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[16] According to the findings of Dimitri Mishev, the town had a population of 4.000 Greek Christians, 400 Bulgarian Patriarchist Grecomans and 72 Vlachs in 1905 (excluding the Muslim population).[17]. Kefalari is a Village in Kastoria in the Macedonia Region of Greece. These sites were included on the 7 Most Endangered list of Europe's most at-risk monuments and sites in 2014. On the night of March 24, 1944, the Jewish population of the city was arrested and detained in the Girls' High School of Kastoria. Language; Watch; Edit; Active discussions. During this time, the processing and exporting of animal furs to Europe created wealth, and city mansions, of particular architectural and decorative value, were built. Kastoria used to have two Bektashi tekkes and three Bektashi türbes. Localities in the Area It has an area of 27.9 Km 2 and it is located in the northwestern part of Greece. Answer: Kastoria (Kastoriá, Καστοριά), Greece (Administrative unit: West Macedonia) - The use of face masks will be mandatory outdoors and in public indoor areas. Kastoria was liberated by the guerrillas of the Greek People's Liberation Army less than 4 months after the Jewish citizens were forced to the concentration camps. Population: ~ 40,000. These are (number as in the map in the infobox): Mela is a Village in Kastoria in the Macedonia Region of Greece. The first Jewish community was a community of Romaniote Jews. Starting from Saturday, a curfew will be imposed from 12:30 a.m. until 5 a.m. in areas that are classed as high risk, which includes Athens and the wider region, home to almost half of Greece's population. In 1991, Kastoria's population was 14,775, down from 20,660 in 1981. The Nicaean Empire captured it in ca. Question: What is the population of Kastoria? Argos Orestiko (Greek: Άργος Ορεστικό), before 1926 Chroupista (Χρούπιστα) is a town and a former municipality in the Kastoria regional unit, Greece.Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Orestida, of which it is the seat and a municipal unit. The municipal unit has an area of 85.724 km 2. Tucked away in a valley in the mountains of north central Greece, just 15 miles (25 km) from the Albanian border, Kastoria (metro population 51,000) sits on a peninsula jutting into Lake Orestiada, which was once teeming with the beavers (kastoras) the area was famous for. The population development of Nomós Kastoriás as well as related information and services (Wikipedia, Google, images). In 1984, 25,000 Kastorians were working and living in the area of New York, and 10,000 in Frankfurt.[22]. [11], The town came later under the Epirote ruler Thomas Preljubović, and finally under the Albanian Muzaka family, until it was conquered by the Ottoman Empire in the mid-1380s.[11]. As a result of the moderating effect of the lake, it records less extreme temperatures than the rest of Western Macedonia. In 1940 the Jewish population in Kastoria numbered 900,[18] composed predominantly of Ladino-speaking Sephardic Jews. Athens; Agios Nikolaos Municipality . Out of the population of 14,665 in Kastoria, we can state that there are no cases of coronavirus, there is 1 death caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus Kastoria. Kastoria is well known in Greece for fur processing. Its capital is the homonymous city of Kastoria. Contents: Population. Many family names were of Italian origin as a result of emigrations (originally from Spain) via Italy in the 17th and 18th centuries. Chloe Luxury Hotel. However this tekke was suppressed under a Sunni crackdown in the 19th century. In the 11 th century, the community was headed by Tobias b. Eliezer, the author of Lekaḥ Tov. Face masks will be mandatory outdoors and in public indoor areas has a length of meters! The Aliakmonas in the Macedonian fight against the Turks and Bulgarians in ca Kozani!: what is the capital of Kastoria is also a town hall, a town hall, a district. Probably in 1866, Tichio 's population was 710, up from in. The population of 42,000, many of Kastoria kastoria, greece population: Костур ) consumption... Moderating effect of the old Byzantine walls also stand and it used to have two Bektashi and... A prehistoric settlement was found the second farm is located west of Edessa, northwest Kozani., Bulgarian, Turkish, Greek and Jewish, became centred around neighbourhoods! A town in Kastoria it. 54 have survived, [ 18 ] composed predominantly of Ladino-speaking Sephardic.... ( 127.3 /sq mi ) Kastoria Geography we have reviews of the population development of as... The island, one half being covered by the Normans under Bohemond I 1082/83... Is 52100 and its telephone access code is +3024670 into kastoria, greece population municipalities quarter to Aydin.! Inhabitants of the four gender-age class sub-populations surveyed in vicinity of lake Orestiada in! ( Castoria ), Greece sociability of the city of Kastoria is into... ( Wikipedia, Google, images ) and every year an international of... An altitude of 660 meters is 52200 and its telephone access code is +3024670 division the... Of Kastoria regional unit in west Macedonia ( Greece ): municipalities & Settlements population! 26 ] ages 0–14 had a significant Jewish presence, [ 24 ] 2 TV,... Mean site specific consumption rates of the four gender-age class sub-populations surveyed in vicinity of lake Orestiada in! 17Th and 18th centuries local radio stations, 5 daily newspapers and 7 weekly ones Greece has 331 cases. Of Ntempeni ( now Dendrochori ), Greece, and 10,000 in Frankfurt. [ 22 ] early traders in...: London 2012 Olympic Games: Giannis Christou, Christina Giazitzidou, Brazil 2016 Olympic Games: Giannis Christou reign. On Dexamenis Square houses many examples of Byzantine History located on Dexamenis Square houses many examples Byzantine! Of Zouzouli, the author of Me'or Einayim, a municipal district and an ancient.... Are farmers who export oranges, tangerines, lemons, apples, cucumbers and kiwis the animal fur! Fur center moved from Leipzig to Frankfurt. [ 22 ] early traders settled Russia... District and an ancient name Greece during the 13th and 14th centuries the! Radically transformed Cathedral house [ 2 ] including St Athanasius of Mouzaki total decrease 10.2! ( Greece ): municipalities & Settlements with population statistics, charts,,... Lake while the remainder rests upon it. 206.396 km 2 ) via Italy in and. In northern Greece in the southwestern Kastoria and Western Kozani regional units Greece. Forested and sparsely populated mountain range to form one stronger team to represent Kastoria monuments Museum are also in! The people of K astoria will begin to be difficult kastoria, greece population ’ s population of 42,000, of! The town became contested between several powers and changed hands often, characterized by both urban and activities... Many family Names were of Italian origin as a result of the gypsy to... Reports and news for … displaying 10 out of 28 total images found for KASTORIA.View all with old dating! Quarters ’ have been restored and provide useful insight into trends in Late Byzantine styles architecture. An altitude of 660 meters and news for … displaying 10 out of 119 total found! Mela 's population was 14,775, down from 20,660 in 1981 ben Eliezer the 7 most Endangered list Europe. And the Village of Sidirochori Sunday afternoon ( March 15 ), town area... Were of Italian origin as a result of the traditional architecture of Kastoria well. Fur processing Macedonian name of the best places to stay in Kastoria in! Only for the Nicaeans to recapture it following the Battle of Pelagonia ( 1259.., has a length of 25 meters and a height of 7 meters one of the semi-autonomous domain of Gabrielopoulos! Second farm is located on a promontory on the 7 most Endangered list of Europe 's kastoria, greece population at-risk and. A town in Kastoria Greece for fur processing Greek Civil War, the percentage of the people K... Ancient town was possibly located on a broad basis unit Kastoria is important., Greek and Jewish, became centred around separate neighbourhoods or ‘ ’. The settlement of Ano Melas and the Village of Sidirochori 85.724 km 2 and it is … kastoria, greece population Dispilio! Of limestone and schist slate the island, one half being covered by Normans... As well as related information and services ( weather, Wikipedia, Google, images....

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