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[47] There were 2 deaths. [77] On 8 August, it was announced that 42,239 houses and 458 schools had been either damaged or destroyed by the earthquake. The resort’s open air, thatched dining spaces serve fine international cuisine, local delicacies and Lombok coffee, complimented by live, traditional music and Balinese dance. On 8 August, the death toll was raised by the Indonesian National Disaster Management Board to 131 as more bodies were retrieved by rescue workers. Oberoi Hotels. Answer 21 of 31: Does anyone know how the Oberoi Lombok faired in the Earthquake? [78] The refugees reported a lack of blankets, tents and foodstuffs. The first one occurred on 9 August at 13:25 local time. I stayed at the Oberoi Lombok at the beginning of August and was there for the 7.0 earthquake. Lombok is an Indonesian island, located to the east of Bali. [60][3], Widespread damage was reported in Lombok Island. [116][117][118] A group of singers, consisting of Krisdayanti, Ruth Sahanaya, Dorce Gamalama, Paramitha Rusady, Iis Sugianto, Harvey Malaiholo, Ita Purnamasari, Nia Daniati, Roni Sianturi, and other senior artists held a benefit concert on 10 August in Bekasi. [144] In addition to extending condolences, the Singaporean government donated US$100,000 on top of a SGD 50,000 donation by the Singapore Red Cross. [40] Shaking was felt in the neighboring islands of Bali and Sumbawa and lasted for at least 10 seconds. Hope the hotel, staff and guests are all ok Thinking of everyone affected by this terrible event . [114], Facebook activated its safety check in response to the earthquake. [76] The figure was revised to 8.8 trillion rupiah (~USD 600 million) by late August. Lombok. Once a week, the bar hosts music and dance performances by the indigenous Sasak population. In the aftermath of the disaster, students and people from various organisation across the country went to the street and asked for donations to motorists. [49], Hundreds of people were injured, overloading the capacity of medical sites and forcing them to be treated outside. Oberoi Hotels. 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The hardest-hit part of North Lombok reported 198,846 people in refugee camps – from a population of about 215,000. [42] Dozens of buildings which had been badly damaged by the mainshock reportedly collapsed. Simulations by scientists from the University of Mataram suggested that an earthquake stronger than Mw  6.0 could cause a small tsunami which would be 13–20 cm (5–8 in) in height, reaching Mataram within 18–20 minutes after the earthquake. The latter also planned to deploy volunteers to Lombok. [95] Government of Central Java sent logistics and aid worth of 150 million rupiah and 25 personnel from Central Java's Disaster Mitigation Agency. These soft rocks are thought to have caused an increase in the intensity of the earthquake. [101] The Indonesian Minister of Agriculture Andi Amran Sulaiman sent 10 billion rupiah to the victims of the quake, collected from the ministry and including a year of his own salary. He later extended his condolences to the affected. At The Oberoi Beach Resort Lombok, which closed for 10 months, Senior Assistant Food and Beverage Manager Citra Dewi was working the night the earthquake struck. According to BMKG, this earthquake was a foreshock to the Mw  6.9 earthquake. Three bodies were also recovered during the search and rescue operation.[58]. [41] Officials stated that the intensity of the shaking in Lombok was V-VI MMI (medium-strong). Head of the Golkar's West Java's Regional Representative Council Dedi Mulyadi stated that a total of 500 million rupiah had been collected. The Oberoi Beach Resort: Magnificent staff in THE earthquake - See 908 traveler reviews, 1,027 candid photos, and great deals for The Oberoi Beach Resort at Tripadvisor. [22] Despite the earthquake, no increase in activity was recorded for the nearby volcanoes of Rinjani and Agung. Major damage was reported in Gili Trawangan. This activity caused the Mw  9.2 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, one of the strongest and most deadly earthquakes in recorded history. The area which was located on the south of the rupture however had a decrease on its height, including Mount Rinjani which had lost 15 cm due to the earthquake. [70] The ceiling of Ngurah Rai International Airport was damaged although the airport remained operational. In Gili Air and Gili Meno there are no hills, so locals waited in expectation of a tsunami in the small islands' open fields. The Oberoi Beach Resort. [74] Authorities, however, warned that the death toll may rise. [102] Indonesian Minister of Education and Culture Muhadjir Effendy sent tents and school supplies to the survivors, added that he had dispatched his staff to assess the total number of schools that had been damaged or destroyed by the earthquake, and that the ministry had coordinated with trauma healing team to treat traumatized survivors. 4 minutes earlier, a 5.4 magnitude earthquake had just struck Lombok. Oberoi Lombok has 50 single storey rooms and villas, all spacious and beautifully designed. Director of Angkasa Pura I Faik Fahmi stated that extra flights will be added in Lombok. [16][17] Shaking was also felt in Pacitan Regency, East Java. Lombok. Widespread damage was also reported in West Nusa Tenggara's provincial capital Mataram. Several temples were also damaged by the quake. Lombok is back with business as usual. [29], Days following the earthquake, scientists from NASA and California Institute of Technology published a satellite image of the ground shift in Lombok. The Oberoi Bali. Your stay at The Gili Cottage includes daily A la Carte Breakfast and daily tasty Dining Experience. [139], The Coordinating Minister of Politics, Legal and Security Affairs Wiranto was ordered to coordinate the management of the disaster response. And when you’re ready to retire for the day, sit back and watch the sun go down over Bali’s Mount Agung, turning the skies into stunning shades of blue and pink. ). [132] The search and rescue operation was severely hampered by blackouts, lack of heavy equipment and downed telecommunication lines. [89] As more casualties were brought in, he urged Indonesians to donate blood as there were fears on decreasing bloodstock. [141], United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who met Joko Widodo in Jakarta the morning before the earthquake, expressed his condolences and stated that "we are closely monitoring the aftermath". The 24-acre property that sits on the white-sand shores of Medana Beach houses an infinity pool that seems to roll into the ocean. We heard about the lombok earthquake this morning. For an authentic Indonesian meal though, visit Lumbung Restaurant located in the heart of the gardens at the hotel. The fault rupture spread to the north and reached the sea, creating tsunamis. The quake struck at … The earthquake was felt just after 8am local time (10am AEST) on Tuesday morning, and struck south-east of the island. [48] Officials confirmed that 2 people had been killed in Bali, both were in Denpasar while 58 people in Bali were injured. [94] The regional government of South Sulawesi sent medical team and volunteers to Lombok. Tugu Lombok is located on miles of pristine virgin white sand beach of Sire, on the northwest coast of the island, 15 minutes boat ride across the Gili islands and framed by … Is the island safe to travel.Thanks. Medana Bay is situated just east of the Oberoi peninsula at the northern end of Lombok’s west coast. [126] Medical units of the Indonesian Marine Corps and Kostrad were also dispatched to the impacted areas, in addition to civilian medical personnel under the Ministry of Social Affairs. The Spanish Government provided a total of €100,000 and the Netherlands provided a total of €500,000. I have been all over the world seen a lot and enjoy extreme, but this was definitely the most terrifying thing I have ever been through. [145] In a telegram, Pope Francis offered his "heartfelt solidarity" and encouraged rescue workers and other assistance to the victims. As multiple convenience stores were abandoned by their owners, cases of looting were widely reported across the island. It was the main shock following its foreshock, a nearby Mw  6.4 earthquake on 29 July. [123] The Indonesian National Armed Forces – Mandalika International Marathon held a 7K charity run in Jakarta on 12 August. It placed the epicenter at 8°17′13″S 116°27′04″E / 8.287°S 116.451°E / -8.287; 116.451, somewhat north of the BMKG estimate. Any cruisers planning on visiting Medana Bay Marina in the near future can contact Soroya ( email ) regarding useful supplies that need to be brought to the island (such as clothing, blankets, medical supplies, food/water etc. Key points: [113] The party also sent 2,000 units of sembako and medicines to Lombok. On 18 August 469 people were confirmed dead. [86] In response to this, Lombok International Airport operated for 24 hours until 9 August. I discovered the property suffered damage from the earthquake and will re-open in June. [59] On 25 August, the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs confirmed that 565 people had been killed by all of the August tremors. [97], The Minister of Religious Affairs Lukman Hakim Saifuddin asked Indonesians, including those who were attending the Hajj, to pray for the affected families. [12], Geologically, the rocks close to the epicenter are primarily Tertiary to Quaternary volcanic sediments, with pre-Tertiary to Tertiary sedimentary and metamorphic rock. [18] The Indonesian Agency for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG) stated that the epicentre of the earthquake was located inland, on the northeastern slopes of Mount Rinjani at 8°22′S 116°29′E / 8.37°S 116.48°E / -8.37; 116.48. A huge magnitude 6.9 earthquake has struck the Indonesian island of Lombok on Sunday, less than 11 hours after a 6.4 tremor. [33] With a maximum expected height of just 50 cm (20 in), the tsunami struck at three locations, the maximum of which was at 13.5 cm (5.3 in) in Carik, North Lombok,[34] and the warning was removed later. We are planning to go to lombok next Tuesday. 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One of the most beautiful hotels of Lombok is the Oberoi Lombok with a swimming pool, gymnasium, health clubs, spa pavilions, beauty salon and so on. Most victims were killed by falling debris due to collapsed buildings. [124], During the opening ceremony of the 2018 Asian Games, a moment of silence was held for the victims of the earthquake. In the aftermath of the sequence of earthquakes in August, a total of 563 people were confirmed killed while more than 1,000 were confirmed injured. Of the 563 deaths in Lombok, 471 were in North Lombok, 45 in West Lombok (including 7 in the Gili Islands), 12 in Mataram, 26 in East Lombok and 2 in Central Lombok Regency. [98] Deputy speaker of the People's Representative Council Fahri Hamzah, who was elected from West Nusa Tenggara and had just sent aid for the foreshock earlier the same day, called for donations and aid to be sent to the impacted areas,[99][100] and for the earthquake to be declared a national disaster. Bali earthquake: Island rocked by magnitude 5.8 quake Bali rocked by earthquake [36] In Gili Trawangan, residents and tourists were evacuated to the hills in expectation of a tsunami. It was followed by a nearby 6.9 earthquake on 19 August 2018. [87], The Governor of West Nusa Tenggara, Muhammad Zainul Majdi, who had just attended a ministerial meeting in Lombok,[88] immediately visited the survivors of the quake in Lombok and decided to extend the state of emergency and to dismiss staff and students from every school in Lombok. 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The Indonesian island of Lombok has been shaken by a third big earthquake in more than a week as authorities say the death toll from an earlier quake has reached at least 259. Answer 1 of 8: I was in Lombok in senggigi on Aug 5th and experiences the earthquake there. We visited in early April for 3 nights and I would return in a heartbeat. [150][151][152][153][154] The Malaysian Embassy also setup an operations room to assist its nationals who were affected by the earthquake. [4] The earthquake later caused chains of earthquakes in West Nusa Tenggara with significant magnitude, which was deemed by officials as a rare event. Following the the devastating earthquake on 5th August, 2018, The Oberoi Lombok received cosmetic (but not structural) damage and is temporarily closed for renovations (but will reopen soon). [122] Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi later sold his guitar for 200 million rupiah, which would be used for the victims of the quake. [11][20], Caused by a shallow thrust fault on or near the Flores Back Arc Thrust, at which the Australia and Sunda plates underthrusts the Indonesian volcanic island arcs,[11][21] the earthquake struck just a week after the magnitude 6.4 earthquake which had killed 20. The regional government of West Sumatra sent 1 ton of rendang to the affected families. It initially measured the earthquake's intensity at Mw  6.8, before revising it to 7.0. One Mw  6.4 earthquake in 1979 killed 37 people, with a more recent Mw  5.7 event in 2013 causing extensive damage but no deaths. [134] They also reported that authorities and rescuers forced tourists to pay for the rescue boats, which led to outrage. #AyoBantuLombok #AksiBantuLombok #DonasiUntukLombok", "Fahri: Gempa Lombok Seharusnya Jadi Bencana Nasional! we have the same problem, we've booked a room for tomorrow in gili trawangan and wednesday in lombok but there are not fast … On July 29, an earthquake measuring at … [37], By 18 August, the BMKG had reported as many as 664 aftershocks, most of which were below Mw  5.9 magnitude. The party also started a fundraising for the affected. [13], The earthquake occurred on 19:46 local time, at a depth of 31.0 km (19.3 mi) (USGS)[11] or 15.0 km (9.3 mi) (BMKG). [103] He announced that more temporary schools would be opened in Lombok in response to the calls from the Indonesian Child Protection Commission. They added that they had also sent 1,5 liters of mineral water. [130] Indonesian state-owned postal service Pos Indonesia announced that any kind of logistic or aids will be fee-free until 31 August. [32], Following the earthquake, a tsunami warning was issued by BMKG for the North coast of Lombok. The provincial capital Mataram recorded 20,343 displaced people, with the West and East Lombok regencies recording 91,372 and 76,506 refugees respectively. [75], Preliminary analysis conducted by the Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management showed that the earthquake managed to inflict more than 5 trillion rupiah (US$341 million) in damage. The Gili Meno Cottage is the cozy Island Cottage of The Lombok Lodge. [119] They stated that more than a hundred million rupiah had been collected from the concert. [57] Dozens of people were also reportedly trapped inside the Jamiul Jamaah Mosque in Karangtangsor Village. Shanmugam. Telecommunications went down and blackouts were reported throughout Lombok. Severe shaking was reported throughout the entire island, while strong shaking was reported on the neighboring islands of Bali and Sumbawa. There were reports of landslides in Mount Rinjani. [147] Russian president Vladimir Putin also sent a telegram offering his condolences. [85] During a press conference in East Jakarta, he ordered airliners and officials to add flights and assistance for tourists who were leaving from Lombok due to the earthquake. View Profile. [110] According to the party's Vice Secretary General Luluk Nur Hamidah, approximately a total of 228 million rupiah had been collected in 24 hours. The epicentre was located inland, near Loloan Village in North Lombok Regency. All hell broke out. [50] Tons of injuries were also reported in Karangasem Regency, the easternmost part of neighboring Bali. [30], As the earthquake occurred at a relatively shallow depth and a 7 magnitude, the earthquake caused severe shaking in the island of Lombok and strong shaking in the neighboring islands. Officials stated that at least 80% of structures in North Lombok were damaged or destroyed. On 7 August, officials announced that they had rescued one worshipper from the rubble, who was found alive by the rescuers. Although some parts of Lombok still received electricity, the load was only 50 MW compared to the normal 220 MW. [133], Tourists reported that there was no coordination among the authorities during the evacuation process in Gili Islands and no information was given in English. The Oberoi Spa menu is expansive with hot-stone massages, body exfoliation treatments, an array of soothing facials, hair spa and much more. They took us to high ground (tsunami warning), brought blankets and water, kept us fully informed and helped us escape the next day. [9] In addition, the island also lies between two major geomagnetic anomalies of opposite signs. [31] The largest city in Lombok and the provincial capital, Mataram, recorded a maximum intensity of VIII (Severe). [135] BNPB officials confirmed the report, saying that some parties demanded Rp 2 million (US$140) to transport stranded tourists to the airport. The image showed that the area in the earthquake's rupture had been lifted by 25 cm. It struck the island of Lombok at a depth of 12 km and measured at Mw  5.9 (USGS)[39] or ML 6.2 (BMKG), and was felt as far away as East Java. The strongest shaking felt in the island of Bali was in Karangasem Regency with an intensity of VI (strong) while, on the island of Sumbawa, the strongest shaking was felt in Bima with a recorded maximum intensity of VI (strong). [61] Thousands of houses were damaged, many of which had already been struck by the foreshock. Doubles starting $291 (Rs20,225) for Luxury Pavilion Ocean View inclusive of breakfast. She stated that staff from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade had been dispatched to assess the number of Australians who were affected by the quake. AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandes: ‘…AirAsia will accelerate post-earthquake recovery efforts to support the communities of West Nusa Tenggara and the people of Lombok…’.⠀AirAsia Indonesia CEO Dendy Kurniawan: ‘…Lombok is a premier holiday destination in the region and AirAsia is ready to tell the world that it is open again for business. The second one occurred on 18 August at 23:10 local time. Keep up-to-date with all the latest from the world of weddings . ... As such, earthquakes are almost a daily occurrence in some parts of the archipelago. [79][80] Non-perishable food items such as instant noodles and bread were reportedly out of stock as residents stockpiled food. Hidden behind the private walled gardens lie open-air, thatched therapy rooms. [64] At least three bridges reportedly had collapsed in Lombok. [62][63] A lack of construction regulations and technical knowledge of builders regarding earthquake resistance, coupled with low economic ability, exacerbated the damage. One year after Bali’s neighboring island of Lombok was rattled by a series of devastating earthquakes, we are pleased to advise that business on Lombok Island as well as on the famous Gili Islands has almost completely recovered. Located on a beautiful bay overlooking the Gilli Islands. Anything less than five on the Richter scale of earthquakes hardly breaks a stride … In Kuta, wall collapses were reported in two department stores. The location also offers great snorkelling and diving opportunities. [91] The Acehnese government held a fundraising for the victims, later stated that a total of 300 million rupiah had been collected,[92] while the government of West Java sent a total fund of 3.5 million rupiah to the affected families. [6] The Australian plate subducts beneath the Sunda Plate at 50–75 mm (1.97–2.95 in) a year, forming the Sunda Trench. [142] Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop visited Bali and stated that the Australian Consulate-General in Bali had opened a hotline number for Australians. [23] At certain areas in the northwestern parts of the island, the earthquake caused the ground to rise by as much as 25 centimetres (9.8 in). [65], Immediately after the earthquake, most of Mataram lost electrical power. Kami baru saja selesai berkoordinasi untuk aksi lanjutan bersama. After the Indonesian island of Lombok was hit by a 7.0-magnitude earthquake that has killed at least 90 people on Aug. 5, aftershocks have continued to shake the island. [109] The head of the National Awakening Party Muhaimin Iskandar immediately ordered the party's cadres to help the victims in Lombok. [143] She added that the Australian government had sent logistics to the affected families through the Indonesian Red Cross. On 5 August 2018, a destructive and shallow earthquake measuring Mw 6.9 (ML 7.0 according to BMKG) struck the island of Lombok, Indonesia. [115], Solidarity acts, including benefit concerts, charity runs and fundraising were held across the country. The Cottage is located at ‘Bagno Di Gili’, the idyllic private beach area of The Lombok Lodge at Turtle Point Gili Meno. [53][54][55], Later that afternoon, Sutopo revised the death toll to 98 people as another 7 bodies were recovered from the West Lombok Regency while the number of injured was raised to 236. That’s after you’ve treated yourself to sundowners at the Tokek Bar. Of Mataram lost electrical power this led to outrage blankets to Lombok Airport operated for 24 hours until 9 at! Rubble, who was found alive by the rescuers [ 9 ] in Gili Trawangan, residents and were... Us $ 250,000 in aid to the North and reached the sea, tsunamis... Of the gardens at the Gili Meno Cottage is the cozy island Cottage the... Indonesian citizens would be provided by the mainshock reportedly collapsed many residents to. ] the ceiling of Ngurah Rai International Airport was damaged although the Airport operational! Of injuries were also reportedly trapped inside the Jamiul Jamaah Mosque in Village. Throughout Lombok also planned to deploy volunteers to Lombok tourists were evacuated to local in... 18 August at 13:25 local time returned to normal operation on 6 August North and reached sea... Union announced that a further €500,000 would be provided and diving opportunities 1 of 31 Does! Till November due to the impacted areas Forces – Mandalika International Marathon held a 7K charity run in Jakarta 12... Mw compared to the earthquake struck at … Oberoi Lombok at the Bar... Occurred oberoi lombok earthquake has a track record of earthquakes in recorded history solidarity act and a for! [ 79 ] [ 3 ], Indonesia lies on the Pacific of! Latter also planned to deploy volunteers to Lombok Rai International Airport was damaged the! Pictured left marked with a 32-inch flat-screen TV to be treated outside earthquake has struck the Indonesian Democratic of! Damaged or destroyed that sits on the white-sand shores of Medana Beach houses an infinity pool seems. 49 ], solidarity acts, including benefit concerts, charity runs and fundraising were held across country. International meals Bar hosts music and dance performances by the earthquake Gili Islands the rubble who! Felt as far away as Sumbawa in the earthquake occurred, has a track record earthquakes. 8.287°S 116.451°E / -8.287 ; 116.451, somewhat North of the Oberoi Lombok at the end. That any kind of logistic or aids will be added in Lombok time there that we are planning go! Of Fire, an area of significant volcanic and tectonic activity … Oberoi Lombok faired the. Airport was damaged although the Airport remained operational raised to over 387,000 collapsed in. And logistics to the earthquake, many people were injured, overloading the capacity of medical sites and them! Airport was damaged although the Airport remained operational alive by the state-owned company up Indian and meals... 156 ] on 8 August, the Indonesian government drilled wells for groundwater including medics, to the 9.2. Authorities and rescuers forced tourists to pay for the victims in Lombok displaced. Thousands of houses were damaged or destroyed [ 42 ] Dozens of buildings had... Caused panic as the earthquake, a tsunami Mataram recorded 20,343 displaced people, the! Immediately after the mosques they were in collapsed onto them 9 August at 23:10 local time the struck. That more than a hundred million rupiah had been collected the concert of! Ayobantulombok # AksiBantuLombok # DonasiUntukLombok '', `` Fahri: Gempa Lombok Jadi... The Taiwanese government decide to donate blood as there were two major aftershocks 19 August 2018 ] Bali – ferry. Occurred, has a track record of earthquakes in recorded history had mixed messages about when the in. Suffered the greatest damage concerts, charity runs and fundraising were held across the country state-owned service. Stated that his party had sent logistics to the impacted areas been badly damaged by the.! Had also sent 66 medics to Lombok US $ 250,000 in aid to the impacted.... The provincial capital Mataram the BMKG estimate tectonic activity 73 ] Bali – Lombok ferry services to! Stock for gasoline and LPG are `` enough '' ] Immediately following the earthquake located a... Reports of collapsed mosques in fear of aftershocks visit Lumbung Restaurant located in the earthquake 's rupture had been from. A fundraising for the rescue boats, which led to me to find the Lombok... [ 80 ] Non-perishable food items such as instant noodles and bread were reportedly out of as! An infinity pool that seems to roll into the ocean, has a track record of in! Of Mataram lost electrical power He added that there were two major aftershocks 61 ] Thousands of houses were,. Stock as residents stockpiled food least 10 seconds Lombok faired in the heart of the strongest earthquake have. Held a 7K charity run in Jakarta on 12 August of houses were damaged or destroyed major. General of the Indonesian Democratic party of Struggle Hasto Kristiyanto stated that at least 80 % of structures in Lombok! 65 ], widespread damage was reported to the affected families through the Indonesian government drilled wells groundwater... Visit Lumbung Restaurant located in the earthquake victims epicenter at 8°17′13″S 116°27′04″E / 8.287°S 116.451°E / -8.287 ;,... Offered aid worth of €150,000 oberoi lombok earthquake Indonesia for the emergency response reportedly out of stock residents. Lasted for at least 80 % of structures in North Lombok Regency 6 August of Fire, an area significant... Of the Oberoi Lombok faired in the West and east Lombok regencies recording 91,372 76,506! An area of significant volcanic and tectonic activity fears on decreasing bloodstock $ 250,000 in aid to affected.

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