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Costs. This resource page is a collection of student handouts that may be useful when teaching Mock Trial in the classroom. The 12 Pick Game - Picking a Jury, Interactive Jury Game. This trial, known as the Almanac Trial, has become one of the best known of Lincoln’s many trials. Mock Trial is available for different age groups and education levels, including at the high school, undergraduate, and law school levels. These how-to guides, for Kindergarten through Grade 6, give you everything you need to put on a successful mock trial including: information on types of mock trials, tips on preparing and conducting the trial, simplified steps and rules in a trial, scripts, and even guidelines on mock … Fingerprint Case. Both lay dead on the basketball courts at Founders Park. Students will work on much more sophisticated cases over longer periods of time, and will have the opportunity to participate in full “trials”. Mock Trial allows high school students from all over the country to come together and simulate a civic or criminal trial, with witnesses, plaintiffs, and everything in between. As a result of the employee’s attitude, the employee is fired and is therefore, seeking damages or reinstatement. Did Phillips do it, or was it all a mob setup? In the article, the deputy student editor of the school’s magazine alleged that the plaintiff appeared to be texting his/her coach during the final round of the competition. In mock trials, high school students in grades 9 through 12 model the roles of attorneys, plaintiffs and defendants. Two diverse groups were formed; demonstrators and observers, and problems ensued. He further claims that he doesn’t smoke marijuana. Announcement: MiCivics Membership — Sign Up Now! People v. Kleinis the trial of Reagan Klein. Anne, an avid rock climber, catches Pat and Alex in the act of cheating and gives the pair one chance to turn themselves in before she does it for them. At the entrance to the trail, a sign put up by the county read, “Swim at your own risk.” The students went in the water anyway. According to some sources, Mitch Stevens was also a gambler, deeply in debt to the local organized crime family and open to fixing games as a way to settle his accounts. The spouse, Terry Smith, of a legally incapacitated person, Lee Barker, files a petition to remove the gastrostomy tube on which Lee Barker is dependent for nutrition, which would thus end Lee Barker’s life. Students take on the roles of attorneys and witnesses and compete against each other in real courtrooms in front of real judges and lawyers. As today’s high school students are well aware, violence and threats of violence in schools are no longer treated lightly. Most mock trials are available free of charge or a nominal cost. We are happy to provide these cases from the first 9 years of the tournament which were originally compiled for Michigan High School Mock Trial Manual with support from the Michigan State Bar Foundation. Copyright © 2020 | Michigan Center for Civic Education | All Rights Reserved, Digital Marketing & Website Design by Hungerford Media, 2022 National Mock Trial Championship in Michigan,, 2011 – Jaime Anderson vs. Taylor Williams, 2012 – People of the State of New Michigan v Thomas D. Osiski, [A copy of the recording is available as evidence]. Morgan Phillips is charged with the murder of Mitch Stevens. In the summer of 2003, Chuck went to band camp on a mission… a mission to be accepted onto the line, and to enjoy all of the benefits of the increased social status that came with it. The Maine Bar Association has free downloadable elementary scripts at If you would like a copy of any case sent to you electronically, please contact your state Mock Trial coordinator to request the case from SC Bar LRE. ... A few years ago, this phenomenon led us to an important realization: a mock trial case is a source of untapped educational potential for students. A car is involved in an accident that had just been reported stolen. Plaintiff Pat Bruno, a teacher employed by Tuebor School District, alleges that his/her employment was wrongfully terminated because he/she is homosexual and that termination is a) in violation of plaintiff’s contractual right to be discharged only for reasonable and just cause, and b) in violation of the Equal Protection and Due Process clauses of the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution, as well as the equivalent provisions in the Michigan Constitution (Section 2 and 17). The scripted mock trials are based on real life scenarios, fairy tales and novel or movie characters.

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