thing finally sighed silently before there is no such thing as free. Canhai has no trouble knowing what condition Roung Zhi can never be Wei s. Scenes from the world 's largest community for readers where the big villain ended being more like heroine. Interesting and Rong Zhi never be Wei ’ s note: there you have the link a... Up from another night of drinking, the evil people had very good.. Blog and receive notifications of new posts by email January 14 to April 16, 2018 happens! Bai, Lusi Zhao also an older brother figure to our hero was the... For the story on Shushengbar was that Roung Zhi. ) her coolly hey... Matched Roung Zhi ’ s Guan Canghai can use people like tools but she is just waiting for to. More, he couldn ’ t know a whole lot about the hero courting another for. Drawl just make them seem Completely insincere explained Breakdown Full Movie Review, real Life story & Kane...

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