merchant navy family life

Merchant Navy Lifestyle. If you want to serve nation, want to live that life of defense forces, don’t want to be away from family and nation. so, if you are planning to join merchant navy as a career then this (Merchant Navy Lifestyle) post will definitely help you in taking your decision somewhere so, come here to take a … It is natural for any person to want to have his or her family on board the ship and this is possible too. Here on I am quoting down the lifestyle of an merchant navy officer(got the abstract from google:)) I first thought about earning my living at sea shortly after I left college at the age of 18. Merchant Navy and its Lifestyle attracts everyone attention very much & people are excited to know more about. In between busy work life, the Chief Mate does spare some time for his family and friends whenever he gets an opportunity for it. Life of Chief Officer in the Merchant Navy. Adopting a life not dissimilar to a single mother is something the wives of army personnel are all too familiar with. Get a look in the few lifestyles or you can say advantages merchant navy officer can have: Paid voyaging Navy is out there for the service of the nation and protect the country from the eminent threat through waters. Generally, most of the companies allow only the top four ranks ( 2nd engineer, chief officer, chief engineer and captain) to bring wife/family on board, i.e. Crew agreements for British-registered merchant ships, crew lists or muster-rolls and official ships' logs are of particular interest to genealogists and people tracing family history, and to anyone researching specific ships or seafaring generally. Ok, well I believe if he is merchant navy then you will be probably staying with your in-laws and will have all the time to yourself to do what you wanted to do. However, ‘mariner’, ‘master’, ‘mate’ or ‘skipper’, mean he was probably a seaman or officer with the Merchant Navy. Merchant navy posts have many people’s life goals and also look fascinating to those who love to travel and also want good career prospects. It can also mean that merchant navy officers could have little or no family life for the time at which he is at sea. How to tell whether someone was in the Royal Navy or the Merchant Navy. I mean if you wanted to do job, well now it’s a very good opportunity, and I feel you will get the support of … Being in the Merchant Navy means that one may or may not have a social life. on the company expenses. Share your ideal “Day at Sea” experiences and routine with us at In general, in family history, if your ancestor is called a ‘seaman’ in parish or census records, he served in the Royal Navy.. Navy and Merchant Navy are two different branches of same field. Q) Can you bring your wife or family on a ship in the merchant navy? It depends on the company.

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