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I could receive texts in real-time. If you’ve received your weBoost Installed | Home Complete, schedule your install here. Enjoy the place of mind of always being connected, when it matters most, … The Home Outside Directional Antenna is a proprietary antenna made exclusively for weBoost Home boosters; known for its compact design, high performance, and all-weather operation. How to target two interior weak signal areas instead of 1? The booster amplifies any cell signals it receives from the outside antenna. A proprietary antenna made exclusively for weBoost Home boosters; known for its compact design, high performance, and all-weather operation. Everything works normally now. The kit comes with an outside cell phone antenna for home, booster unit and inside antenna, which function … Once installed, you can leave dropped calls and poor cell signal behind you. With the included 3M Command Strips, the Home Inside Directional Antenna securely mounts to interior walls in a vertical or horizontal configuration. The weBoost Home Studio exterior antenna reaches out to cell phone towers to receive a signal. Once installed, you can leave dropped calls and poor cell signal behind you. 2. If you need better indoor coverage across entire home, buy weBoost Home Complete (DIY) or weBoost Home Complete (Installed). 1-855-846-2654, We’re here to help. The antenna sends the signal via a coaxial cable to the amplifier, which boosts the signal before sending it to the indoor antenna to be broadcast around your home or office. Both are designed and assembled in USA. Works on Every Network, on Any Carrier. They are most easy to install among all other Introducing the Home MultiRoom from weBoost (model number 470144). ft.*. Easy to install and setup. We went from having cell service only occasionally on our 40-mile access road to having usable service for all but 5 miles. It’s an investment in your safety and peace of mind in others who now know they’re able to reach you! This booster is necessary for those who drive in more remote areas because you need to be able to reach people for help if anything goes wrong. Very easy for a novice to install. Are you experiencing dropped calls, slow data speed or other cell connectivity issues on a specific floor … 1. The 6 Best Weboost Cell Phone Booster of 2021 1,805 Ratings 5/5 Share on facebook Facebook Share on google Google+ Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn weBoost Home MultiRoom (470144) Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit CARRIER COMPATIBILITY — Home MultiRoom works with all U. S. carriers; including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Straight […] The Drive OTR Antenna is a versatile, high-gain omnidirectional trucker antenna made for weBoost in-vehicle boosters. WeBoost offers three levels of home products. Its the ideal multi-user cell phone booster for use in spaces up to 5,000 sq. Buy Home Studio if you would like to improve network coverage for all Carriers. $109.99. The weBoost Home Studio, a better cell signal for everyone. ft. home … The $399.99 Home Room booster only covers one room, but more notably has a relatively small outside antenna that mounts on a deck railing, and a small inside antenna that sits unobtrusively on a table. weBoost's newest 4G consumer cell phone signal booster for small homes or up to three rooms in a larger home. Buy weBoost Home MultiRoom kit with two inside antennas, instead of one! It was easy to install, removable and doesn’t take up much space. Watch video below of weBoost Home Multi-Room that targets specific weak signal areas in home. Welcome to our NEW website! weBoost cell phone signal boosters help you enjoy fewer dropped calls, faster internet speeds, improved streaming & more - when you're at home or on the road. The weBoost Home Outside Yagi Directional antenna is a wideband outdoor antenna that captures existing 4G, 4G LTE, and 3G cellular signal across the 698-2800 MHz frequencies. Whether at home, or on the road, weBoost keeps up with the things you love most. 1. When I first hooked it up I got three bars inside of the car. The antenna measures 8.875 x 7.125 x 2.625 inches (225.4 x 180.9 x 66.6 mm). SIGNAL BOOSTER: The weBoost Connect 4G Indoor Cell Phone Booster for Home and Office boosts your 4G LTE and 3G signal up to 32X for fewer dropped calls, higher audio quality, and faster uploads and downloads. Walk around inside and actually talk on the phone. ... weBoost Home Room (472120) Cell Phone Signal Booster, FCC Approved, All U.S. Carriers - Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint & More, USA Company. What type of weBoost product are you looking for? Wilson Electronics Home Outside Directional Antenna (314445) - Made Exclusively for weBoost Home Cell Phone Signal Boosters 4.5 out of 5 stars 19 $99.99 $ 99 . They boast integrated two in one booster and antenna combination that instantly improves mobile network talk, text and data in one large room. Copyright © 2020, Wilson Electronics, LLC. I recommend this for everyone who has sketchy coverage at their home and doesn’t want to stand outside during a hurricane to make a call.

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