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The whole hike was about 12 miles, and was 9 hours of hiking ( this doesn’t include rests). Great views, cool ridge on North Kinsman that overlooks Mt. I did move a round a little extra around Cannon and the Lonesome Lake Hut. Length 11.2 miElevation gain 5557 ftRoute type Out & back Great views of the Lafayette, Lincoln etc from the top. Did this hike yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. The trail climbs up Cannon very steeply for the first mile to mile and a half. The bio says “dog friendly”, but I highly do not recommend bringing your dog. A lot of people take the Tram to the peak of Cannon so you’ll meet some tourists on Cannon summit. Continue on 0.9 miles to the summit of South Kinsman. Went over to South Kinsman, next. We then headed across the cannon balls. Trail from Kinsman to Cannon was muddy, no views. South Kinsman. Jan 07 | North Kinsman, South Kinsman, NH via Mt Kinsman Trail, Kinsman Ridge Trail A very wet Kinsman Ridge trail. North Kinsman, South Kinsman, Cannon Mountain via Lonesome Lake Trail, Fishin' Jimmy Trail, Kinsman Ridge Tr... Jan. 8, 2021 Cone Demon. Worth going to lookout area near peak of North Kinsman. I haven’t hiked this yet but I am sitting comparing All Trails to my trusty dusty paper map, added up the mileage and it is actually just over 13 miles. It was a fine day. Muddy, rooty, and very steep last push up to Cannon. I didn't see a single person from Cannon to junction near N Kinsman. Next day did kinsman ridge to Cannon. Rest of it was nothing special. View from North Kinsman is amazing at the outlook. I started just before 6am so the sun was cresting over the Franconia Ridge while I was on Hi-Cannon, which made for some amazing views. That seems right. Trail starts steep and gravelly and becomes steep and rocky. Started at the Basin and went up cascade and kinsman pond to shelter. Hike up Cannon Mountain via the Hi-Cannon trail then backtrack and hope on Kinsman Ridge trail going out over North Kinsman and South Kinsman. The most accessible route begins at Lonesome Lake Trail, which ascends to Lonesome Lake. Then I went up and down all four cannonballs. No bugs! I’d been wanting to cross this one off the list, but also to improve on last year’s epic — three (major) peaks in the Whites can be an average day, but in retrospect, Cannon truly deserves its own day. I went counter-clockwise, heading up Hi-Cannon at the the first fork. From Cannon, we made the long traverse (3.4 miles) to North Kinsman. My legs are sore for days. Started from Lafayette campground and up hi-cannon. The lake is really cool though, and worth seeing. GPS logged 16.6 miles round trip from the parking at Lafayette base ...Hi-cannon trail and the cannon ladder that lead to a beautiful outlook across to Lafayette and the whole Franconia notch, even a aerial view of lonesome lake from there. Cannon, North and South Kinsman via Kinsman Ridge Trail. South Kinsman summit: 1400. 3 liters was a good amount for me today, but I could easily have gone through more. This was 4000 footers #12, 13 & 14 for me and it was definitely one of the hardest hikes I’ve done. Reservations for day use are required. There you will see a chair cairn, and a much better view. Lots of up and down, all rock and according to the signage, 3.2 miles verses 2m we thought from the map here. There are spectacular 180 degree views off a huge boulder near the summit of North Kinsman Mountain overlooking Cannon Mountain, South Kinsman Mountain and the Franconia Ridge. From the lake, take either Fishin’ Jimmy Trail, Cascade Brook Trail to Kinsman Pond Trail, or continue on Lonesome La… Jan 07 | Trip Report: Finding Fog on North and South Kinsman by: proteanwanderer_zznzkw / proteanwanderer. Great views East just before North Kinsman. I am bummed we missed south kinsman so I will need to go back but we made the right decision for us as we are not night hikers and go down right at dusk. Once at the lookout there is a small herd path going down, this herd path can be tricky but will give you views of Kinsman pond and the tent site. Took us about 2.25 hours. Cannon Mountain 4,100' Started at the Basin because Lafayette parking lot was full. I started by going up the hi cannon trail. This time, taking the Fishin' Jimmy Trail to Lonesome Lake Trail back to trailhead. Mount Kinsman Trail This trail runs from the Franconia-Easton town line on NH Route 116. North Kinsman, South Peak and Cannon Balls Loop Trail. I also clocked it in at almost 14 miles (others say 12). Pretty icy in places which made descending a little harder than it should’ve been. A steep but quick climb to South Kinsman. On North and South Kinsman Mountains today, such was exactly the case. There are two main ways to hike up the Kinsmans, one of of 93, where hikers start at Lafayette campground, and the other off of Route 116 from the west. Bugs weren't bad. Snow - Trace/Minimal Depth,... North Kinsman, South Kinsman via Mt. Took me over nine hours including rest stops and time at the summits. Long and tough day for me. It was steep and difficult. North and South Kinsman with Cannon Mountain Lonesome Lake provides a great example of a scoured out area that resulted in a glacial lake. At the four way intersection you want to continue north (left would take you to the shelter, and right would take you to Cannon Mountain (another popular destination)). The section of Kinsman Ridge trail that climbs up North East Cannon Ball would prove to be the hardest part of the day. Contant up and down and very rocky. Trail over to S Kinsman is pretty straightforward. Wasn’t any ridge line which was a little disappointing, but great views from the lake, North Kinsman and Cannon nearing sunset. Great hike, challenging at times (mostly due to the high humidity). Finally down a col and up South Kinsman at 0.9m each way. After the summit the trail decends steeply. South Kinsman – White Mountains, NH. Mt Kinsman Trailhead: 1600. We brought our two dogs who are experienced hikers and there were many sections where I feared for my dogs safety and had trouble getting them across the rock scrambles and ladder. South Kinsman is just under a mile past this summit. Trail from canon to north kinsman was terrible/ muddy/rocky. another day out on the slopes :) cannon mountain. The hike from the Basin parking lot to the Lonesome Lake hut is cool in the beginning because of the river, but the trail is wet with mud bogs, tons of exposed roots and a long section of basketball and bigger rocks, you really need to be watching your footing. South Kinsman summit! That night about 10 tents were in the woods all over in some pretty not so cool places, the shelter was pretty maxed out at around 12+ happy campers, need to add earplugs to the kit :) we met a lot of great people and had a good time. Search by List Peak Results for south kinsman in month 12: Peaks and Trails: Date of Hike: Surface Conditions: NH: North Kinsman, South Kinsman, Cannon Mountain via Lonesome Lake Trail, Fishin’ Jimmy Trail, Kinsman Ridge Tr...: 12-31-2019 Lincoln/Lafayette, and a 360 view on South kinsman. Climb up North Kinsman is moderate and views are good from a few ledges. Hopefully this helps! Most maps and guides show the out and back at 13.8m. Did North and South Kinsman and camped at the pond. Beautiful views there as well. Exhausting but awesome two days! From there I took the Lonesome Lake Trailto the High Cannon Trailto the summit of Cannon Mountain. Some part of the trail was washed out because of the rain. Hiking. Great view of Franconia Ridge, Cannon Mountain, and Lonesome Lake." Do not underestimate the cannonballs, at one point you acsend 600 vertical feet in .4 miles. Lonesome lake was beautiful as well. Soon you will reach North Kinsman. Started at 9am, and went to Cannon first. Three weeks ago I hiked Jefferson, Adams, and Madison, and was fine by the end of the next day. From here, you will take the Kinsman Ridge Trail towards the Kinsmans 0.4 miles before reaching the summit of North Kinsman. The trail is primarily used for hiking, nature trips, and bird watching and is … Cannon, North and South Kinsman via Kinsman Ridge Trail is a 18.0 kilometer moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Franconia, New Hampshire that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. Elevation – 4,358 feet. Never ending ascend and descend, was very tiring. Definitely tougher one!!!! Jan 07 | North Kinsman, South Kinsman, NH via Mt Kinsman Trail, Kinsman Ridge Trail A number of trails criss-cross Cannon Mountain and the surrounding region. this was the hardest part of the hike. Looking toward Cannon, with a view of Franconia Ridge. (One large rock outcrop on 'left' for great views). Last push up Cannon is steep. (Redirected from North Kinsman) Kinsman Mountain is a mountain located in Grafton County, New Hampshire. From the campsite (kinsman pond was beautiful definitely the best lunch spot!!) Cascade Brook, Lonesome Lake, North Kinsman and South Kinsman Mountain Loop is a 11.5 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Lincoln, New Hampshire that features a lake and is rated as difficult. Where there was ledge (there’s a lot of it), it was wet. Cascade brook is awesome with lots of waterfalls. I had read the other reviews but this was still way harder then I expected. S.Kinsman has what appears to be 2 summits, make sure you walk to the second. One of these peaks, North East Cannon Ball qualifies as one of “New Englands 100 Highest” peaks. — … For this trip, we climbed Cannon Mountain, The Cannon Balls, and North and South Kinsman before getting hiking out on the Fishin Jimmy Trail past Lonesome Lake and back to Franconia Notch. Clouds came and went all day, so some views awesome some views a little obscured but still beautiful. Deceiving part coming down is there are more uphills than I expected. With the Cannonballs one shouldn't expect it will be a lazy or even undulating ridge walk to recover on - it's work:-). The trail is almost 12 miles long with 4665 ft elevation. I summited both kinsmin the first day and the cannonballs and cannon the second day. South Kinsman barely squeaks in at 270’. Cannon Balls are up and down, and are very steep in some parts. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round. Turn around and retrace your steps back to the camping area entrance (1.3 miles) If you are camping, you will be heading in here for the night. The hike to north kinsman is very steep but not very long. Remember that to count as a separate peak on the NH4K list there has to be 200’ of prominence between peaks. Best views from the South Kinsman Peak. To get to the summit of South Kinsman we did a nice loop that also incorporated Cannon Mtn and South Kinsman summit. We started out around 7:00 am and easily snagged parking at lafayette campground. The view from the lookout on North Kinsman was the highlight of the trip. The ladder wasn’t very difficult or scary. That is what happened when we started over to South Kinsman from North. Fantastic trail, especially past Lonesome Lake. To get to the summit of South Kinsman we did a nice loop that also incorporated Cannon Mtn and South Kinsman summit. That said, I did this full hike (counter - clockwise) in one day and it is a full day hike and draining. Ate a quick breakfast on top of Cannon by myself. Lots of morning sun and temps close to 90. On a sunny day, bring lots of water. The Cannon Balls are a series of 3 smaller peaks (a little over 3000′ in elevation) just south of Cannon’s main summit. Enjoy! I would definitely do this one again. Arrived around 7am, found parking, restrooms etc and was on mountain at 7:30am. There were some great views on the cannonballs. The Kinsman Ridge Trail begins on the northeast side of the mountain in Franconia Notch near the base of the Tramway, passes near but not directly over the summit, and leads to the southwest across the Cannon Balls and the Kinsman peaks on to Kinsman Notch at the north base of Mount Moosilauke. There are several rock scrambles. Continue on an out & back mission to South Kinsman Mountain, returning past N. Kinsman and four corners junction. Great views on the way up to the summit of Cannon. Caution. Climbed June 26 with perfect weather. The overall hike has some a little lake, a throne carin, and the snow covered trees in the winter were breathtaking. The whole loop was 11.5 miles long and took us about 10.5 hours. Kinsman N and S were very good. Great hike to check off 3 of the 4000 footers in a day. It is named after Nathan Kinsman, an early resident of Easton, New Hampshire, and is part of the Kinsman Range of the White Mountains. Went up Cascade brook trail to Kinsman ridge trail. Please consult the park website. Beautiful hike on a gorgeous summer day. I found Hi Cannon to be good trail to ascend on. This turned out to be a surprisingly challenging route over some steep and rugged terrain, but equally rewarding with great autumn weather and fantastic views. The first two miles are a steep ascent of Cannon. On a Saturday morning at 7 there was plenty of parking at the cannon tram parking lot and even some parking At Lafayette campground. A great loop for any peak-baggers trying to tackle a strenuous day of three. The summit of cannon from the tower was really cool, in the clouds at times and 360 degree views ... the ridge trail to do both kinsmans was long and exhausting at times going over the cannon balls but rewarding with good views from each and once finally reaching north kinsmans it felt like a breeze to south. Fairly crowded right now, but not too bad. South Kinsman Mountain 4,358' Top of South Kinsman nice. It was a beautiful day - this was our 15th 4000ft hike. There are great views from the overlook at north kinsman and ok views from south kinsman. Car: 1615. Trail was pretty wet and muddy, and icy closer to the top. Finally, Cannon Mountain is another great area to visit because it is a perfect example of glacial carving high on Cannon Mountain's east side. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round. Another reviewer had mentioned the ups and downs, so I had an idea, but I still underestimated to what extent. The 0.4 mi along the ridge to the north summit was no joke! Sometimes, hiking means the view is inward, not outward. We went up the hi-cannon trail to cannon, then north kinsman, south kinsman, and then back down the lonesome lake trail. The trail is wooded for most of its traverse, except for the summit of South Kinsman, some lookouts along North Kinsman, and the summit of Cannon. Ran the final few miles from Lonesome Lake back to car. I realize you cannot really do anything about mud, roots and rock, it’s just not a ton of fun, especially on the way out when you just want to see the parking lot. North Kinsman, South Peak and Cannon Balls Loop Trail is a 10.9 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Franconia, New Hampshire that features a lake and is rated as difficult. Jan 07 | Trip Report: Finding Fog on North and South Kinsman by: proteanwanderer_zznzkw / proteanwanderer. Loved swimming on the way back down. North Kinsman – White Mountains, NH Elevation – 4,293 feet. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. It does start out right away going up, but not super steep and the last 1/2 mile or so is easier. Please consult the park website. Take that down to the Lonesome Lake hut and then take the Lonesome lake trail back to the Lafayette Place Campground. Some of it coming down N. Kinsman and across the Cannon Balls was quite greasy. Luckily we were able to carry him up. Kinsman Mountain is the highest peak in the Kinsman Range, which stretches from Kinsman Notch to Cannon Mountain and makes up the west boundary of Franconia Notch. If you are planning this hike on the weekend and coming north on 93, try parking at the Old Bridle Path/Falling Waters trail head lot first - if open, take it. There is no warm up here it starts steep and stays that way! The hike to lonesome lake was very long and grueling. From Cannon over to Kinsman was as tough as others say.

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