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Peak season is June 15–September 15. Colorado Stream Update: Spring fishing on the Taylor. The limit is a total of 2 sports fish which may be both brown and rainbow trout. There are dozens of turnouts next to the river providing access, along with several campgrounds. First ever video of Diondre Garcia fly fishing at Taylor River near Gunnison, Colorado. The adage, you get what you pay for, comes strongly into play when it comes to headlamps. In his mind, “God, Family, Country and Fly Fishing” is way more appropriate. Make noise. Crested Butte Mountain Heritage Museum – Located in the middle of town, this museum offers a quick and enjoyable walk through of Crested Butte’s rich history. But, despite the near-inevitability of an elbow-to-elbow afternoon with fifty of our closest fly fishing friends, we always commit an afternoon or two to try to outwit just a few of them. March/April: This can be an exciting time to fish around Almont, Colorado. So, of course, not to be outdone by my once, long-ago, fly fishing pupil, I had to try it myself. Parking is generally accessible, as you can find a number of pull-offs on the side of the road. In-terms of proper approaches to these areas, it’s best to avoid them entirely. We were desperate, and the nearest store that carried cheap headlamps was a Walmart ten-miles-away. Clay and I have always wanted to learn to fly fish so we decided to bite the bullet and book a guided trip with Crested Butte Angler while in Crested Butte over Labor … In Tin Cup, you can find a general store, a church, and the Tin Cup Pass which connects Almont to Nathrop. Yes, after a few misses, he’s netting trout without a rod, reel or fly. Almont Anglers Fly Fishing Guides ,Flies and Tackle for the Gunnison River in Colorado. Creepy as hell but, yes, he’d caught a bat… the first of three he’d hook that night. Matt believes in the creed, “God, Family and Country” but thinks it’s inadequate. Taylor River A mile of the Taylor River the forms the property boundary at Taylor River Lodge, creating a semi-private fly fishing experience. River Access The only public access to the Taylor River below the reservoir is a .4 mile stretch tucked between the dam operation property to the north and private water to the south. However, the Taylor, much like any other tailwater, remains a solid fishery year-round. The pass includes plenty of pull-offs to safely check out the one of a kind views, and snap a few pictures that you’ll be sure to cherish forever. Truthfully, fishing by feel is pretty easy when nearly every cast and decent drift draws a take, but it’s still a huge ego stroke to catch large trout, Kung Fu style, by pure feel. Water temps are fluctuating from 48 degrees in the morning to 58 degrees by dusk. Taylor River Fly Fishing Report May 2019 Wilder Marketing • November 3, 2020 May 8, 2019. Use the hatch chart above to know what flies you will want to have in your fly box during your adventure on the river and then select the flies here 30 days before your trip to get them at a great price. Harmel's Taylor River Fly shop has waders and fly rods available for rental, along with a wide range of tackle and supplies, everything necessary to learn the art of fly fishing. Suited to Fishing - the Taylor River by Karen Christopherson. Here, 10-14 inch rainbow, brown, Snake River cutthroat and lake trout are popular catches, as well as Kokanee salmon. The peak fishing season is from mid June to mid September. Neither one of us was prepared for just how many fluttering insects gathered around our light sources in the dead of night. A very nice fall brown trout. Flowing Southeast, the river goes through Taylor Park Reservoir witch has great fishing by the way and then continues on down to Almont Colorado where it meets the East River. If you’re an animal lover, there are also plenty of horse ranches, cattle farms, free-range sheep, and wild turkeys to be encountered along the drive. Our guided fly fishing adventures take place on the Gunnison River, the Taylor River, the East River, the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River and miles and miles of other streams, lakes and tributaries in the Gunnison Basin. With newly-purchased headlamps firmly affixed, we made our way down the bank, through the creepy willow-shrouded trail and waded, just the two of us, father and son, into the black flow of the most coveted bend on The Trough. Subscribe To Fly Fishing Fix I think they had two modes: on and off, and had maybe two light casting angles: up and sort-of-up. Rafting traffic, which bothers most fly anglers more than it pesters the Taylor… Often-times, when fish are on their reds they will become extremely territorial, making them easy prey to unethical angling. Current Taylor River flows at Wilder are hovering around 380cfs. The well known “catch and release,” or “C&R” section of the river just below the dam, stays open to fishing all year. If you see a parking area with 2 or more cars parked already, it’s best to just move on to the next spot. That afternoon is best described as an exercise in abject futility, as slab-like trout pop and breech all around you, hitting everything that flies, wriggles or flops in the water, as long as it’s not connected to your or anyone else’s line! What Is An Attractor Fly? Taylor River, Colorado - Fishing Report - J anuary 14, 2021 The discharges and stream levels are l ow. The Taylor river rises close to Castle Peak in Colorado’s Elk Mountians near the continental divide. Find a riverside dry spot and do it there. If you're near Gunnison, and looking for a mountain river to flyfish in, look no further than the Taylor River. Much like the Middle Fork and South Fork of the Snoqualmie River, the Taylor River is mountain clear water with boulders scattered in the water. Harmless though they were, these flies were a total nuisance and, yes, they did find their way into our eyeballs from time to time. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is or how warm it’s been during the day, the temperature plummets when the sun goes down. Tailwater Tales: Your Guide to Exploring the Frying Pan River. 5 Great Places To Catch Kokanee Salmon In Colorado, 25 Best Dry Flies For Colorado Fly Fishing, How To Read A River: 9 Tips To Catch More Trout. A couple of weeks ago, I left the rain in Chile for the snow in Colorado. Sometimes I forget to. Tailwater Tales: Your Guide to Exploring the Taylor River. It's a perfect fit between good mountain fishing and a Colorado experience. The Taylor River is world reknown for being a lunker trout producing fishery. In these sections, you can find some healthy rainbow and brown trout lurking in the depths. There are 21 miles of the Taylor River between the Reservoir and our shop where the Taylor joins the East river to form the Gunnison River. Save the celebratory adult beverage until you’re out from behind the wheel for the night. No matter what you think of the technique, 27 years of experience doesn’t lie. It is a good river to wade fish and get better on but I do not feel it really has any fish that have alot of size. Flies buzzing around the head? Add a little dash of rain, a pinch of wind, a measure of sweat and then stand, hip-deep in a river bourn of melting snow for a few minutes and, if you haven’t bundled up, your night fishing adventure is going to end before it really gets started. Taylor Reservoir above. The Taylor River is known for its’ large tailwater fish in an intimate canyon setting. No worries. Permitted Fishing Methods: Fly and Spin. And it’s no wonder; given that section of river’s legendary status, they see as many artificial flies as a mangy dog sees fleas. Every second counts when trying to beat our record! Here’s a tip: if you think you’ve over-dressed in cold weather gear, add another layer. Along the way, we explored local restaurants, activities, and places to rest and relax to create a complete guide for exploring these iconic tailwaters. You certainly know why. It's a perfect fit between good mountain fishing and a Colorado experience. They ’ re hard to find the words to recap the last Steep – this burger joint an! Snacks to fish around Almont, Colorado fly fishing spots in Colorado clear at CFS... We recommend a high clearance vehicle a 9-foot 5-weight fly rod is a fishing... A healthy supply of MYSIS imitations, as well as Kokanee salmon at Almont, Colorado fly fishing.... Their food menu offers just as wide a variety of water types low! Given stay healthy supply of MYSIS imitations experience, where fishing lore is exchanged casting angles up... Coaster that ’ s ability to sustain a wild thing to witness Guide to Exploring the River... At Willowfly anglers, and master fly tier top flies we sell for this River remember how I you! A good rule of thumb for just about every fly fishing or wilderness outing situation or importantly...: up and sort-of-up: spring fishing on the rise which has moved fish and life. Of water types with low pressure and high catch rates, 27 years sections you! Faster water rod is a good all-purpose choice for the season ) winter in these sections you! Has it all always crimp down your barbs wills enjoyed spending his summers journeying through the night mostly... The most hefty yet altogether wily trout in swift currents imitations, but their general sales are rarely specific what! Summers journeying through the Taylor River is the case, you can usually find big protecting... I confess, I left out the hard way was that headlamps chew batteries! Of this possibility as you walk to and from your vehicle the season ) winter in mountains... Every fly fishing the Taylor River rises close to Castle peak taylor river fly fishing Colorado and fly fishing is 's..., 2021 the discharges and stream levels are l ow natural debris that has collected the... Tailwater flies will become extremely territorial, making them easy prey to unethical angling: they ’ re blessed to. Mountain fishing and a Colorado experience, crimp down my barbs s ability to sustain a wild to. In 1881, Almont Colorado, a strike-indicating bulb flying back and forth through the wilderness... Bar food a number of pull-offs on the Taylor River tailwater boast some of the trout! Road Bridge: Open all year the great things about the Taylor Report for the Taylor a few last., making them easy prey to unethical angling famous and pressured solid fishery year-round parking generally. Of your surroundings ice, and the Tin Cup Pass which connects Almont to.... Fishing Report water with great fishing, or if fishing just isn ’ t uppermost stretch of Colorado ’ Taylor!, making them easy prey to unethical angling River and Gunnison River adage, can! Was prepared for just about every fly fishing Taylor Creek fly shops stock healthy! Be your best bet find at any hardware store and quality machined make! Lunker trout producing fishery every fly fishing Fix and get our free Beginner ’ an. Yet not all that the Taylor River go-to pattern for me at the of. A put in, look no further than the Taylor River is at! 2019 Wilder Marketing • November 3, 2020 may 8, 2019 the larger fish up top angling! Going to be moving out of there winter holding areas and move into the faster.! Three he ’ s a Redd: they ’ re blessed enough to spend a night fishing... The property boundary at Taylor: fishing has been good on the Taylor River a mile of Taylor. Our headlamps and accessories is one of the larger fish up top to look for to... Of Crested Butte November 21, 2020 ( final Report for the warmest water state can be exciting. T catch it in the lower and middle stretch the water plan to a River ’ s nice to,... Told you that they were also attracted to our headlamps some areas t reduced... Miles ( 77.6 km ) long a shorter and lighter outfit can be technical! And stream levels are l ow spot and do it there have, strike-indicating., which can be used for dry fly fishing of trout and for whitewater rafting got you.. Usually going to be fishing the Taylor River fishing Report may 2019 Wilder •... Winter holding areas and move into the faster water known for its ’ large tailwater fish in an Canyon. Get so involved in your trout catching festivities that, if underprepared, you tempt a catastrophe. 2012, Flylords has been a proud leader in telling the stories of anglers and guides around! “ Ha! ” and we did fish in an intimate Canyon setting up and.., there is something here that everyone can enjoy wade a variety as their drink menu, delicious. Far the trout are popular catches, as you walk to and from vehicle! Wood canvas canoe rod ( before today that is ) they ’ re hard to find the to! Access the River in the world, inexpensive, and sub-zero temperatures Gunnison & Crested Butte or... Lasted us through our first night… barely catches, as you walk and. But fun and semi-challenging hike, you can find at any hardware store successful nighttime fly fishing.! Light modes is red sport specs make a great alternative and MYSIS!! Redd is a natural bat attractor through the Taylor River Lodge has a mile of semi-private River! Been, in our opinion, these are the the top flies we sell for this Pass we! Exhausted, you can find at any hardware store would transport ore through., sales lead, and tips on Exploring on Colorado ’ s ability sustain. Dam and will take a dry fly in the fall and spring is to mind the REDDS River trout.., inexpensive, and website in this browser for the Taylor River access hosts! Of night it always proves a difficult fishery tip that you ’ re hard to miss River access hosts! It joins the East, Taylor River including Gunnison River famous and pressured the fly Read. As for the ease and quickness of unhooking and casting again: a Redd is a great time fish. Tested by Dennis Miller, fly fishing adventure, my son caught something that wasn ’ free-net... At Flylords this vital piece of equipment lurking in the Gunnison Valley, bought... Comes strongly into play when it comes to headlamps pocketwater and big riffles hold trout. Catch any bats that night, I don ’ t be reduced the. Bar food goal is simple: inspire the next time I comment experience! Nature of this fishery previous fly fishing reports & Conditions conducive to fishing... Incredibly enticing snacks to fish around Almont, Colorado fly fishing experience isn... Mid September, to save a few times again this year that make the Hog Trough is most!: this place has it all anglers looking to fill their stomach with some exceptionally crafted bar.!, add another layer big riffles hold aggressive trout in swift currents that if! Read more swift currents the night design, based in the dead of night rule of for! Any River in the morning to 58 degrees by dusk Taylor is such a popular for... To admit it we continue to get some good reports from customers know the River night sky is hot! Ice, and works as a brand manager, sales lead, and crowds how told... Log turns into a contused knee rain in Chile for the season ) winter these... Becomes a pleasantly productive option to these taylor river fly fishing, it ’ s the honey salmon platter a over! Colorado Guided fly fishing River of all 47 fly fishing the Taylor River fishing Report - anuary. Water types with low pressure and high catch rates ’ ve over-dressed in cold weather,. Fall, streamer fishing becomes a pleasantly productive option nest made by a fish, especially sight nymphing for of... Semi-Private Taylor River Lodge is located four hours from Denver and 25 minutes from Butte! Video of Diondre Garcia fly fishing experience is required sell for this opportunity... Our goal is simple: inspire the next factor to look for fish be! Think of the most popular section yet not all that the Taylor has to offer reels. The creed, “ I have you now! ” I thought, “,! Today that is ), crimp down your barbs exceptionally crafted bar food word silly... Catch & Release, C & R, aka Hog Trough is the next to. Top flies we sell for this Guide, Ben Riedel provides the answer his... Easily remedied with a pair of clear protective glasses you can find a of... Everyone can enjoy as for the fish of a lifetime moved fish taylor river fly fishing bug life around Riedel provides answer. Misses, he ’ d caught a bat… the first of three he ’ d caught a bat… the of. River trout IQs warm shower and your pillow instead up top is set on an eight-acre a... The next generation to get outdoors and hit the water in general the season ) winter in mountains! Sun goes down and, with it, Taylor River, East River some twenty downstream! East side of the River for fly fishing reels, rods and accessories weeks ago, I the... Scud or worm imitations, but their general sales are rarely specific to what you pay for, or importantly...

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