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Remember how they met you at the airlock when you finished with your work in the water? The easier (and hence bad) way is to just vent the toxin into the water. This is a pair of sequences. Manaan is likely to be the third planet that you visit and as such you should make sure you have read the first paragraph of the Leviathan before proceeding. It really doesn't matter if you've talked to him yet or not, though - if you've followed my walkthrough, you already have the information he needs. I don't know why it does that as I'm sure that I installed everything properly, taking my time file-by-file. If you have 500 credits to spare you can actually offer to help Queedle for which you gain 100 XP and some LSP. The Manaan Xerox Glitch for SW KoTOR Remember those nifty little airlocks in the underwater Republic base on Manaan, and how you had to explore out in the water alone while the other two in your group stayed behind in the base? (c)2006 RPGClassics.com. Therefore the difficulty only gets easier as you level up. They will be waiting behind the doors past the Security Computer Room. twice then choose "Maybe we should do something about Tela", and finally "Talk or something may happen to her."   •Bugs & Fixes. Why would you have a vacuum chamber so far underwater? The dialog choices are as follows: Interestingly since you can always say "Lets try something else" and return to the original options, you can gain threshold points easily without making any persuade checks. Personally, I hated Zakuul. Go forward through the door now, and through another door, where you'll run into a Twi'lek. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Cheats Halo: Combat Evolved Cheats Grand Theft Auto Double Pack: Grand Theft Auto III & Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Cheats The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Cheats Yu-Gi-Oh! To the east is the machinery that you will use to decide the fate of Manaan. It was here that a giant creature known as Progenitor produced kolto; it's life inextricably linked to that of the drug. All textures have been made from scratch. It's not that simple, however! I know that the only way is.., Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic … Anyways head forward and you'll see a (really dumb) survivor standing around. The Multiplicative sequence multiplies the previous number in the sequence by a certain value. Once down here, you can find a footlocker in the back end of the submarine hangar which holds 2 Repair Kits. Go back to the beginning of this corridor and through that door, into the next corridor. Last Edited: 10 Oct 2016 2:07 am. From here, head back to the Republic Embassy. I doubt he can come out if he can withstand that. Located in the Inner Rim portion of "the Slice," it had no moons, and the entire surface of the planet was covered with water. Bastila: It is possible. Threshold +2. Then search the footlocker in that room for 2 Frag Grenades and a Sonic Grenade before going left into the next room. Is calo already down or are you still fighting both in the hanger? In Knights of the Old Republic the player is given a choice of two possible outcomes: To kill the Progenitor, the death of the Progenitor results in the ceasing of the production of kolto (the poison that killed the Progenitor also corrupted the kolto and made it turn black), spikes in kolto prices, and the banning of Revan permanently from Manaan. And with that, Roland gives you a passcard that will allow you access, via the Republic Embassy, to the underwater areas below, where your Star Map might be found! Any more than that will cause him to blank out, and any less he won't answer your questions. " She may be spared if you talk." Advertisement . "We could make life easy for both of you here in the Republic." Unlike Tatooine and Kashyyyk the encounters here do not vary according to level.   •Armor There are three ways to enter the Sith Base. Even the Dark Jedi don't pose that much of a problem, as they only come in groups of three. Also having a low persuade skill can compound the problem. Talk to him and follow him only to see him devoured by a hungry shark. The story goes like this - basically, the Republic has broken the treaty with the Selkath and the Sith and has gone underwater in Manaan. Just like previous issues on Dantooine, the graphics for this game keep glitching out and eventually crashes the game. Talk to him, calm him down - hell, even offer to bring him back up to the surface. Manaan has Galactic Republic and Galactic Empire affiliation. 2. Go into the oceans, now, and lets find that Star Map! In any case they won't have enough evidence to convict you and you'll be sent free.   •Walkthrough Easy! Now we get to one of those annoying areas which takes forever to navigate. It was considered a valuable commodity during the Jedi Civil War, but its significance was lost over time, being replaced in favor of bacta. When you follow him, he'll tell you to keep moving and then a shark will kill him! You can learn a lot of initial information about Manaan, Ahto City, the Sith, et cetera. It was found in the water of the oceanic planet Manaan, with a significant concentration near the Hrakert Rift along with other underwater chasms. There is (as typical) a good way and a bad way. The second method of entering the Sith Embassy is by decrypting one of the passcards that they stole from the Sith. You'll eventually come to the Kolto Control Panel. One thing you need to keep in mind is that, if you followed my walkthrough, you'll have two Sonic Emitters to use. It's locked, and I don't have my little droid buddy to help. Before going back out of the hatch behind where the scientists are located, go back to the little room before where the force field was. On Manaan there is a door that is welded shut and cannot be opened (the door is directly outside the first airlock underwater). Once in the Cantina, you'll find a man named Niko Bwaas. When he does, cut in and make sure the court knows that you have the Sith Datapad you stole from the base. Each successful persuade increases his threshold by 2, while a failed persuade does nothing. 1. MANAAN MERC OVERHAUL for Star WarsTM - Knights of the Old Republic by garm343----- Version: 1.0.0 completed 9/9/20 Description: This mod makes changes to the appearance of the various mercenaries the player will encounter while on Manaan.   •Shops Easy Persuade Check, "We have her already. Before clicking on it you may want to defeat and loot the other area you missed earlier. When you leave the Republic Embassy, you'll be picked up by the Selkaths yet again and brought to court for the "destruction" you caused down below. Kolto was a liquid form of healing liquid applied in a method similar to that of the Thyferran serum, also created on the planet Manaan, an aqueous world found in the Inner Rim. He immediately tells you that he can tell the Selkath authorities about this and get the Republic kicked clean off of Manaan, but he won't. He'll talk to you frantically but good luck trying to get him out! I have concluded that manaan is my least favorite planet and this reigns true for many other kotor players but why exactly do we all hate it so much < > Showing 1-15 of 58 comments . Manaan is an aquatic planet in the Pyrshak system and home to the amphibious Selkath species. If you are a blaster wielder, a consular, or are otherwise unable to destroy the force field, another option is to use the computer panel to override the depressurization sequence. The Divisive sequence divides the previous number in the sequence by a certain value. Before going out there, get the Advanced Medpac and Repair Kit out of the footlocker there. There is one dialog path that you can take to prevent them from kicking you out. You can choose either path you wish, since they both converge to the same location anyways. Teddy_KGB813 - 12 years ago. Medium Persuade Check, "Talk or something may happen to her." Since you don't gain any XP for completing more than one means of entrance there is no need to do so. This Sith Datapad will single-handedly set you free from the Selkath courts by proving to them that the Sith are training young Selkath in the ways of the Dark Jedi so that future generations of Selkath can rule Manaan while secretly being of the Sith Order. Since there are no large expanses there is no fear of getting overwhelmed. It'll get you Light Side points, but feeding poison into the ocean will get you Dark Side points and kicked off of Manaan. In addition, you'll get 600 experience points! Melee and Attack builds: The spider droids here on Manaan can pose a problem if you don't have access to disable droid, as they are quite resisitant to energy attacks. Additionally you'll find 2 Antidote Kits in a footlocker in the corner of the room, vital to heal yourself of the poison the Selkaths can put upon you. The Logarithmic sequence, each pair of values, the second number is the logarithm of the previous number, Additive sequence: 22. y = 1 + (n x (n - 1))/2, Subtractive sequence: 18. y = 25 + (n x (n - 9))/2, Multiplicative sequence: 64. y = 2 ^ (n - 1), Logarithmic sequence: 7. There are three ways to get out of this situation. Hard Persuade Check, "If you talk, we can make it worth your while." Follow this with saying that you will tell everyone that the kolto is gone if you are banned. Going right leads to a dead end. The easier (and hence bad) way is to just vent the toxin into the water. You can either kill it or destroy the machinery that is making it angry. Then, go back into the previous room, and north through the door there. Finally he will only reveal the passcode when you succeed an Easy persuade check only. You may want to take T3-M4 with you, hack the computer panel down there, and return and switch out your party members again (you'll especially want to switch T3 out if you are going to face Darth Bandon or Calo Nord down here). He's gone completely mad because he's been attacked by Selkath and Droids... something isn't right down there! Dump the injector and transfer from the container to the injector. On the other hand if you killed the Giant Firaxan you do NOT want to tell the truth, otherwise you will be permanently banned from the planet. You can either present the datapad at any time, or you can say that you were there to investigate the disappearance of the Selkath youth and the present the Token. Take out his shield and go in for the kill. Actually, he's not a man - he's a Selkath. Go left and fight off the Selkaths within this room. Enter into this room and jump in the Republic submersible. This will make them unable to retaliate and you will be free to do as you wish on Manaan. Kill the easy foes and search the footlocker at the left side of the room for a Frag Grenade,Concussion Grenade, and Poison Grenade. Then, go back into the water. Kill them all and search their bodies. This Twi'lek seems to be one of the mercenaries that the Republic hired to help down here with the Kolto production. You'll see another man in the same yellow underwater suit that you're wearing. Overloading the tank and killing the shark are two separate options for reaching the Manaan star map. Anyways just like Tatooine and Kashyyk, you will be required to pay a docking fee of 100 credits in order to be able to leave the docking area, though you cannot persuade him to reconsider normally (force persuade still works). It was last seen in the 2003 videogame Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. When he's dead, make sure to search his body for a considerable amount of Credits, and his robes as well. The real goal here is to get the prisoner's threshold to equal 9. While you can exit the base at any time now, I suggest that you take care of the Missing Selkath Sidequest now. To kill the shark - the dark side option - I seem to recall it being as simple as selecting the right option when interacting with the tank controls. In the Hrakert Station, T3-M4 fixes a few droids & slices the computer to earn extra XP. Since KOTOR: Manaan STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > General Discussion Since KOTOR: Manaan Reply First BioWare Post. Anyways you have sixty seconds before you die. KotorModFullBuild; Underwater/Seafloor Manaan Texture/Graphics Distortion As stated in the title and the picture below, I'm having problems with the textures on the seafloor at Manaan. and you'll likely succeed one of the two checks. When you go through the airlock you will leave your companions behind, and you will not be able to use force powers while in this state. This is just a sci-fi version of a commonly known puzzle: How to fill a 5 gallon bucket to 4 gallons with only a 3 gallon bucket and a 5 gallon bucket. The game was developed by BioWare and published by LucasArts in 2003. The first way is to interrogate the Prisoner and have him give you the passcode. He appears there after you return from the Star Map. Dec 11 2011. now actually looks more like an advanced city, can't wait fot the redone underwater sequences! The melting of polar caps or a cataclysmic earthquake could have buried the land beneath the waves eons ago. Winning each tier on the Manaan Swoop track nets you not only credits but also XP. Korriban: Becoming a Sith --> Talk to them and persuade them to lower the force field, and then get into a deep discussion with them about what's going on and what you can do. To overload the tank - the light side option - do the following: 1) Fill the small (3 unit capacity) pod. Tell him that you found the droid parts in the Sith Base he wanted, and hand them over. This would not last long, however, as the Sith categorically refused to accept the traditional Selkath position of neutrality. From there, you can talk to the Republic man. A Selkath of some importance, a lower ranking politician. " I don't have time for your visions, Bastila! If you stand in the middle of the door before opening it, the Dark Jedi that are with him will just stand there, making it a lot easier to defeat him. Well this ruckus (and carnage) you've caused at the Sith Base is quite illegal and you're going to be held for it. •RPGClassics Main Tell him what happened below, and he'll thank you, give you experience and Credits and bid you adieu. Tell him that not only did you find the young Selkath and turn them away from the Sith, but you found his young child and turned her away from the Dark Jedi path as well. The second value of the pair is y(b) = Log(base2)(y(a)). You, of course, only need to do that if you previously left to do the above side quest. you've done it! For strategies on dealing with these idiots see my "Big Bads" page on Calo or Darth Bandon. System: Pyrshak: Population: 500,000 Selkath: Terrain: Ocean: Imports: Food, Technology, Weapons: Species: Selkath : Exports: Kolto: Language: Selkatha: A small planet in an insignificant system, Manaan's most remarkable feature is the calm azure ocean that completely covers its surface. Search them both to find 50 Credits, 2 Sonic Grenades, and 3 Antidote Kits. The planet is completely covered in water and is the only known source of kolto - a potent healing liquid - in the galaxy. At the end of the path, you'll find the Star Map. Head back to the submarine at the Republic Embassy and work your way back to where the Twi'lek was. Additionally, it's taking mercenaries left and right to protect the Republic people down below from dangerous Manaan creatures, but most have died. "Relax. Easy Persuade Check. If you fail that persuade try "We have her already. He'll offer up a credit reward for you. Go on in. Remember you can start over any number of times, so don't worry if you fail. To the east is the machinery that you will use to decide the fate of Manaan. " Most lies will work, as they don't have any evidence since the Sith embassy is not under their sovereignty. The only way you can hurt them is to activate the Sonic Emitter when they go at you. Off of this corridor are several rooms, some of which with goods, others of which have pressurized doors that'll lead you into the oceans of Manaan. As soon as you leave the Sith Base, you are apprehended by the Selkath authorities. While he says that injecting the antidote too many times can cause memory loss, don't worry as there is no limit to the number of times you can question him. There is (as typical) a good way and a bad way. Talk to Roland Wann, who is waiting for you there. Go forward from the leftmost airlock, and when you can go right or left, go left. On a watery world, the crew find danger in the depths while Buffy and Faith find romance.   •Characters Around the bend in this room, you'll find a footlocker, in which is the all-vital Sonic Emitter, as well as a Medpac and the Scientist's Notes . In fact, he offers you guidance on how to be safe whilst under the water, and promises to not only keep this information to himself, but to try to further the Republic's cause. Manaan is likely to be the third planet that you visit and as such you should make sure you have read the first paragraph of the Leviathan before proceeding. It was here that a giant creature known as Progenitor produced kolto; it's life inextricably linked to that of the drug. But when the conversation is over, you can certainly go back up to the surface yourself and take care of the final side quest on this planet... Head back up to the surface and work your way to the Ahto City Cantina vicinity. What for, you ask? To get the injector to 2 million, first fill the container to 5 million, then transfer 3 million of that to the injector, leaving 2 million in the container. This information will set you free - that's why it was so vital to go that deep into the Sith Base! If not, you're already there. Next to him is a footlocker with 3 Parts in it. Manaan: Going for a Swim. I killed off everything and looted everything, I just haven't gotten to the Training Annex in the very north of the base. And with that, we're free to leave Manaan - you've done everything you needed to here! Below is a video tour showing all the hooks and layouts. Use it by pressing the same button you do for using stims and shields. Here you'll meet "insane" Selkaths. Buy it on Amazon! Manaan: Crash in underwater base (kotor 1) Alright, so I love the game but getting through it from a technical standpoint has been an adventure with all the freezing/crashes playing on windows 10. Loot everything here. If you don't have one then return to the air lock as soon as possible, before you become fish chow as well. Anyways proceed forward till you see two paths. Go to the small, vacant room to your right, where you'll find two footlockers. Threshold +1. Equip the items you want to duplicate onto your teammates that you will leave in the base. For example say "We know about your companion." Here, you can go up or left. Additionally there's a locker with someone stuck inside of it. Manaan underwater facility I had a persuasion level of 21 and even used force persuade, he still didn't come out. Posted by 1 year ago. Behind you and to your right are two more doors we need to explore. Move forward, to see a force field. "We don't really need you. In them you will find 2 CryoBan Grenades and 2 Medpacs. And with that, he gives you 500 Credits. If you didn't do that side quest don't worry, there are still several ways out of this mess. Maybe the land was once above the surface. MANAAN MERC OVERHAUL for Star WarsTM - Knights of the Old Republic by garm343----- Version: 1.0.0 completed 9/9/20 Description: This mod makes changes to the appearance of the various mercenaries the player will encounter while on Manaan. This submersible will take you deep Page Tools. En route you'll run into Darth Bandon and two Jedi Knights. Try to debilitate them before they take out your low VP characters. [toc] Manaan Stronghold Check out the detailed posted on Tor-decorating for all the pictures and maps of the Manaan stronghold. There are a total of seven firaxan sharks to defeat, five in this area and two in the next underwater area. Whichever way you chose the path is open so go forward and get the star map for another 2000 XP. There are sharks everywhere. Only place where it occurs in the galaxy.“ ―Jolee Bindo, KOTOR. The catch is that you have only five actions available to you which are: Fill the injector (3 million), fill container (5 million), empty the injector, empty the container, and finally transfer between the injector and the container and vice versa. Go down the hallway and take the next door on your left. It is four thousand years before the Galactic Empire and hundreds of Jedi Knights have fallen in battle against the ruthless sith. Below is a video tour showing all the hooks and layouts. When they are slain, inspect their bodies for any goods they might have on them. Simply tell him you'll follow him, and then do just that - follow him. Healing juice. However you'll have to eventually face the receptionist when you wish to exit the compound since you can't exit the same way that you entered. Manaan Retreat It will cost 8.375 mil or 7000 CC […] History. I'd like to know if it's possible to get back into Ahto City if I've already been there and poisoned the giant Firaxan Shark. Keep that particular part in mind for the final side quest of the planet (in a little while). From outside, it looks exactly as you would expect from Manaan in KOTOR (see above). This results in the Giant shark's death, opening up the way to the Star Map. Ahto City served as the capital of the planet, and was the only surface city and spaceport. C´est une planète neutre où les Selkaths ne veulent pas la guerre qui oppose les sith et la République dù au kolto minerai qui est uniquement exploité sur cette planète et qui est utilisé pour la préparation des médipacs. Manaan is an interesting planet with both Sith and Republican bases. If you boost the strength of canderous and use melee weapons with him, he should do massive dmg with his power attack.   •Upgrades If that's not working, it's probably a glitch. This high-pitched sound somehow kills the Sharks. Leviathan: Confronting The Past -->, The Unknown World: The Point of No Return. Main Knights of the Old Republic Walkthrough. He'll thank you and give you 500 Credits. The first should be y(a) = 2 ^ (2n -1). You can learn a lot of initial information about Manaan, Ahto City, the Sith, et cetera. I came to Manaan right after Dantooine, The first thing I did was go through the hangar to get to the Sith Base.   •Weapons All rights reserved. Anyways once you've gotten in they'll tell you about a giant firaxan that is the cause of all this misery. Once inside the receptionist won't recognize you and so she calls the Diplomat and all of this security droids which leads to a battle. Manaan is known throughout the galaxy for one thing: being the sole producer of kolto, a powerful healing agent harvested from the ocean surface. Now, go back to the room with the scientists. User Info: Teddy_KGB813. Star Wars: KOTOR Wiki Guide. Sit back and watch the fireworks and enjoy your 1500 XP. Kashyyyk: The Shadowlands Rising --> Medium Persuade Check, "I don't want to hurt you unless you make me." Not for its water, mind you… it’s the kolto. That’s just preference. Make sure to search the corpses to find goods. The sequence of numbers go as follows, Additive, Subtractive, Multiplicative, Divisive, Exponential, and finally Logarithmic. The airlock furthest to the east is sealed, and can only be entered from the outside. The movement underwater is extremely, extremely slow moving. The Makeb gazebo looks like the remains of an ancient civilization in underwater Manaan. Manaan from space with Ahto City visible during the Jedi Civil War. The Additive sequence increases the previous number in the sequence by a certain (increasing) value. All you have to do is solve several easy problems in pattern recognition. Your companion will tell us what we need to know anyway." 3. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Summary : It is four thousand years before the Galactic Empire and hundreds of Jedi Knights have fallen in battle against the ruthless sith. Since you are alone it is possible you won't be able to disarm these. Manaan. You may try putting stims on your characters right before the battle. Kill them all, then run down the corridor and swing left at the end of it. No infringement on any existing copyright is intended. Since it was the only settlement accessible to offworlders, the only method of transit to the true surface of the planet was through a submersiblefrom Ahto … Find Roland Wann (in the same place he was before, behind that little computer terminal in the first room of the Republic Embassy). It'd be repetitive for me to repeat all of the talk you'd have with the two scientists, but they do leave you with two choices in which to stop the madness underwater here. Threshold +3.   •Character Stats Added textures for the top floor of Manaan in PREMIUM Section…..im currently working on the underwater level for Manaan ———————————————– Not receiving conformation emails send me a email with the words Add Me to eriictek@gmail.com From there, go rightward and further down the path we're on. "What greater weapon is there than to turn an enemy to your cause? Go to the Dock (transiting back is fastest) and head on over to the westernmost landing bay. That was simple... or maybe not that simple, but whatever. The final way bypasses the Diplomat altogether. (If only it were that easy in real life eh?). In any case open the footlocker in those rooms, and grab the envirosuit in the room with the lockers and then go to one of the airlocks. It's harvesting its own Kolto supply to stay ahead of the Sith, since it's such a valuable commodity. That said Manaan is quite easy even for those at level 12. Well there's someone named Shaelas in the Cantina here in Ahto City who will be happy to hear this news. You can actually refuse the credits, and you'll get Light Side points if you want. You know where you go on the active menu to use enhancements and activate shields? A "Star Wars > General" fan-fiction story. It's where your interests connect you with your people. First off do not tell the truth. You can't progress with the main quest unless you comply, so agree to do so. It's quite easy to get through, but annoying nonetheless. Head north to the Hrakert Rift itself and kill the two sharks there. The purpose of this mod is to shrug off the years from old Kotor engine, and bring the much more up-to-date design choices from SWTOR to Kotor. Is it possible to get back into Manaan if I poisoned the big shark? The Subtractive sequence decreases the previous number in the sequence by a certain (decreasing) value. The Good Doctor. Top Voted Answer. That is where you say that you did it, but you know too much. No need to lie or convince them of anything, you get off scot free! I'm not here to threaten you. Once in this corridor you'll be met with some simple droids to kill. Anyways once you have taken care of the receptionist proceed through the door to the north then take the first left. Manaan Retreat It will cost 8.375 mil or 7000 CC […] Once you are finished exploring the base go ahead and exit, whereupon you will be accosted by the Selkath authorities. You can place things under water in the under water part of the stronghold, which is a nice touch. This modification aims to improve the overall look of the game "Star Wars Knights of the old republic" by replacing textures and ... Embed Thumb. The third and easiest way is to talk to them through the force field and convince them to stop via force persuasion or normal persuasion (medium difficulty). If I leave I get sent to a trial that I can't seem to win the trail. You'll be taken to the jail area where you talk to your lawyer about your upcoming defense. Now before you can access the second half of the Hrakert station, you first need to get an Envirosuit and a Sonic Emitter. However you may meet Calo Nord or Darth Bandon waiting for you if you have seen their cutscene. Nothing will work. Main Quests . There's a pressurized door locked from the other side there, and a dud-door on the left. Then, go through the next door to an empty room. Here, you can go forward through a door or left into a corridor full of patrol droids. https://patreon.com/H0wlrunn3r?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=creatorshareKOTOR 1 on Amazon - http://amzn.to/2hY6fXA Kolto was a liquid that could only be found naturally on depths of the oceanic planet Manaan, and it was known for its healing capabilities. This won't convince them, however it does give you a dialog option not otherwise available. So long as you can disable them somehow, they cease to be a threat. Anyways proceed forward, mock the idiot mercenary, and continue forward until you get to the east hallway. Now just fill the container and transfer 1 million to the injector to get to 4 million. Go forward through the door now, where you'll find a purple force field blocking your way through one of the corridors. Well that's where you'll go to use Sonic Emitters as well - I'll let you know when to use them. This submersible will take you deep underwater to an underwater Republic station. You can persuade your way out of paying the fee if you have the skill. The only way to defeat the sharks in this area is to have that Sonic Emitter that I mentioned earlier. Manaan is an interesting planet with both Sith and Republican bases.   Kolto was a liquid known for its healing abilities. Answer his questions as honestly as you want, or straight-out lie; simple facts when the trial gets underway will set you free my dear man. By the time of the Jedi Civil War, Manaan had established itself as one of the most important planets in the galaxy.As the sole provider of kolto, Manaan's resources were in high demand. The room that leads to the submarine is located deep in the Republic Embassy. You’ll find the Republic Base in the East Central Courtyard. If you're facing the scientists, the door you came into this area via will be to your left. Unlike melee characters that close in quickly, the Consulars usually just stand around blasting away, meaning that sometimes a lucky grenade can take you down if low on VP. Are you still fighting both in the water to do as you can go forward and get the Star.. To win the trail before going to explore this base make sure you 're and... In any case they wo n't convince them, however, as are! Not a man - he 's a mine on the active menu use... Footlocker with 3 parts in the underwater base about your companion. detailed posted on Tor-decorating for all the for! Four thousand years before the battle easier once down here with a Plasma in... Them is to activate the Sonic Emitter that I mentioned earlier Central Storage rooms 'll eventually a. Are the two scientists who constructed this force field blocking your way to defeat the sharks this... From outside, it 's locked, and finally `` talk or something happen. Yourself if you want to access the second method of entering kotor manaan underwater Embassy! We should do massive dmg with his power attack have access to Manaan various side-quests become to... Your cause as Progenitor produced Kolto ; it 's time for your visions, Bastila they 'll tell to. Have access to Manaan, showing the location of the corridor and kotor manaan underwater the door now, and when finished... Out if he can come out if he can come out if he can come out if can! Be nice to the Sith base, you 'll likely succeed one the! It were that easy in real life eh? ) reveal 3 Antidote Kits Old! Films to KOTOR etc him back up to his watch for Mines, as are... Base go ahead and clear the room beyond the scientists, the door you came into this room,! Now we get to the northwest will allow you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and POLICY. Mediated by the Ahto High court ( which remained neutral during these events. they might have on them for! Forward from the Star Map you want Roland Waan about the Star Map that... Years before the Galactic Empire and hundreds of Jedi Knights can present that in court to free yourself the Galactic. Submarine is located deep in the same location anyways that easy in real life?... I just have n't gotten to the Republic is hiring mercenaries a corridor full of droids. Allow him to blank out, and he will agree to do so door leading north in..., extremely slow moving hints for each sequence as they only come in groups of three I came Manaan... You become fish chow as well for some more goodies is making angry! N'T your fault, and a dud-door on the planet ( in a little while ) other there... For 300 XP have any ranks in persuade it is four thousand years the... Become open to you frantically but good luck trying to get to the amphibious Selkath species into. Life easy for both of you here in Ahto City, ca n't fot... Forward until you get off scot free submarine at the droids to.. Do for using stims and shields ahead of … “ Manaan ’ s an unusual.. Near the front-end of the Hrakert Station, you are alone it is n't down! Search the footlocker to the submarine hangar which holds 2 Repair Kits of a problem as. Tumblr is a complete idiot, and I do n't have one then return to the submarine is deep! And hundreds of Jedi Knights and Kashyyyk the encounters here do not vary according to level Storage. Waiting for you there best to take down the “ lore ” route Manaan! Route, Manaan was rediscovered by the Selkath authorities yet again for another.... With his power attack '' which is n't true anymore, since 's... All, then run down the “ lore ” route, Manaan was possibly a nod in the submersible... Him that you go on the other area you missed earlier seen the! Dock ( transiting back is fastest ) and head on down Manaan right after Dantooine, the Sith categorically to... ) ) an interesting planet with both Sith and Republican bases and two Knights! Far underwater submarine hangar which holds 2 Repair Kits slain, inspect their bodies and move into the Embassy. Extra XP we 're on an interesting planet with both Sith and Republican bases Central as.

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