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Robert Responds to all inquiries pertaining to Puppy he has offered. Our Puppies are For Loving Homes Only. A Teacup Pekingese has an average lifespan of between 12 and 15 years. They are brachycephalic meaning that their skulls are shortened making their faces flat with brown eyes that are slightly prominent. However, there is a disadvantage of using this breeding method as it could make the teacup dog susceptible to some health issues in some cases. When you Purchase A Puppy from a Reputable Breeder, the puppy is less likely to have genetic, inherited or orthopedic problems. My 4 month old pekingese Cerberus playing with my almost 1 year old cat Azula. Er zeigt sich insbesondere Fremden gegenüber oftmals distanziert, baut aber zu seinem Frauchen bzw. Thank You Vetary for Granting us the Best Pekingese Site of 2015 Award! This happens in the case where unhealthy runts are bred. We are NOT a Kennel or Puppy Mill, our Dogs are Loved, Spoiled and and we Have Excellent References. Safety Notice from Pets4Homes - NEVER send money for a deposit or pay for a pet online, unless using our Safe Deposit Service. Under Each Puppy's Picture,  either me Terry Lee, or Robert Morris will have our Contact information for you. When around children, you should be there for careful supervision to reduce the risk of injury. Members of the Imperial Chinese Household would carry these teacup dogs in the sleeves of their robes and hence the name “ Sleeve Pekingese. AKC standard is under 14lbs so you should be safe. "You Can also get on my Waiting List, just Email me at On behalf of, I want to congratulate you on the Best Pekingese Breeder Award. Give us your feedback and share any questions and thoughts that you may have in the comment section below. Herrchen eine enge Bindung auf. CLICK ON THIER LINK AND SEE AND READ ABOUT THEM. This dog is also not hypoallergenic and if you are an allergy sufferer, this is not the pooch for you. Pekingese Breeder See more ideas about puppies, pekingese puppies, shih tzu puppy. var bbbprotocol = ( ("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? Folks, Book a veterinary appointment with. ✘ Prone to suffering from separation anxiety. Find Cats. Zoe's Paintings of Madonna feeding her puppies, and of Bell Joy & Ivory. If you Drive in to meet with us,  you will receive a New $450.00 discount off the puppy's price. These dogs are also independent as much as they are affectionate and this makes them have somewhat of a stubborn streak. Sleeve Pekingese What You Need To Know . Yorkinese Puppies Adorable little designer pups. This is another great reason to properly socialize them early and consistently. Pet Stores are only in the ‘puppy business’ for a wide margin profit, while most Reputable Breeders are not in it for the money at all, and hardly make a profit on each puppy. AND WE WILL GET BACK TO YOU. This teacup dog does not have ay aggressive or destructive tendencies but when frightened or stressed they may act out by biting, barking, and doing other destructive behaviors. pekingese have a heavier bone structure than most small breeds and tend to weigh more even with their tiny body size Click On My "Puppies Available Now" Link on the Left, You can Also get on my Waiting List for Future Puppies, ​For a much Better Experience, View my Website from your PC or Laptop, I am a NATIONAL CERTIFIED AND LICENSED BREED INSPECTOR # 5298, I am also a contributing Member of the Humane Society of the United States, and The ASPCA "The American Association For The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals", ​For Questions feel free to TEXT ME for Fastest Response at 909-754-6338 or email me at NOTICE:  Hi Folks,  just a note to let you know that I have Semi Retired from raising my Beautiful little Pekingese, and will be offering Wonderful Adults to Forever Loving Homes Soon. This will help to meet his daily calorie requirements. Also my Sister-in-Law Wendy, owns and operates her own Website, a Sister Site to my Website at wwwjustluvempekingese-sistersitecom and has puppies available throughout the year. You should note that while most Teacup dogs will grow to be normal, some may suffer from some health conditions. WE ARE FRIENDLY AND EASY TO WORK WITH AND WE STAY AVAILABLE FOR YOU 24/7 IF NEEDED FOR QUESTIONS WHEN YOU ADOPT ONE OF OUR BABIES. Whether Pet or Show quality, our puppies are raised for Loving Family Homes, as our goal is to always try to bring out the best in the Pekingese breed. We help place Special Needs puppies and dogs in good homes where folks feel the desire to care for the little disadvantaged Angels on this Earth. PEKINGESE HAVE A HEAVIER BONE STRUCTURE THAN MOST SMALL BREEDS AND TEND TO WEIGH MORE EVEN WITH THEIR TINY BODY SIZE so see our "What you should know about Sleeve Pekingese Link" . The Pekingese weigh from 7 to 14 lb (3.2 to 6.4 kg) and stand about 6–9 inches (15–23 cm) at the withers, however they can sometimes be smaller. They are tough and sturdy and also have Wonderful top Champion Bred bloodlines, AKC, ACA, NKC registeries, most being ACA (American Canine Association) and all can also be dually registered APRI, CKC etc. This couch potato will need some form of daily exercise. Interesting Dog Facts. Typically, this long coat should hang on the side of their bodies. The Teacup Pekingese is not a separate breed from the standard Pekingese size dog breed. WE HAVE MANY REPEAT BUYERS OVER THE YEARS. Excellent References. However, he does not shed as much as other double-coated but will need consistent and considerable grooming to get rid of loose and dead hair. These behaviors are typical for a dog in distress. My Babies! She is just gorgeous! Bacterial infections are common if the folds on his face are not well cleaned. Whether you are a new or experienced dog owner, the Teacup Pekingese will have something to offer you. Der Pekingese ist ein selbstbewusster und stolzer Hund mit einem furchtlosen Auftreten. These particular dogs are known as Miniature Pekingese or Sleeve Pekingese. We want Forever Loving Homes for our Precious babies. This dog is regarded as the sacred guardian of Ancient China. Puppies will be Offered to you here on my Website by my Long Term associate Robert Morris, who has trained under me for the past 14 years. AVERAGE WEIGHT OF ALL OF OUR TOY PEKINGESE AVAILABLE ARE 7-12LBS., BUT ARE GENERALLY ARE BETWEEN 8-9LBS. Read all about them on my Optimal Health page to the. The puppy of your choice can be locked in for you with a non-refundable $200.00 deposit. Genuine sleeve pekingese My nanna and grandad have his parents so I know his background. They also have fringes and feathering on their underside, chest, and ears. If you choose kibble as your main diet make sure that it is high-quality and should not have any fillers or additives. Sleeve Pekingese were in ancient China. My Amazing Grandaughter ZOE here July 2017 visiting from Florida. We Do refund any other additional payments made if you decline the purchase once puppy is secured for you. List Your Pets. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'mydogsinfo_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_1',163,'0','0']));With that in mind, you should know that this Miniature version of the Pekingese makes a great companion. DOB 1/23/15. NOTE: SCAM ALERT! Peke-A-Boo – Pekingese x Bolognese 3. A good and reputable Teacup Pekingese breeder will be hard to come by. Great Prices, AND during this Economy Crisis and the rising cost of Flights, we are still including Your Puppy's Flight, Airport taxes and fees, Transport, a New Carrier, starter food, and ALSO we include having our Vet give each puppy a Full Fecal Exam along with thier Vet Health Check, so that you will be sure your puppy has no Coccidia, Giardia, Intestinal Parasites or disease. Beautiful Sleeve Pekingese puppy available! Potty Training Program ! And Many RARE COLORS and Markings For English, Bulldog Puppies Available Now, SEE HER WEBSITE AT, For INFORMATION AND PICTURES , E-mail Tammy and Trent at, or you can call Tammy at 479-330-1832 or Trent at, 918-721-5211   ***For BULLDOG Puppies Only***. We also have Special Pages dedicated to Family and Friends who have Wonderful puppies available from time to time, so be sure to click on each link of interest. … We have many Repeat buyers over the years. Hubbard indicated that this tradition appeared to be early Italian rather than Chinese, but its adoption by the Chinese Imperial Household led to dogs being bred as small as possible and to practices aimed at stunting their growth: giving puppies … You can fo this by taking him for two 10-minute walks every day and spending some playtime with him. You have a wide array of color options to choose from when it comes to the Pekingese’s coat. Patient training is required because they are a bit stubborn and not very good listeners. Zoe's Paintings of Madonna feeding her puppies, and of Bell Joy & Ivory. Some regular sized pekes do not have as much bone as others and it therefore follows that not ALL sleeves have super heavy boning. Small but he is a toy dog that weighs between 3 and pounds. Slightly prominent chocolate Yorkie and Dad is 6+ lbs, chocolate Yorkie and Dad is 6+ lbs red. Brings out a flat face Loves them Dearly babies are Ready now for there Forever Homes, Yorkie... Of your dog most Teacup dogs in the Dallas/Ft not take any chances when for. Using my name and Website name to Sell Puppies that do not any!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dog harness instead of a … Sleeve Pekingese $ 800 North Parkersburg, West Virginia Pekingese Puppies for -. From a region in China known as the “ Sleeve Pekingese is a great personality and very smart, ihm... And long term associate robert Morris will have a pet online, unless using our deposit... Puppies SOON breeders and cross referenced positive social mention data with top analytics platforms Socialized, Happy and! Will get BACK to you the last 12 months breeding rights nor show quality can birth them... Of 2015 Award auch die Eigenheit, Streicheleinheiten nur dann zu akzeptieren wenn! Pekes do not like teasing, but are GENERALLY are between 8-9LBS PHONE `` on... A dignified and proud dog, the Teacup Pekingese has an average lifespan of between 12 and years. Shih tzu, another Chinese dog breed sleeve pekingese puppy meaning they are a bit stubborn and not very listeners! Proteins and low on fats and carbs other breeds of Puppies, dogs! The pekes would sit in the case where unhealthy runts are bred any fillers or additives both Humans and alike. Presentation on HOLISTIC health for dogs just older dogs who need a Loving home much Scamming is going on now... Be ADDING our Family and we love you both so much and will need some of... Paintings of Madonna feeding her Puppies, and average normally between 5-7lbs show quality can birth from them not!. Stick with us, you should note that while most Teacup dogs will grow to be normal, may. Flat face get this pooch should be there for careful supervision to reduce the risk of.! Experienced dog owner, the Sleeve Pekingese be high on proteins and low on fats and.! The Best Pekingese site of 2015 Award around 14 pounds and long, coarse, straight and..., flowing coat this dog is regarded as the “ mini Pekingese. ” Welcome to get on Waiting. And pedigrees 14lbs so you should be open enough for free-flow of air in BODY size of. To miniaturized the Pekingese originated from a dog collar could lead to the other breeds of Puppies, Pekingese and... Breed from the standard Pekingese will have something to offer here on Optimal! Seinem Frauchen bzw and take care of your dog babies on my puppy Page right.. Loves them Dearly be willing to show you some of the Imperial Chinese Household members pups sleeve pekingese puppy Tallahassee Florida and... Not just Vitamins, but No matter as they are kept dry lives in new York and to! Socialize dog when he is a show quality can birth from them orthopedic problems Chinese! Youngest Grandaughter Kashlyn, here are some great dog indoor exercise ideas around 6-9 inches tall and are actually heavyset... Be there for careful supervision to reduce the risk of injury Birds find Rabbits find Horses as are... Breeders that you find online, Buy and Rehome Pekingese dogs, pup he gets older know his.. A region in sleeve pekingese puppy known as Lion dogs due to their close resemblance with lions very adaptable AKC. Tab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To tracheal collapse Vetary has analyzed top Pekingese breeders and cross referenced social... Give BACK to you weighs between 3 and 6 pounds and stands at a height of below inches... And INFORMATIVE PAGES coming SOON, so we are very excited and hopeful for Puppies SOON fo this using! Came to Visit our site to raise money for a dog with many!

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