tchaikovsky piano concerto 1 best recording

Saccani, Rico (piano) / Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra / Saccani, Rico (conductor)Recording date unknown (2008 or earlier). It’s typical of Serebrier’s performance that he makes that effect sound so fresh and original. Nakamura, Hiroko (piano) / USSR State Symphony Orchestra / Svetlanov, Yevgeny (conductor)Recorded 1990.05.23 in Tokyo, Suntory Hall. Gilels, Yelena (piano) / USSR State Symphony Orchestra / Svetlanov, Yevgeny (conductor)Recorded 1968.02.20 live in Moscow. Neither protagonist is anxious to linger sentimentally along the way and Gergiev, sometimes routine in concerto recordings, is here fiercely energised – giving as good as he gets, as it were, from his soloist – to the point after the orchestral tutti at 10'55" that you wonder how Matsuev is going to match him. Matrix WAX 5279/86. Dudamel and his young players feed on one another; the exchange of energy is extraordinary. Greenbaum, Kyla (piano) / Sinfonia of London / Austin, Richard (conductor)Recorded 1957. The brass still retain their penetrating power, and an extraordinary richness and solemnity before the symphony’s coda; the woodwind make a very melancholy choir; and the strings possess not only the agility to cope with Pletnev’s aptly death-defying speed for the third movement march, but beauty of tone for Tchaikovsky’s yearning cantabiles. Ponti, Michael (piano) / Prague Symphony Orchestra / Kapp, Richard (conductor)Recorded 1972. I know this recording since many years and have this recording on CD. Symphony No 5 is also mercilessly driven, and pre-echoes of Shostakovian hysteria are particularly strong in the coda’s knife-edge of triumph and despair. This really is Tchaikovsky-playing that bursts with sunshine, the strings imitating strummed balalaikas (7'25"). 2 in G major, Op. Listen to Argerich’s Allegro con spirito, as the concerto gets under way, where her darting crescendos and diminuendos make the triplet rhythm speak with the rarest vitality and caprice. The orchestral playing positively sizzles in the first movement development (which goes off like a rocket) but tends to a steely, excitable slickness towards the end of the Scherzo. Krainev, Vladimir (piano) / USSR State Symphony Orchestra / Rozhdestvensky, Gennady (conductor)Recorded 1970 live in Moscow, Conservatory, Great Hall. Cliburn, Van (piano) / Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra / Kondrashin, Kirill (conductor)Recorded 1972 live in Moscow, Conservatory, Great Hall. Matrix 080521/28. Bachauer, Gina (piano) / New London Orchestra / Sherman, Alec (conductor)Recorded 1954.08.31-09.02 in London. Rubinstein, Artur (piano) / New York Philharmonic Orchestra / Rodzinski, Artur (conductor)Recorded 1946.03.24 live in New York, Carnegie Hall. Goldmann, Dieter [*] (piano) / Philharmonische Vereinigung [*] / Pantelli, Carlo [*] (conductor), Goldmann, Dieter [*] (piano) / London Festival Orchestra [*] / Lizzio, Alberto [*] (conductor), Goldmann, Dieter [*] (piano) / South German Philharmonic Orchestra [*] / Swarowsky, Hans [*] (conductor). The dynamic range is huge and comfortably reproduced with clarity, natural perspectives, a sense of instruments playing in a believable acoustic space, and a necessarily higher volume setting than usual. There have been many Tchaikovsky collections like this, but with well balanced sound, outstandingly rich and ripe in the brass section, this is among the finest. Three overtures complete the programme. If only part of a work is available in a recording, the relevant sections or movements are indicated. Schumann is revealed as a major influence, not only on the outward features of the style but on the whole expressive mood and manner. There have been many very great accounts of it – Horowitz / Szell, Argerich / Abbado, Gilels / Mehta among them – but I doubt if you will ever hear it more viscerally thrilling and sumptuously engineered than here. In a recorded commentary on the 1812 sessions, Deems Taylor explains how, prior to ‘battle’, roads were blocked and an ambulance crew put on standby. Opening only. Tatiana Monogarova sop Maxim Mikhailov bass Russian National Orchestra / Vladimir Jurowski (Pentatone). Of course, one misses the symphonic weight of the original. Richter, Svyatoslav (piano) / Krakow Philharmonic Orchestra / Wodicko, Bogdan (conductor)Recorded 1954.11.12 live in Krakow, Philharmonie. The Piano Concerto No. Bolet, Jorge (piano) / Montreal Symphony Orchestra / Dutoit, Charles (conductor)Recorded 1987.05.21-22 in Montreal, St. Eustache's Church. Bruchollerie, Monique de la (piano) / Vienna Symphony / Moralt, Rudolf (conductor)Recorded 1952.06.16-17 in Vienna, Musikverein, Brahms-Saal. Donohoe, Peter (piano) / Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra / Barshai, Rudolf (conductor)Recorded 1988.07.18-20 in Poole, Arts Centre, Wessex Hall. Arturo Toscanini conducted the early Voyevoda Overture, the Pathetique Symphony and the First Piano Concerto with his son-in-law Vladimir Horowitz as soloist (it was the very first time that they had performed the work together). Here’s a young artist who really does live up to the claims of the publicists. The opening of movt I was changed from 3/4 to 4/4. Kolesnikov, Pavel (piano) / Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra / Minczuk, Roberto (conductor)Recorded 2012.10 live in Calgary, EPCOR Centre, Jack Singer Concert Hall. Osmo Vänskä, particularly attuned to the sensibilities of Russian music, is an ideal partner for his inspired soloist. She – the lovely Tatiana Monogarova – has a two-part mad scene or ‘melodrama’, where the spoken lines lend a stark reality to her delusions. Trouard, Raymond (piano) / Colonne Concert Orchestra / Dervaux, Pierre (conductor)Recorded 1961.11.24-12.01 in Paris, Salle Wagram. The original versions of the Tchaikovsky Piano Concertos have been recorded by Lowenthal/Commissiona as a 2CD-set, issued by Arabesque and later Bridge. Wührer, Friedrich (piano) / Vienna Pro Musica Orchestra [* = Vienna Symphony] / Hollreiser, Heinrich (conductor)Recorded 1955. The explosive development section is a controlled panic attack, classical in form, neurotic in nature. Again the sound is excellent, full-bodied in the strings and with plenty of sonority for the trombones. Irina Mishura-Lekhtman mez Vladimir Grishko ten Michigan University Musical Society Choral Union; Detroit Symphony Orchestra / Neeme Järvi (Chandos). Kirill Gerstein’s world premiere recording of the concerto enables us to hear the authentic version for the first time. Sevidov, Arkady (piano) / Russian Philharmonic / Friedmann, Samuel (conductor)Recorded 1996.10.01-02 in Moscow, State Broadcasting House, Studio 5. Prochorova, Kseniya (piano) / North West German Philharmonic / Schüchter, Wilhelm (conductor)Recorded 1954.10.23-24 in Bielefeld, Rudolf-Oetker-Halle. Tchaikovsky’s First Piano Concerto is no exception; among the 200-plus recordings listed by ArkivMusic are classic accounts from the likes of Martha Argerich, Vladimir Ashkenazy and Emil Gilels, not to mention highly recommendable versions from Peter Donohoe, Stephen Hough and Yevgeny Sudbin. Again, the approach is crisp and balletic, whereas the 1960 LSO Beethoven recording triumphs by dint of its energy and orchestral discipline. Farnadi, Edith (piano) / Vienna State Opera Orchestra / Scherchen, Hermann (conductor)Recorded 1953.06.21-07.25 in Vienna, Konzerthaus. These recordings are landmarks not just of Tchaikovsky interpretation but of recorded orchestral performances in general. 44 by Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840-93). The results are fascinating, not least for the ingenuity of Tchaikovsky’s cut-and-paste job, jump-cutting now with renewed urgency. Yankoff, Ventsislav (piano) / New Symphony Orchestra of London / Schwarz, Rudolf (conductor)Recorded 1954.10.15-16. Indeed, both these performances exemplify what makes Jurowski’s approach to Tchaikovsky so special. 1: Recordings: Andantino. 4: Brahms: Piano Concerto No. Gerstein, Kirill (piano) / Czech Philharmonic / Bychkov, Semyon (conductor)Recorded 2017.06.07-09 live in Prague, Rudolfinum, Dvorak Hall. Gramophone is part of Muraro, Roger (piano) / Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra / Rinkevičius, Gintaras (conductor)Recorded 2001.06.02-05 in Vilnius, Congress Concert Hall. The second movement of this concerto received most of Siloti’s knife work, allowing us to clearly see the difference between Tchaikovsky’s piece and what a by-the-book piano concerto should be like. Overall, though, this is impressive and satisfying, especially the riveting close. Curzon, Clifford (piano) / Vienna Philharmonic / Solti, Georg (conductor)Recorded 1958.10.14-17 in Vienna, Sofiensaal. Lively, David (piano) / Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra / Rahbari, Alexander (conductor)Recorded 1993.03.16-20 in Bratislava, Slovak Radio Concert Hall. Arranged by Olivier Toussaint & Gerard Salesses. Horowitz, Vladimir (piano) / New York Philharmonic Orchestra / Barbirolli, John (conductor)Recorded 1940.03.31 live in New York, Carnegie Hall. There’s always a balancing concern for the superb craftsmanship of Tchaikovsky’s writing: the shapeliness of the phrasing; the superb orchestration, scintillating and subtle by turns; and most of all Tchaikovsky’s marvellous sense of dramatic pace. Rubinstein, Artur (piano) / Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra / Mitropoulos, Dimitri (conductor)Recorded 1946.11.16 in Minneapolis, Northrop Auditorium. Parker, Jon Kimura (piano) / Royal Philharmonic Orchestra / Previn, André (conductor)Recorded 1985.12.02-03 in London, Watford Town Hall. Cliburn, Van (piano) / RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra / Kondrashin, Kirill (conductor)Recorded 1958.05.30 in New York, Carnegie Hall. Ott, Alice Sara (piano) / Munich Philharmonic / Hengelbrock, Thomas (conductor)Recorded 2009.11 live in Munich, Philharmonie im Gasteig. Schiøler, Victor (piano) / Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra / Garaguly, Carl von (conductor)Recorded 1945.12.18-19. Her roles explore the lighter end of the scale – Queen of the Night, Gilda, Zerbinetta – but she also covers lyric repertoire such as Tatyana. The Adagio cantabile second movement is tenderly beautiful, with the central section sharply contrasted, while the folk-dance rhythms of the last two movements are sprung with sparkling lightness. Other possible dates include 1958.07.24, 1959.06.24 and 1959.07.24. In his hands, the music is like a living thing; one senses that each performance will have its own individual character. Those with matrix HPG 1031 (misattributed to Sergio Fiorentino with the "Hamburg Pro-Musica Orchestra", conductor George Hurst) were actually Sondra Bianca's recording with the North German Radio Symphony Orchestra, conductor Hans-Jürgen Walther; matrix 5043 was Pavel Serebryakov's 1953 recording with the Leningrad Philharmonic, conducted by Yevgeny Mravinsky, although early copies were credited pseudonymously to "Paul Procopolis" with the "Leipzig Pro Arte Symphony Orchestra", conductor "Gorg Ramifski". Exciting? Douglas, Barry (piano) / London Symphony Orchestra / Slatkin, Leonard (conductor)Recorded 1986.08.30-31 in London, Henry Wood Hall. His Bavarians respond with atmospheric playing, burnished strings and dark woodwind coloration to the fore. Grigore, Dan (piano) / Cluj-Napoca Philharmonic Orchestra / Mandeal, Cristian (conductor)Recorded 1987.10 in Cluj-Napoca, Reformed Church. Kozhukhin, Denis (piano) / Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra (East Berlin) / Sinaisky, Vasily (conductor)Recorded 2015.10 in Berlin, Funkhaus Nalepastraße. The melodies are firmly projected yet flexibly arched over the bar-lines, as if emerging from different instruments, culminating in a febrile central climax that gently dissipates into some of the most ravishing trills on record. Matrix 23791/8. Drenikov, Ivan (piano) / Bulgarian State Philharmonic Orchestra [*] / Wallez, Jean-Pierre (conductor) [*], Drescher, Adolf [*] (piano) / Pro Musica Sinfonie-Orchester Hamburg [*] / Jones, J. Randolph [*] (conductor). But I wonder if there has ever been a Nutcracker so captured apparently ‘on the wing’, or, for that matter, so exciting. It is good here to welcome the mono recordings of the Brahms and Tchaikovsky concertos which David Oistrakh made in February 1954, more volatile readings than those he recorded later, respectively with Klemperer for EMI in the Brahms (3/93) and with Ormandy for CBS in the Tchaikovsky (11/89). Tomsic, Dubravka (piano) / Slovenian Philharmonic / Nanut, Anton [*] (conductor)Recording date unknown (1976?). Tokarev, Nikolay (piano) / Gnessin Symphony Orchestra / Khokhlov, Mikhail (conductor)Recorded 1999.11.09-10. Badura-Skoda, Paul (piano) / Philharmonic Promenade Orchestra [* = London Philharmonic Orchestra] / Boult, Adrian (conductor)Recorded 1955.03.30-31 in London, Walthamstow Assembly Hall. Argerich, Martha (piano) / Warsaw Philharmonic / Kord, Kazimierz (conductor)Recorded 1980.10.01 live in Warsaw, Philharmonic Hall. Not any more. An astonishing unreleased 1988 recording of Ivo Pogorelich playing the Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. Solomon (piano) / Hallé Orchestra / Harty, Hamilton (conductor). He fires to anger with a touch of the heroic in his tone when challenged by Lensky, becomes transformed and single-minded when he catches sight of the ‘new’ Tatyana at the St Petersburg Ball. Like Schumann’s Rhenish Symphony, Tchaikovsky’s Third is in five movements, which means there are two faster ‘scherzo’-type inner movements. 1. Argerich has never sounded on better terms with the piano, more virtuoso yet engagingly human. The Overture in F is a student work whose deft orchestration points to the mature Tchaikovsky while the one on the Danish national anthem suffers from its relatively uninteresting theme. Sebök, György (piano) / Monte Carlo National Opera Orchestra / Fremaux, Louis (conductor)Recorded 1959. Mono-Recording. The clarity of Serebrier’s performance, both in texture and in structure, helps to bring that out, as does a warm and analytical BIS recording. Sudbin, Yevgeny (piano) / Sâo Paulo Symphony Orchestra / Neschling, John (conductor)Recorded 2006.02 in Sāo Paulo, Sala. Right from the outset, one cannot fail to be struck by the healthy sheen, tasteful refinement and infectious temperament displayed by the Birmingham orchestra (which can, it seems, boast an exceptionally eloquent woodwind roster these days). The sheer refinement of the orchestral playing in the scherzos of all three symphonies is a delight, and finales have great zest with splendid bite and precision in the fugato passages and a convincing closing peroration. And yet – tellingly – the return of the second subject is fleet and songful rather than indulgently fulsome as is so often the case. Petrenko’s Manfred emerges from the gothic greys of the opening wind chorale to vent his heartache in an emotive surge of string sound. Iturbi, José (piano) / Colonne Concert Orchestra / Iturbi, José (conductor)Recorded 1956.09.27-28 in Paris, Salle Apollo. Matrix XCO 39612/20. Jurowski savours the differences and makes capital of the anomalies. His ear for timbre never fails him. Tchaikovsky’s songs are not nearly well enough known and this superb recital should encourage more interest in them. Freire, Nelson (piano) / Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra / Masur, Kurt (conductor)Recorded 1969.02.18 in Paris, ORTF, Studio 104. 23. This is impressive – and, at Naxos’s pricing, not to be missed. Not even Cherkassky at his finest possesed a more elfin sense of difference or caprice. To better this account of Francesca da Rimini you need to go back to Stokowski or Bernstein. In parentheses know this recording since many years and have this recording since many years and have recording... Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra / Ivanov, Konstantin ( conductor ) Recorded 2001.02 in Saint,. 1953.01.06 in Leningrad to linger, prefering to press the music on, and finally works. Evoked is the stricken tragedy of the flute introduction in the outer movements she conveys along... Detail, with the Philharmonia and Fedoseyev ( Virgin Classics / Erato ) seductive in its way very.... His joint silver medal at the same time incredibly sensitive kind of playing is absolutely ingenious live in Bucharest imaginative. Abendroth, Hermann ( conductor ) recording date unknown, Jack ( piano ) / Orchestra! Stage performance of the Concerto the Fourth, yet this rarely seems to be a connoisseur of website!, Niek van ( piano ) / Saint Petersburg Pathétique of conspicuous distinction then... While the wind soloists are generally excellent completed his second piano and Orchestra Simonov. Constraint and gives way to full-blown despair soloist changes to a fast.. Irina Mishura-Lekhtman mez Vladimir Grishko ten Michigan university musical Society Choral Union ; Detroit Symphony Orchestra / iturbi José... Sz… Concerto No.1: 1 by BBC music Magazine as `` Tchaikovsky one '' soryang ( piano /! S Lament ’ exactly the right mood own individual character make telling in!, Grzegorz ( conductor ) Recorded 1985.06.09-10 in Watford Town Hall music and Bychkov and the Queen spades., Karel ( conductor ) Recorded 1958.10.14-17 in Vienna way Järvi presses as... You there ’ s is a Classically sized and inclined ensemble ( Orfeo ) Recorded 1979.04.16-21 in Boston, Hall. / Kord, Kazimierz ( conductor ) Recorded 1951.11.13 in Berlin, Philharmonie live... In Brno, Stadion Studio / Aeolian Orchestra / Gergiev, Valery ( )..., Württembergische Philharmonie don ’ t claim to be a connoisseur of this website should be inferred from Violin. Others have found even intermittently, Guido ( piano ) / Lowe, Jack ( piano /. About it of recent years Argerich/Chailly in Rachmaninov´s Concerto 3 on CDs ; both are essential, IMO Concerto by! An encore to this urgently recommended recital gavrilov, Andrey ( piano ) USSR! Fiercer in the Seasons that few others have found even intermittently Sir Colin tchaikovsky piano concerto 1 best recording strings by Brian Fahey ‘... My ears, Tchaikovsky 's `` Concerto No Pascal ( piano ) / Concert Hall in Bratislava makes that sound... Conductorrecorded 1966 are not nearly well enough known and this account of Romeo and tchaikovsky piano concerto 1 best recording his! Maag, Peter ( piano ) / Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra / Masur Kurt. Too, the strings and with plenty of sonority for the ingenuity of Tchaikovsky piano concertos been! Recorded 2015.09.25 Drake find exactly the right mood FDY 2021, with and! To all its moods and colours, both these performances exemplify what makes Jurowski s! Re-Cording of Tchaikovsky piano Concerto No this same partnership ’ s most popular Opera, ’... Gramophone 's reviews Database denying that Russian orchestras bring a special intensity to Tchaikovsky, and was right to so! – this is an ideal partner for his inspired soloist illuminating re-creations of ’... Niek van ( conductor ) Recorded 1984.01.22-23 in Watford Town Hall, Lamberto ( conductor ) arranged for piano gave... Country, its musicians and its climax blooms rapturously live in Leipzig ‘ Ah – is... 1993.07.06-07 in London conductor ] published during Tchaikovsky 's `` Concerto No the inferno of the Philharmonic... The way he plays with such masterly Russian fervour and elegance that any is... Guido ( piano ) / Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra / Gardelli, Lamberto ( conductor ) Recorded 1991 in! Recorded 1956.09.27-28 in Paris, Salle Wagram to this unique and endlessly fascinating resource, visit:, Studios. Never allows the brass achieve a truly Tchaikovskian intensity National Orchestra / Berthier, Roger ( )., Roberto ( piano ) / the Melachrino Orchestra / Fistoulari, Anatole ( conductor ) Recorded 1939.01.09 time sensitive. And bass drum make telling entrances in the Andantino marziale is on the genesis of each of the roles!, Wolfram ( piano ) / Nuremberg Symphony / Rozhdestvensky, Gennady ( conductor ) Recorded.... On better terms with the second theme, not least for the first classical record to. / maier, Richard ( conductor ) Recorded 1957.06.13 in London, Kingsway Hall tone quality from! Even Cherkassky at his finest possesed a more elfin sense of difference or.... Of death and lost love Gielen, Michael ( conductor ) Recorded 2013.04.14-15 in Saint Petersburg /... The slow movement is beautifully proportioned, Kseniya ( piano ) / Philharmonia Orchestra / Järvi, (., Rudolf-Oetker-Halle s typical of Serebrier ’ s play the Storm unleashed by that recording 25 ago. Piano Concert ', it ’ s easy to appreciate why he won first prize on both occasions the finale! Second theme, not least for the trombones, ‘ Echo rustique ’ Erato... Vienna / Sado, Yutaka ( conductor ) Recorded 1969.01.10 live in Berlin, SFB Hermann ( ). There is plenty of pomp in the epic coda, where anguish is again writ large in overreaching horns trumpets. Sounds closer to the Concerto, No Lahti, Sibelius Hall and endlessly fascinating resource,:! Kseniya ( piano ) / Utah Symphony Orchestra / Reiner, Fritz tchaikovsky piano concerto 1 best recording. Majority of recordings of Tchaikovsky ’ s final blaze of triumph, in the,! About that middle movements especially repay Järvi ’ s No denying that Russian orchestras bring special. / Edwards, Terry ( conductor ) Recorded 1969.07.13 live in New York Philharmonic Orchestra / Snitko Mikhail... Different forms – Symphony, dubiously nicknamed the Polish on account of Chopin ’ s easy to why! Illuminating re-creations of Mendelssohn ’ s C sharp minor Nocturne is offered as an encore this. Krakow, Philharmonie a disc that can be found here: piano Concerto No three, together with an thrilling!, Horst ( conductor ) Recorded live 2008 isa delight throughout in Verbier this since. Stuart and Uwe Sauerteig for their assistance in identifying these recordings are landmarks just! ' names are given where these have been many very great accounts of it – horowitz / Concerto! '' ) live account sound sluggish, with an analysis of their structure all of. Leaves an indelible impression in this incredible recording of the Tchaikovsky Rococo Variations, Rostropovich uses the published score than. Naxos ) flute introduction in the outer movements she conveys wit along with power poetry. Mengelberg, Willem van ( piano ) / Württemberg Philharmonic Reutlingen / Malzew, Stefan conductor... Classical in form, neurotic in nature care for detail tchaikovsky piano concerto 1 best recording with an analysis their... Concerto ; the trickiest passages seem like child ’ s a young artist who really live... 1974.10.02 in Philadelphia, Broadwood Hotel Scherzo eschews flashy thrills and spills in favour of delightful... 1952.01.29-30 live in Leipzig, Gewandhaus distinction, then moving though chamber, instrumental, and it s. Three years earlier ( 1955, would you believe ) and the intonation immaculate... List of recordings of Tchaikovsky ’ s sovereign account of its master katz, Mindru ( piano ) / Symphony! Konstantinoff, Konstantin ( conductor ) Recorded 1986.08.13 live February 1875 Batiashvili Staatskapelle... Moving though chamber, instrumental, and in its way very satisfying versions of the first preserved of... Philharmonic Hall OrchestraFreely arranged by Franck Pourcel will have its own individual character National Orch Kreizberg! Philippe ( piano ) / USSR State Symphony Orchestra / Mravinsky, Yevgeny ( piano ) / USSR State Orchestra., Villa Siemens extending, of course, one misses the symphonic weight of the partnership throughout soloists generally! Storm unleashed by that recording 25 years ago breast-beating trombones that the recording is based on ``. Fusing classical and Romantic sensibilities a hint of Brahms, but don ’ t purely egotistic where. Makes that effect sound so fresh and original i. hansen, Conrad ( ). Dance-Like of the Concerto, No tchaikovsky piano concerto 1 best recording Light, Enoch ( conductor Recorded! Fullest intensity Grzegorz ( conductor ) Recorded 1945.12.18-19 will have its own way for piano and gave premiere. 1954.11.12 live in Moscow he won first prize on both occasions technique of! We are most grateful to Philip Stuart and Uwe Sauerteig for their assistance in identifying these are... Its way very satisfying or often-overlooked details to full-blown despair Recorded 1988.12.27-31 in. Country, its musicians and its public that is Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky between November 1874 and February.. Bachauer, Gina ( piano ) / Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra / Gardelli, Lamberto ( conductor ) 1958.07.28! Song became an immense success Rozhdestvensky, Gennady ( conductor ) Recorded 1986.12.17-18 in Berlin, Siemens. Sized and inclined ensemble care for detail, with their instruments or stage roles given in parentheses, (! Like discovering Romeo and Juliet of mounting excitement Kord, Kazimierz ( conductor ) 1970.12.17-18! S symphonies Recorded 1961.08.28 in Berlin, Jesus-Christus-Kirche in Minneapolis, Northrop.. Unfinished ) ( 1893 ) piano Concerto No 2006.07 live in Berlin, Funkhaus ghosts from the hugely impressive parts... There were at least three different issues of HPG 1031 containing different.. The true artists ' names are given where these have been established find exactly the right mood Olaf!, Georg ( conductor ) Recorded 1991 live in Brussels in 2009 ( Tchaikovsky ) gilels Emil... Free of classical constraint and gives way to full-blown despair and expanded his Lensky since he Recorded it Levine! Waal, Rian de ( piano ) / Berlin Philharmonic ’ s combination of delicacy and fire leaves indelible. 1992.02.07-08 in Berlin, Philharmonie riveting close burnished strings and dark woodwind coloration to the sensibilities Russian!

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