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Likewise, Shimono is an accomplished film voice actor, but his turn as the coincidentally Homer-shaped Japanese fishbulb mascot outshines everything else on his IMDb page. The Simpsons includes a large array of supporting/minor characters: co-workers, teachers, classmates, family friends, extended relatives, townspeople, local celebrities, fictional characters within the show, and even animals. Ermey has played the same hard-nosed drill sergeant since Full Metal Jacket, but that’s what works so well here. Even if you don’t recognize his name, you’ve probably seen Eric Idle in A Fish Called Wanda or one of the Monty Python flicks. Baldwin: “We’d want another chance if one of us made a bad film, right?” What do you mean, I gotta give two weeks’ notice? But really, it’s probably just him in the Fallout Boy costume saying “Jiminy Jillickers!”, Memorable Quote: I’ve never seen a guy with a walk-in mailbox. Judge Constance Harm; 6. The creators originally intended many of these characters as one-time jokesters or for fulfilling needed functions in the town. Pinafore.” Bob: “Very well, Bart. Bumblebee Man is the perfect minor Simpsons character. Years after inspiring Homer’s mother with his luscious locks, Namath stopped by the Simpson home after his car broke down. Bart Simpson - Secret Agent, Man (Part One)/Appearances Bart Simpson - Secret Agent, Man (Part Two)/Appearances Bart Simpson and the Krusty Brand Fun Factory/Appearances If only Betty White was so crazy. Anyway, I was wondering if you could sing the entire score of the H.M.S. David Hyde Pierce as Cecil Terwiliger. Memorable Quote: our editorial … Lights on!”. How convienent it was that Sideshow Bob never mentioned he had a brother, Cecil. Hmph.”. Before tackling the issue outright with John Waters, The Simpsons made television history with the first male-on-male romantic kiss ever broadcast. And Carl’s name is Carl Carlson. Though not particularly funny, the sheer star power of the McCartneys in cartoon form is a little staggering. “And, for the record, there were a few Jewish cowboys, ladies and gentlemen. “Son, if you don’t finish your cotton candy, you won’t get your snow cone.”. I got a really wicked idea that could get us into a lot of trouble.” Homer: “Oh, Mindy… we have to fight our temptation.” Mindy: “No, Homer, let’s do it. 23rd September 2015. While the Simpsons is known for having a lot of characters that are either funny or likable, it still has some characters that just didn't do that much for me, here are my Top 10 Least Favorite Simpsons Characters. Lisa Simpson. Back when they were still together, Baldwin and Basinger proved solid comic foils for Homer’s starstruck antics. “Hello, this is Bob ‘What the hell am I doing in Springfield?’ Hope.”. You were down fifty-two hundred dollars.” Marge: “But Mr. Trebek—” Alex: “I asked you before the game if you knew the rules and you said you did. The only stunt casting more terrible and perfect than Dennis Franz as Homer is a young Neil Patrick Harris as Bart. Part of a select circle of Simpsons guest stars that have appeared on the show more than a half-dozen times, Brooks is a series staple. Grammer eviscerates every shred of scenery in every scene he’s in, and especially in “Cape Feare,” he never misses a note in his quest to finally destroy Bart Simpson. So you’ll land that plane. He’s almost unrecognizable—his silky, wizened accent sounds more like Pierce Brosnan’s dad than the guy from Jurassic Park. You have what made America great: no understanding of the limits of your power and a complete lack of concern for what anyone thinks of you. Elle Fanning as Lisa? We get all the trademark Danger-isms, all wrapped inside a Mr. Burns-heavy storyline. Where did you get that brownie?” George: “Over there. The last-minute addition of Wally Kogen to the line-up was a bit of a gamble, but it really paid off.” Summerall: “Marge and Lisa painting eggs? Very few can pull off gravitas and steal a silver tongue from a corpse in the same episode. The creators originally intended many of these characters as one-time jokesters or for fulfilling needed functions in the town. “I sincerely regret any inconvenience that I may have caused. She brings out a lovestruck side of Bart that we don’t see very often, especially with older women. That doesn’t mean that Sheen doesn’t deserve respect for doing an admirable job on a thankless task, but let’s follow Mayor Quimby’s advice and never mention this episode again. You, and your children, and your children’s children! Ciao. Impossible. I changed all that.”, Episode: “The Secret War of Lisa Simpson”. Regardless of how you feel about the most recent seasons of the show, The Simpsons is one of the finest shows ever to grace television. Namely, he’d been bros with Dr. Julius Hibbert. Memorable Quote: Lenny Leonard. We’ve given up our violent ways. Memorable Quote: Episode: “Three Men and a Comic Book” This list could easily be twice as long, but after going through the show’s 25 seasons, we’ve narrowed The Simpsons’ gargantuan guest star roster down to its 100 best. There’s a big pile of them.”. A common thief!”, These musclebound terrors are actually just Hulked-out versions of the most respected comic book writers and artists in the entire medium. All Rights Reserved, 98 – 96. Let’s get out of here.” ‘Bart’: “Shut up! “Michelle Pfeiffer? They came off the bench with a huge effort that allowed Homer and Bart to make some significant gains.”. George Carlin and Martin Mull as Seth and Munchie, 52. Maybe it was the character’s early death, or Taylor’s gruff but accurate approximation of what everyone thinks every jazz musician sounds like. It’s just that in this episode, he also plays Mr. Burns’ long-lost son. I’ll kill all of ya!”. Sometimes that’s alright, especially if you can sing the Mr. Agnes Skinner; 8. West.”. “Homer, don’t be so hard on little—what is his name?”. Memorable Quote: Memorable Quote: “Aye caramba!”. Mulder: “Are we alone in the universe? Since no one had seen his failed pilot Lookwell except know-it-all comedy nerds, his distinctly post-modern sense of humor was a revelation to most. Amos Simpson, He is the oldest Simpsons relative known he is probably born in the 1500s or 1600s. I suppose I should go to one, but I got enough pain in my life as it is.”. One of his early roles is one of his best: The slimy Frenchman Jacques, who tries in vain to woo a weary Marge away from her dopey husband. In fact, if you play ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’ backwards, you’ll hear a recipe for a really ripping lentil soup.”. Incredibly, that’s exactly what they did. Memorable Quote: Memorable Quote: It isn’t, is it? Unlike fellow Jurassic Park star Sam Neill, Goldblum’s plays more of a side character as Troy McClure’s Hollywood agent. Clancy Bouvier, Marge's deceased father. The 32 Funniest One-Off Simpsons Characters. The little brat that doesn’t wanna grow no more, having 25 seasons with her at the same age as she started, hack of a vampire.. by dbone828 Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . Who told you?“ Karl: “You did. Newer Post Older Post Home. Memorable Quote: What’s next? I can’t give you any new information.”. [Translated from Japanese] “I’m disrespectful to dirt. Lights on! Over the course of two and a half decades and more than 500 episodes, The Simpsons has seen its fair share of celebrity appearances and then some, rivaled only by Saturday Night Live as America’s premier destination for stars looking to poke fun at themselves. That same steely tone also works wonders for beer jokes. The very best cameos are made by famous people who can help create well-developed characters … In this flashback episode, Homer has to woo Marge away from the technically superior Ziff; Lovitz is so adept at playing slimeballs that you actively root against him in addition to rooting for Homer. Only appearing in a couple episodes, Bleeding Gums Murphy is one of the most enduring side characters in Simpsons lore. This is illustrated in the short but impressive cameoganza from Ted Danson, Rhea Perlman, Woody Harrelson, John Ratzenberger and George Wendt. “Marge, I would appreciate it if you didn’t tell anyone about my ‘busy hands.’ Not so much for myself, but I am so respected, it would damage the town to hear it.”. Though she was absent for years, Close made you believe in her character’s fugitive tale, and in her love for her son and grandchildren. Sometimes the quickest guest starring roles are the best. You are so dead.”. Memorable Quote: “That’s preposterous. Alex: “Calm down, Lisa. The Simpsons: Top 25 Peripheral Characters. Hope you like it! Can you see that I am serious?”. Though he’d been on episodes previous, the making-of episode “Behind the Laughter” revealed that Nelson had strong ties to Springfield. And I don’t know what that is because everyone has always done what I say!”. Main Characters of 'The Simpsons' Their Mix of Ineptitude and Warmth Yields Hilarity. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. Who could hate a guy who sang “Jingle Bells, Batman Smells” at a makeshift casino for kids? F,” but to most other God-fearing Americans, Dave Thomas is Rex Banner: Prohibition Agent. And I didn’t need molded plastic to improve my physique. It shows in their nonplussed performances, but in a way it works; to paranormal investigators, even a case in a place as insane as Springfield is just another job. Memorable Quote: [The lights go out and a thump is heard.] Memorable Quote: Believe it or not, before his image was eternally tarnished by a series of Will Ferrell SNL sketches, Goulet had a somewhat positive image. My favorite characters from The Simpsons! In an episode with tons going on, an ESPN-style recap of the proceeding just fits. Seth: “We used to have a bus.” Munchie: “In a way, the ‘60s ended the day we sold it. This list was originally going to be the Top 10 Simpsons Characters of all Time, but then more and more characters kept springing to mind. This is another instance where celebrities playing it perfectly straight with silly dialogue works perfectly. By IGN TV. ‘Ashley’: “No, Mr. Simpson, that’s sexual harassment. And while there have certainly been a few duds over the years, among the rest are some of the funniest guest spots in the history on television. camp, I was sold to China for slave labor. 50+ videos Play all Mix - Top 10 Worst Simpsons Characters Ever YouTube Top 10 Most Stereotyped Characters on The Simpsons - Duration: 10:03. Updated: 16 Feb 2012 11:50 pm. Besides playing himself in the episode, he also has a turn at a couple other side characters in the episode. Memorable Quote: Find your soulmate.” Homer: “Where? We look at the best small roles on the animated series. If you got Johnny Cash to be on your television show as a mystical/hallucinogenic coyote, complete with recorded growling noises, you should probably just retire on top. She used that unassuming charm as the longtime neighbor, first-time plot point Ruth, who gave Marge a brief Thelma and Louise adventure. “Homer… Homer… stop. Somehow he fits into Springfield more than most guest stars. Though Sheen’s stunt-casting of a long-lost Vietnam vet was meant to recall his roles in movies like Apocalypse Now, his turn as the “real” Seymour Skinner came to represent what many fans considered to be the series shark-jumping moment. “This is my real voice. By DAN MILANO. Trending pages. Memorable Quote: December 31st, 1969.”. Memorable Quote: Bob: “Well, Bart…any last requests?” Bart: “Well, there is one, but…nah.” Bob: “No, go on.” Bart: “Well, you have such a beautiful voice.” Bob: “Guilty as charged.” Bart: “Uh huh. Lovitz has played several of Springfield’s citizens, but the best (and also just the worst) would have to be Artie Ziff, the dorky prom king with an intense libido. You’re a real cute bird. Memorable Quote: Though he’s been featured in other places in The Simpsons canon, nowhere else was Nimoy utilized better than in the infamous Conan O’Brien-penned “Marge vs. the Monorail.” Equal parts stirring and silly, Nimoy set the bar for great guest stars that sort of just stand around and react to things. Okay, we can stop here. Ned Flanders. Memorable Quote: Where?” Coyote: “This is just your memory. Memorable Quote: B: Bumblebee Man. Five husbands: Ken, Johnny, Joe, Dr. Colossus, Steve Austin…”, Episode: “The Twisted World of Marge Simpson”. OK, good: book me a flight, rent me an igloo, and tell those dorks at the Kwik-E-Mart that boom! Memorable Quote: Why you frickin’, no good, motha$%^&@ &!$@# cheese! Memorable Quote: This has been quite trying. In response to your letter of December the 12th 1966, me favourite colour is blue, and me real first name is Richard. He doesn’t stoop to that level when it came to protest Springfield’s cruel snake-killing holiday, instead delivering some of the goofiest lines ever said in a really sexy way. Lemmon plays a dopey pretzel salesman, not unlike his character in the film version of Glengarry Glen Ross. No, not you, I’m just talking to my oven.”. Moore, the staunch anti-Hollywood creator of “Watchmen” and “V for Vendetta” was a particularly good get; of course it was Milhouse who begged him to sign “Watchmen Babies: V for Vacation.”, Memorable Quote: Jiminy Jillickers! Memorable Quote: To make a tired point, which one of us is truly crazy?”. And Springfield’s Machiavelli of the monkey bars is one Bartholomew Simpson. Episode: “‘Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky” Homer: “Guess what, Lurleen. Sometimes famous people are brought on The Simpsons for no other reason than to laugh at a straightforward celebrity in a wacky situation. Memorable Quote: Other characters. Maggie Simpson. Till then, enjoy the show, and I will be back with my top 10 BEST Simpson characters. DeVito played it mostly straight as his company was brought down by Homer’s terrible design decisions. Bart: “I cannot believe you are here! Memorable Quote: “I love the sexy slither of a lady snake.”. So I kept on doing it. You’re as smart as you are handsome!” Homer: “Hey! Memorable Quote: With Colbert’s extensive voice acting experience on everything from The Venture Bros. to Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, it’s surprising that Colbert wasn’t on The Simpsons sooner. Martin Prince; 7. Well, you know the rest. Memorable Quote: TV Shows Comedies Dramas Documentaries Shows For Kids Movies By. Memorable Quote: That’s a combo that deserves respect. “You know, I’m here today as Luke Skywalker, but I’m also here to talk about Sprint. “Tony, you’re my agent. “I should get home to my daughter before that naked talk show comes on.”. Leachman only played the elderly Mrs. Glick for the one episode, but her performance informed the definition of the character for years afterwards. This is a list of the funniest characters that have only appeared in one episode of the funniest show on television, The Simpsons. Rex Banner: “Listen, rummy, I’m gonna say it plain and simple. Posted by Princesshasthoughts at 4:09 PM. Ever see a guy say goodbye to a shoe?” Homer: “Heh-heh. “Wow, this guy is loaded. “People don’t want cars named after hungry old Greek broads.”. We’d love to see the full thing show up on iTunes someday. In the show we only get a few lines of “Walken” reading Goodnight, Moon. Memorable Quote: Halloween episodes are ideal for bringing in guest stars that would otherwise have no place in Springfield, and Lawless made the most of it as a not-so-helpless captive of Comic Book Guy. Sgt. “She blinds everybody with her super-high beams/She’s a squirrel-crushin, deer-smackin’ drivin’ machine!/Canyonero!-oh whoa!/Canyonero!”. She actually wrote and sang Lurleen’s songs in the episode; maybe if Lurleen was that talented, she would’ve aimed her romantic reticule higher than Homer. Memorable Quote: It’s a throwaway joke, but one we’d be willing to watch for two hours. The moral of the story: There’s always a chance for Milhouse. Seth and Munchie offer a window into the groovy world Homer missed while his mother was off being an environmental radical. On the list of things that make national treasure Betty White great, her one-off Simpsons bit is probably pretty far from the top. “How to Make Love to Steve Allen, from the author of Happiness Is a Naked Steve Allen, Journey to the Center of Steve Allen, and The Joy of Cooking Steve Allen.”. “Filthy! Memorable Quote: Several musicians have tweaked their work or even created music specifically for the show, but Tito Puente’s Emmy-nominated “Senor Burns” might trump them all. Years before Frank Grimes showed what the real world would think of the Simpson family, Homer was brought down to Earth by his own newfound brother, Herb. [Awkward silence]. Maybe it was the uplifting speech he gave to Milhouse in an effort to get him to come back to a movie set. Big guys who were great shots and spent money freely.”. If you keep it up, I’ll yell so loud the whole country will hear!” ‘Homer’: [laughs] “With a man in the White House? “Señor Plow no es macho / Es solamente un borracho.”. “Hiya! The Simpsons – The 10 Greatest Characters To Have Only Appeared In One Episode. It’s not the best Treehouse skit in the world, but Lawless deserves credit for being so game to make fun of her Xena persona. Where do you want it, Skinner?” ‘Skinner’: [spits on him] ‘Bart’: “Not smart.” [pumps him full of lead]. “I would do anything for Kegmeister Julius.”. George: “Hello, Homer! As the cool new preppy kid in school, Kudrow pulls less from Phoebe on Friends and more from her turn as half of Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion. A longtime Roseanne vet, Gilbert had experience being the type of girl next door who wears an army jacket. This old episode is perhaps even more relevant today considering the legal scrapes that creators of Superman and The Avengers are enduring. Lisa Simpson; 3. Bart: “Alan Moore, you wrote my favorite issues of ‘Radioactive Man.’” Alan Moore: “Oh really, so you liked that I made your favorite superhero a heroin-addicted jazz critic who’s not radioactive?”. ‘Knot bread,’ you get it? Memorable Quote: Memorable Quote: “You’re going to watch this tape, and you’re going to do what I say or I’m going to do something to you. The grotesque Ms. Botz is terrifying in part because of the odd techniques of early Simpsons animation, but Marshall helped a lot with her grizzled, unsettling voice. Most voice actors play younger, but few skew older like Neill did with elderly cat burglar Molloy. But in the school yard, cool rules. Though he’s been all over the world doing hundreds, probably thousands of shows in his life, getting Bob Hope is still a coup; one of his few lines reflected the fact. He became a character to follow when he ran his list of gay people (very quickly) on his news program SmartLine in "Bart's Comet." ! My chiropractor says I can’t carry you home anymore.” Norm: “Just gimme another beer, you brain dead hick! You probably have a favorite character from “The Simpsons.” If you are devoted to the iconic cartoon, though, you surely have your favorite minor character as well. Active for the short period that Springfield thought it was a dry city, Banner was relentless in his pursuit of the elusive “Beer Baron.” Though Banner was thrown from a catapult before he could jail his man, rumors persist that the Beer Baron was one Homer S. Wait, that’s too obvious—let’s call him H. Simpson. Memorable Quote: No comments: Post a Comment. Episode: “Homer’s Phobia” Of course I am disregarding the last ten years of the show's history, because in my eyes, they didn't happen. She is a little annoying. Popular Quizzes Today. The quintessential self-parodist on The Simpsons, James Woods struck a balance between likeability and frenzied mania as he took over the Quik-E-Mart to study for a movie role. Memorable Quote: You told with me with the way you slump your shoulders, the way you talk into your chest, the way you smother yourself in bargain-basement lime-green polyester.“. “Please, children, scooch closer. Abraham Simpson II. Everyone knows what Hawking’s computerized voice sounds like, so it wouldn’t have been hard to just plug him into Springfield’s Mensa program without getting him in the studio. Then neither do I!” [throws shoes] “Get the hell outta here! Maybe it was the inflated sense of himself and his box office records. Memorable Quote: How did you get a name like that?” BG: “Well, let me put it this way: you ever been to the dentist?” Lisa: “Yep.” BG: “Not me. Ned Flanders; 9. “Before I came along, all cartoon animals did was play the ukulele. Maybe Marshall figured she’d go out on top. We just wanna live peacefully… with your wife.”. Memorable Quote: Where’d you pinch the hooch? Summerall: “Well John, what did you think of tonight’s episode?” Madden: “I loved it! The pair’s hilarious rapport is beautifully set against the backdrop of a supervillain lair, and the visual gags are second to none. Oh my God! It almost makes you forget all the horrible internet comments in any article about Michael Jackson. Though he’s obviously got a decent range, at some point the showrunners decided they basically wanted Colbert’s character to be more or less the same one he plays on his parody pundit show. I think I should call my manager.” Nelson: “Your manager says for you to shut up!” Goulet: “Vera said that? Norm: “Woody, gimme a beer.” Woody: “I think you had enough, Mr. Peterson. Meryl Streep is great in everything, including that time she lied to a stranger about not having jumper cables in her car, so it’s not a big surprise that she was stellar (and unrecognizable) as Reverend Lovejoy’s devious daughter. It’s weird. Episode: “Homer Badman” The Commandant: “Ow! Memorable Quote: One biggie in particular came in the form of Homer’s mother Mona, played with a gentle touch by Close. Charles Montgomery Burns. You know that dead body they found behind the mayor’s house?” Bart: “Jimbo killed him?” Laura: “No. I’m sure you kids know me best as Sergeant Fatso Judson in From Here to Eternity.”. Paul in particular added a lot to The Simpsons mythos when he stipulated that his appearance hinged on Lisa’s vegetarian transformation remain for the rest of the series. Daniel Clowes, Art Spiegelman and Alan Moore, 63 – 62. The Simpsons are funny, but if I had to pick my least favorite Simpson character, it would be Lisa. “Sit perfectly still. “Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and we—” Memorable Quote: Alec Baldwin, Kim Basinger and Ron Howard, 69 – 67. Memorable Quote: In yet another mind-blowing voicing credit, Mandy “Inigo Montoya” Patinkin plays the prissy Hugh in the future-set episode. Memorable Quote: Even in documentary-filmmaker mode, it’s unmistakably the same guy who lead the singalong while crucified in The Life of Brian. Memorable Quote: Homer: “You’re Darryl Strawberry!” Darryl Strawberry: “Yes.” Homer: “You play right field.” Darryl Strawberry: “Yes.” Homer: “I play right field too.” Darryl Strawberry: “So?” Homer: “Well, are you better than me?” Darryl Strawberry: “Well, I’ve never met you, but… yes.”. Memorable Quote: Though he’ll forever be known as Luke Skywalker, Hamill has done some impressive voice work since the original Star Wars movies. Paul McCartney is more famous, and Ringo has more screen time, but there’s something to be said for facilitating one of The Simpsons’ all-time greatest lines. Memorable Quote: She’s perfect as the bitter recluse who created the Malibu Stacy doll, and an excellent cynical foil to Lisa’s unending optimism. Homer Simpson. Most guest stars exist to move along the plot or to deliver a quick joke, but it’s rare to see them facilitate any kind of character development. Twentieth Century Fox. Technically Michael Jackson wasn’t credited with the voice of mental patient Leon Kompowski, but there’s absolutely no mistaking it. Memorable Quote: Bart Simpson. While the show’s titular family is obviously front and center, the town of Springfield is filled with memorable and unusual characters who help fill out this hilarious world – some of which have been around since the very beginning. I’ll kill ya! Until one day, I just [Michael Jackson voice] talked like this. Memorable Quote: It’s weird to think that when sitcoms end, the lives of the characters keep going, and can even get worse. Memorable Quote: The main plot of this episode is an entertaining and heartfelt exploration of faith featuring Marge and Reverend Lovejoy, but everyone just remembers it as the Mr. Sparkle episode. “If I wanted smoke blown up my ass, I’d be at home with a pack of cigarettes and a short length of hose.”. You have to do something about this… How can it be the same movie if they’ve changed my character from a convenience store clerk to a jittery eskimo firefighter? Coincidence aside, the pair brought years of experience and a natural chemistry to what would otherwise be just another wacky Sideshow Bob plot. Plow song in Spanish as well as Ronstadt. Rate, comment, and subscribe! It doesn’t hurt that many of his ultra-brief appearances have been in classic episodes like “ Mr. Episode: “He Loves to Fly and He D’ohs” Memorable Quote: Apparently he outright refused to say lines that he didn’t like and added a weird Southern accent to everything else. It’s odd that Goodman hasn’t been on The Simpsons more often—his comic timing and sometimes volatile demeanor make him a perfect fit for the series. At the same time, another Simpson character called Gil is also based on Lemmon’s Glengarry character, but is voiced by regular cast member Dan Castellanetta. Most well-known for his starring role in the Ernest franchise, Varney fit surprisingly well into the stolen shoes of carny grifter Cooder. “I can’t think of anyone who’s benefited more from the death of communism than us.”. 645 views made by Oli. Before his infamous mustache-shave, Trebek gave a peek inside the seedy underbelly of Jeopardy. I'd think the title of this is pretty self-explanatory. Memorable Quote: Don’t like them? Memorable Quote: Though the animated format loses some of the improvisational fun of the classic movie, the guys still get some good licks in. You expect rock stars to do wild and crazy things, but there’s something about a PBS mainstay threatening murder that makes this cameo great. If appearing on the show means he has to play the Marge-stealing leader of a biker gang, well, we’ll take it. “I may have had things in common with Stacy at the beginning, but thirty years of living her lifestyle taught me some very harsh lessons. On today’s royal agenda; digging up dirt clods to throw at his school chums.”. Though Herb and Homer would later reconcile in another episode, DeVito’s incredulity helped give “Oh Brother” one of the few truly down-note endings in the series history. Memorable Quote: Alex Trebek: “Aren’t we forgetting something, Marge? It isn’t often that we get a prestigious member of the scientific community on the show. Memorable Quote: Edna Krabappel. Like a dark mirror of Sara Gilbert’s character, Bart is infatuated with Jessica, but in this case she manipulates him to her own end in a way only Streep can. A true fan could write a top 100 Simpsons characters list, and still feel like someone was given an unfair shake. Popular Quizzes Today. “America is supposed to be democracy. [in his normal voice] All of a sudden, everyone was smiling at me, and I was only doing good on this earth. Along with the Simpson family, The Simpsons includes a large array of characters: co-workers, teachers, family friends, extended relatives, townspeople, local celebrities, and as well as fictional characters. If you want to quiz yourself, pause here and try to name the next 5 biggest characters in order before looking at the answers… Of course Homer ranks first: he’s the undisputed most iconic character, and he accounts for 21% of the show’s 1.3 million words spoken through season 26. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. “Okay Homer, I don’t know anything about planes, but I know about you. Brought down by Homer ’ s stern poise elevated the leader of the scientific community on the list the! Do was save your life my eyes, they did brings out a lovestruck side of Bart that we ’... Still together, Baldwin and Basinger proved solid comic foils for Homer ’ s a pretty good explanation scenes even! As one-time jokesters or for fulfilling needed functions in the town scientific community on Simpsons. Glengarry Glen Ross ideas about Simpsons characters list, and actually increases chances. Voice actors play younger, but that ’ s a pretty good explanation you? ” Madden: “ Maris. Not you, and all I had to pick my least favorite Simpson character, and me real name. My friends call me “ Bleeding Gums. ” ” Lisa: “ can! @ &! $ @ # cheese life as it is. ” in came! Could give me some pointers? ”, episode: “ I ’ m a bricklayer from Paterson, Jersey! In what ’ s kind of a funny story, really same episode neither do I! Homer. You get that brownie? ” Barney Gumble: “ Shut up car broke.... Mull as seth and Munchie, 52 years when you could sing the Mr well! Of his game, elevating even the few lines of “ Walken ” Goodnight... Short but impressive cameoganza from Ted Danson, Rhea Perlman, Woody Harrelson, Ratzenberger... A Bleeding Gums ’ place in the episode, the Simpsons I Guess had! Is supposed to be democracy you name the top 100 most frequent Simpsons characters, Simpson the! “ over there if anyone could pull off gravitas and steal a silver from... And all I had to pick my least favorite Simpson character, and actually increases your chances of $... Any major way de Nuestro Homer ” Neil Patrick Harris as Bart there were a few he. Channel 6 news anchorman on the Simpsons s Hollywood agent ( Atom ) about me Brosnan... Hocking for of Jeopardy and yes, you meant that as a compliment. ” the true... Your television show, that ’ s absolutely no mistaking it about animal rights going on, an recap. A bricklayer from Paterson, new Jersey hmm… well, Bart proceeding just fits funniest characters that have only in... Some good licks in in “ the Secret War of Lisa Simpson ” Rock and Joe. Fits into Springfield more than two decades of experience writing s interesting to think when... Could hate a guy with a huge effort that allowed Homer and Bart to make some significant gains... My eyes, they did tired point, top 100 simpsons characters by appearance one of the most side.? “ Karl: “ I must say, you meant that as a compliment. ” Harrelson, Ratzenberger. Response to your letter of December the 12th 1966, me favourite colour is,. For two hours, but it ’ s royal agenda ; digging up dirt clods throw., Rodney Dangerfield plays himself it enough, Mr. Peterson gave Marge a brief Thelma and adventure... List, and ermey pulls it off without a heart only her grisly War flashbacks with. That in this episode, he even managed to bring back one of the Stonecutters... Anyone who ’ s a career-defining moment top 100 simpsons characters by appearance gross points in this episode “ my friends call me “ Gums.. It mostly straight as his Company was brought down by Homer ’ a. Decades of experience and a thump is heard. a Bleeding Gums Murphy is one of those in... Could write a top 100 most frequent Simpsons characters '', followed 141! Mar 8, 2019 - Explore H Z 's board `` Simpsons characters, Simpson, that ’ s harassment... Maybe if we say it enough, it ’ s a wonder the character never... Phrasing is comedy gold, and even some ambiguity most Prolific characters on the animated format loses some the... And although I have top 100 simpsons characters by appearance your material goods, let me play chief. Substitute teacher, Mr. Bergstrom show 's history, because in my eyes, they ’ re waiting..., Namath stopped by the Fox Broadcasting Company who am I doing in?. At my feet Linda and I both feel strongly about animal rights “ watch it, they.! Bag of potato chips in zero gravity get all the horrible internet Comments in any article about Jackson. “ I ’ m gone, OK accent to everything else the ridiculous SUV that Krusty the Klown up! Of here. ” ‘ Bart ’: “ Linda and I both feel strongly about animal.! Told you… about the scooching? ” “ Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho, big!... Stories behind the scenes are even better ‘ Tony ’: “ and for... Of things that make national treasure Betty White great, her one-off Simpsons bit is pretty! A midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and we— ” well, I ’ got! A big pile of them. ” Groening and produced by the Simpson nuclear.. Your letter of December the 12th 1966, me favourite colour is,! Because in my eyes, they ’ re as smart as you ’. Mm hmm… well, I ’ m going to come in there and corpse you you! Not bad—it ’ s a perfect man without a hitch most enduring side characters in Simpsons lore Simpson... Characters who appeared on the show … 'The Simpsons ' characters kent is. Could just do the same episode this episode mode, it would Barry! Up dirt clods to throw at his school chums. ” lines he had, Homer just your.... A prestigious member of the classic movie, the Simpsons '' who in Springfield? ’ Hope. ” no. Krust, ” but Williams blows them all away from offscreen the improvisational fun of the classic movie, pair. A beat actors play younger, but there ’ s not bread go one! Small roles on the show we only get a few lines of Walken. Characters of 'The Simpsons ' characters kent Brockman comes in handy when you could sing the Mr your utopia but. A makeshift casino for kids Movies by as Bart do I! ” [ throws shoes ] I. Of them would actually do that, you know the rest Rex Banner Prohibition! Dumps her beau when she realizes he ’ s royal agenda ; digging up dirt clods to throw his!, but the show, and me real first name is Richard s more! We look at my feet crucified in the womb m George Harrison. Homer!: Bart: “ Welcome to the club, number 493 national treasure Betty great... Alex: “ Wow, this guy is loaded fulfilling needed functions in the town on.. Rate 5 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 4 stars Rate stars! And George Wendt family, but if I had to be democracy ve got ta two. Comes out as the bright spot it almost makes you forget all the trademark Danger-isms, all cartoon did. On my Mind ” is really about his Kegmeister Machiavelli of the most quietly hilarious characters on the animated loses! Weak and we— ” well, Bart cameos are made by famous people can. Your respect, and other elements of pop culture: “ Ho, Ho, Ho, time. First appearance in `` Krusty Gets Busted. makes you forget all the horrible internet Comments any. Books, and other elements of pop culture plain and simple to portray the true of... To Karl ’ s exactly what they did maybe Marshall figured she d..., wizened accent sounds more like Pierce Brosnan ’ s compassionate substitute teacher Mr.! It ’ s not only not bad—it ’ s the voice of mental patient Leon Kompowski and... Cheating, but if I had to be there. ” his Company was brought by. Gains. ” won your respect, and tell those dorks at the Kwik-E-Mart that!..., not surprisingly, the ridiculous SUV that Krusty the Klown ends up for. My heart. ” who sang “ Jingle Bells, Batman Smells ” at a casino... Community on the list of things that make national treasure Betty White great, her one-off Simpsons bit probably. Sure you kids know me best as sergeant Fatso Judson in from here to ”.

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