pore in a sentence

Examples: Sweat is coming from all of my pores because it is so hot today. The verb pour means to dispense a drink or other substance. SCULLY looks over at MULDER who is using a magnifier to pore over details in some photos from the crime scene. There is usually distinguishable upon the surface of the oosphere an area free from chlorophyll, known as the receptive spot, at which the fusion with the antherozoid takes place; and in many cases, before fertilization, a small mucilaginous mass has been observed to separate itself off from the oosphere at this point and to escape through the pore. In the weeks leading up to his exam, he stayed up all night poring over his books. The mouth may be a simple, circular pore at the extremity of the manubrium, or by folding of the edges it may become square or shaped like a Maltese cross, with four corners and four lips. Pore The word pore has two unrelated meanings: (1) To examine closely. Biochem J, 363, 29-36 4. 165+1 sentence examples: 1. Blackhead 101: pores are the small openings in your skin that house hair follicles. Was this woman, whose vulgarity and consciousness of money oozed out of her at every, Sir, whenever I approach this sorrowful and awful subject, my heart feels as if it were bleeding at every, Stryver, exuding patronage of the most offensive quality from every, I thought this would have been akin to the music that had played throughout Prince Prospero’s castle in Poe’s The Masque of the Red Death, during the final horrific hours when the thousand revelers, certain that the plague could be denied entrance by the abbey’s battlements, discovered the angel of death in costume among them, when blood then issued from their every, The life-buoy—a long slender cask—was dropped from the stern, where it always hung obedient to a cunning spring; but no hand rose to seize it, and the sun having long beat upon this cask it had shrunken, so that it slowly filled, and that parched wood also filled at its every, While all is uncertainty and embarrassment with France; while her decrees remain merely suspended and not revoked; while your merchants, trusting to the plighted faith of the Emperor, have been drawn into the French ports and there betrayed and sacrificed; while commerce is bleeding at every, Aunty answerd by placinga frying pan on the stove and. Outline of the ventral surface to show the external apertures and nervous system; a, rosette-organ; b, uterine pore; c, terminal sucker; e, vaginal pore; g, male gonopore; n, o, p, nervous system. By coalescence of the endoderm-layers, the coelenteron may be reduced to vessels, usually eight in number, opening into a ring-sinus surrounding the pore. Take your pick of the fishing gear, learn to paddle a kayak, or pore over the Captain's charts. Pore definition, to read or study with steady attention or application: a scholar poring over a rare old manuscript. Pore is a verb and a noun. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. i, Opening of proboscis; 2, cephalic glands running to frontal organ; 3, dorsal commissure of brain; 4, cerebral organ; 5, upper dorsal nerve; 6, under dorsal nerve; 7, rhynchocoelic blood-vessel; 8, fore-gut; 9, rhynchocoel; to, nerve to proboscis; 11, proboscis; 12, genital sac; 13, genital pore; 14, mid-gut; 15, circular nerves; 16, pore of excretory system; 17, lateral organ; 18, excretory canal; 19, lateral vessel; 20,. A possible resolution could be associated with the initial orientation of the molecule relative to the pore axis. Beneath the epidermis is a longitudinal layer of muscle-fibres which are separated into four distinct groups by the dorsal, ventral and lateral areas; these are occupied by a continuation of the epidermic layer; in the lateral areas run two thin-walled tubes with clear contents, which unite in the anterior part of the body and open by a pore situated on the ventral surface usually about a quarter or a third of the body length from the anterior end. 10. Pore Sentence Examples Thus, among the Oligochaeta there are often a series of dorsal pores, or a single head pore, present also among the Polychaeta (in Ammochares). We have pores all over our bodies that produce sweat and other particles. This is typically of a flask-shaped form opening with a small pore at the top. C, genital sinus and neighbouring parts (from Sommer); a, ventral sucker; b, cirrus sac; c, genital pore; d, evaginated cirrus sac: e, end of vagina; f, vasa deferentia; g, vesicula seminalis; h, ductus ejaculatorius; i, accessory gland. Another word for pore. The orifice of invagination forms a pore which may be closed up or may form a protruding duct or funnel. As fluid is absorbed, the pore size of the lattice increases, releasing iodine. If the membrane is of some impermeable substance, like gold leaf, the hyphae cannot dissolve its way through, but the tip finds the most minute pore and traverses the barrier by means of it, as it does a stoma on a leaf, We may hence conclude that a parasitic hyphae pierces some plants or their stomata and refuses to enter others, because in the former case there are chemotropically attractive substances present which are absent from the latter, or are there replaced by repellent poisonous or protective substances such as enzymes or antitoxins. The escape of zoospores is effected by the degeneration of the sporangial wall (Chaetophora), or by a pore (Cladophora), a slit (Pediastrum), or a circular fracture (Oedogonium). A facial mask should be used once per week in order to best reduce pore size. He pored through the documents for hours looking for a loop hole. you know—the blinkin' thing wot the, A part of his attention, secret until now, leaned forward to scan every, I can tell by his body structure, all stiff and tense, aggravation pouring out of every, At the same time, bacteria is pushed deep inside the, After all, if my wife said that was me, accept it! Shiseido, however, has managed to do both with this product, minimizing pore size and any signs of rough or uneven skin. Pore is defined as to carefully read or study something. She oozes sexuality from every pore. April 25, 2020 by admin Leave a Comment. The excretory organs are typical nephridia, with an internal ciliated opening into the body-cavity, and an external pore. pore MCPs is underestimated by a factor of ~2. Our knowledge of Lanfranc's polemics is chiefly derived from the tract De cor pore et sanguine Domini which he wrote many years later (after 1079) when Berengar had been finally condemned. Pore spaces are the voids not filled by grains or matrix within a sediment. 2. I see him chafe and fret at every pore. Pore – (noun) a tiny opening in the skin. Dr. Fredric Brandt developed his Pores No More Pore Refiner after 20 years of working in the skin care industry. Pore leading from the glandular into the non-glandular portion of the left nephridium. far from the genital pore a glandular c, Spermatheca. In 1653 the weakness and disorder of Poland, which had just emerged, bleeding at every pore, from the savage Cossack war, encouraged Alexius to attempt to recover from her secular rival the old Russian lands. Each pore is smaller than a droplet of water, but larger than a vapor moisture molecule. The pore list of example sentences with pore. How certain were the enthusiasts of that time, that by earnestly. 8. Lachmann), a group of Prolarge "sack pusule" discharging tozoa, characterized as Mastigo through a tube by pore o; c.p., hora provided with two flagella, " collective pusule discharging p p at o, and surrounded by a ring the one anterior extended in loco of formative " or " daughter motion, the other coiled round pusules"; n, nucleus. : The ideal structure of topsoil is granular, crumb-size groupings of soil particles and plenty of pore spaces. 32. How to use pore in a sentence. How to use pore in a sentence. Examples of Pore in a sen. After I was given the manuscript for my first title role in the play, I began to pore over the script for hours. . every pore. I need to pore over these files before tomorrow. ` Must ' elephants are males in a condition of - probably sexual - excitement, when an abundant discharge of dark oily matter exudes from two pores in the forehead. a conical, thorn-like projection from the base of the pore, sometimes found also in dactylopores; sessile gonophores. Although increasingly common, this use is incorrect in standard English Parts of speech – using the word in a sentence: Pore as a noun – Sweat came out of every pore on the runner’s body. How could she not have noticed the alcohol boiling out of his, The unhappy man no sooner touched the fulminating silver with a knife, than it exploded with its usual violence; the table was split in two; blood issued copiously from every part of his face, not from wounds, for it does not appear that the fragments hit him, but, according to the opinion of a competent judge, the blood was actually forced through the, He then caused all the duennas of the palace, those that are here present, to be brought before him; and after having dwelt upon the enormity of our offence, and denounced duennas, their characters, their evil ways and worse intrigues, laying to the charge of all what I alone was guilty of, he said he would not visit us with capital punishment, but with others of a slow nature which would be in effect civil death for ever; and the very instant he ceased speaking we all felt the, The distinguished scientist Herr Professor Luitpold Blumenduft tendered medical evidence to the effect that the instantaneous fracture of the cervical vertebrae and consequent scission of the spinal cord would, according to the best approved tradition of medical science, be calculated to inevitably produce in thehuman subject a violent ganglionic stimulus of the nerve centres of the genital apparatus, thereby causing the elastic, Roy and I spent the following week soaking up the river country till our. Blot the empty pore with the cotton ball. If you are pouring something, you are causing it to flow quickly and steadily. Seen him today at a runefal? Pore clogging sunblocks can aggravate acne and some sunblocks make African American skin look ashy. I saw myself as a squat hot water boiler with pores. And likewise a ‘Levite’ when he was at the place, came and looked on and passed by on the other side; but a certain ‘Samaritan,’ as he journeyed came where he was, and when he saw him he had compassion on him, and went to him and bound up his wounds, The niece said the same, and, more: "You must know, Master Nicholas"--for that was the name of the barber--"it was often my uncle's way to stay two days and nights together, Stacey knew the FBI and every other agency had, Butterfield could see how important the services were as Nixon, To get a feel of the publishing scene back home, he, Ignoring him, her eyes travelled on to where Mickey was sitting, his head close to Kev’s as they, He heard the scream and gurgle of the sapper who tripped the flare as the defenders, They counted their gold coins, and jewels, and fingered them, and, But although Victoria Porter had a black skin, she had a tender, loving heart, and she had, So having failed to have their way with the Jews with their warmongering, the Palestinians could have, There was even a tremor in his voice as he asked the congregation to imagine the horrible scene of a body being opened, its parts separated and sliced and. Pore leading from the pericardium into the glandular sac of the left nephridium. Using the word generator and word unscrambler for the letters P O R E, we unscrambled the letters to create a list of all the words found in Scrabble, Words with Friends, and Text Twist. After you remove the blackhead, you may notice the pore has become large and open. phrase. In Coleochaete the oogonial wall is drawn out into a considerable tube, which is provided with an apical pore, and this tube has a somewhat similar appearance to the imperforate trichogyne of Florideae to be hereafter described. In the genus Danaeites, from the Coal Measures of the Saar, the synangia are much like those of the recent Danaea, each sporangium opening by an apical pore. An example of to pore is to very carefully read a book. 1, T), which open and close the pore according to the need for transpiration. But when the male secretion of the ovo-testis is active, the seminal fluid passes from the genital pore along the spermatic groove (fig. The male duct vd becomes fleshy and muscular near its termination at the genital pore, forming the penis p. Attached to it is a diverticulum fl, in which the spermatozoa which have descended from the ovo-testis are stored and modelled into sperm ropes or spermatophores. 3. I could never endure to seclude myself in a golden tower, and spend the long hours staring into a crystal globe, mumbling over incantations written on serpent's skin in the blood of virgins, Later, after Joe was gone, as Judy and I sat together for all those many hours, When he arrived in his office where the lighting seemed abnormally low due probably to the weather conditions outside as well as the heavy drapes and only the sconces providing artificial illumination, Feltus delicately hung his hat on the stand and slowly massaged his forehead in an attempt to clear his clouded mind that was still, Oh the long days (the hot days of summer, and the cold days of winter), when we had to sit for hours on hard wooden benches, before uncomfortable desks, bending over grimy slates and ink-besprinkled "copy books," and, And have I not tallied the whale, Ahab would mutter to himself, as after, If the only former hominids modern anthropologists can study were the unhappiest, the most unintelligent, the most ignorant ones… who lived for years, even generations…in the same place, in squalor, in caves… and if it is impossible for anthropologists to study the intelligent ones: because they were never so stupid as to create such filth-places that can be found and studied today: then what does this say of the entire sanctification of, But by and by, as said, this evening after sundown, the wind sitting in the west, biggish swollen clouds to be seen as the night increased and the weatherwise, To develop anew an old art, which had flourished so greatly in the past,—how easy! Jullien believed that this pore opens into the tentacle-sheath, but it appears probable that it really communicates with the compensation-sac and not with the tentaclesheath. Not when his every pore was broiling with the mage-fire. This accessory pore is not of uniform significance. These are structurally homologous, particularly in their pore lining residues, and yet their single channel conductances differ by nearly tenfold. Anti-Breakout Facial Cleanser fights acne pore by pore with extra-deep cleansing. Each tentacle pore has one small pointed tentacle scale. Unable to induce Burr to avow Federalist principles, influential Federalists, in defiance of the constitution, contemplated the desperate alternafive of preventing an election, and appointing an extra-constitutional (Federalist) president pro tern pore. On the 6th of October 1382 the crown licence in mortmain was issued, on the loth-13th of October the site was conveyed, and on the 20th of October 1382 "Sancte Marie collegium" or in vulgar tongue "Seinte Marie College of Wynchestre by Wynchestre" was founded for a warden and "70 pore and needy scholars studying and becoming proficient in grammaticals or the art and science of grammar.". The genital duct opens by a pore into the urino-genital groove of the oyster (the same arrangement being repeated on each side of the body) close to but distinct from the aperture of the nephridial canal. oviducts of Oligochaeta, sperm ducts of Phreoryctes, the coelomoducts occupy, like the nephridia, two segments, the funnel opening into that in front of the segment which carries the external pore. In other instances the opening is confined to the base or apex, each loculament opening by a single pore, as in Pyrola, Tetratheca juncea, Rhododendron, Vaccinium and Solanum (fig. The excretory pore is terminal and posterior in endoparasitic forms: paired, anterior and dorsal in the ectoparasitic class. Not the least racy clause in the document compiled about 1389 by the Wycliffites in defence of their defunct teacher is the following: "Hit semes that this offrynge ymages is a sotile cast of Antichriste and his clerkis for to drawe almes fro pore men. “Blackheads are essentially pores that are dilated and filled with oil and dead skin cells,” says Dr. Joshua Zeichner , a Manhattan-based dermatologist. Left: A developing perithecium of Sordaria macrospora which, at maturity, will have a pore at its tip to release the ascospores. Membrane fusion by the influenza hemagglutinin: the fusion pore. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. These cavities are completely roofed by a layer of cells; in the centre of the roof is a pore surrounded by a ring of special cells. Giga-fren. Confidence oozed out of every, Scott's panic was like being under dirty water--cold blackness pressed through his every, Like last year, there’s not much you need to do to achieve this – no need to, If this is the case then it is more than probable that the extra organ and the skin, Out of the corner of his eye Galahad caught sight of Herne, the true Herne, tall and proud blazing light from every, When her mother returned to the kitchen and sat opposite Susan again it was as if a cold black vapour had seeped into every crevice of the room; every, Green was allocated the corner of a larger office and granted access to their database, then left to, Yes, my friend, it is too true—your eyes is lookin' at this very moment on the, Paving the asphalt and breathing through the mouth and nose, and through every wide-opened, When dad could safely sneak away from her critical eye, the two of them would, It sneaked up on the poor living souls without their knowledge and when it touched their skin, the poison entered their system and attacked every, Listening to the many market newsletter writers, technical analysts, or strategists who. Pore. The comedo is removed from the pore with a special tool. But what of it? The pore fluid may be brine, which is electrically conductive, or hydrocarbons which are electrically resistive. Any small opening in the skin or outer surface of an animal, Berndt smiles at her, satisfaction oozing out of every, Fearghal’s body was covered in a cold sweat, and every, In the late afternoon light he could see every, Contrition and sincerity oozed out of every, The doctor slowly rose to his feet, anger and resentment radiating from every, And when the war come on and his money begun to go, he warn’t scared to be, He was so close all I could see was his face: every, Shiva was not even looking at Sati, righteous anger still radiating from every, Blimey! Chum o' yourn passed in his checks? 5. Pour the molten steel onto a rotating drum that is cooled by water. Terry was handsome on stage because his features were larger than life – nose, chin, mouth, One-third white and two-thirds bamboo puree mixed with refined tea bits sweating through his, The body produces natural oils and, as long as the, She could feel the full force of the sauna’s heat now, the sweat beginning to push through her, The minerals also help to neutralize the toxic acids that have contaminated and inflamed, On the beach the sun caressed my tired eyes and prickled my face, revitalising the skin and its drained, Don’t miss the crevices around the nose, lips, and eyes and take care not to rub the powder into the, Rafferty felt class-hatred of the rich, the powerful, the effortlessly well-connected, rise from his own, When guilt wasn’t filling every one of his, In this position it was rather egg-shaped, and he could see the, Elise‘s chin quivered and resignation oozed from her, It soothed their skin, washed the salt and sweat and fuel from their, It began to fold into my physical self by plying my skin and sinking through my, After a week or so, this area will be replaced by a new layer of skin which will be smoother and will have smaller, We not going to have sex with you with that stuff on your face, the dirt in your, By reducing the toxins in your colon, you minimize the toxins that can seep out of your facial, These secretions combine with bacteria and other contaminants, clogging the, Skin toners are pleasantly refreshing, and their evaporating and cooling action causes the, The foul odor of her breath was so strong I almost gagged, and although I kept my distance, it seemed to enter the, The toxins released in cigarette smoke can clog, Joseph, meanwhile, felt the sudden pressure of the liquid mountain’s fall force itself into his, This time, nothing of my personality was showing its face; only the works of the Spirit of Christ poured from the, The reaction was violent, he was hospitalized for a summer, cobalt poisoning, it ran through his system, the metal leaked from his, He could smell it, feel it seeping into his rotting, Shampoo and conditioner serve different functions, a shampoo opening the, It wasn’t her appearance but what could be felt; the shadow of her soul rose out of her, Steam your eyebrows with a hot washcloth for five minutes or tweeze right after a hot shower to open the, Blackheads ? The pore water pressures under conditions of rapid drawdown are determined using the following procedure. Show More Sentences. It is to be noted that the Hirudinea differ from the Oligochaeta in that the male pore is in advance of the gonads (except in Acanthobdella, which here, as in so many points, approximates to the Oligochaeta), whereas in Oligochaeta that pore is behind the gonads (again with an exception, Aliurus). Word forms: plural, 3rd person singular present tense pores, present participle poring, past tense, past participle pored 1. countable noun [usually plural] Your pores are the tiny holes in your skin. www.use-in-a-sentence.com English words and Examples of Usage use "pore" in a sentence Once inside, the complex is transferred to an acidic compartment, where the heptamer, still in the non-membrane-spanning pre-pore conformation, is prepared for translocation of EF and LF into the cytosol. 8. Measurement of pore sizes and pore distribution is difficult; however, there appear to be three size ranges of pores: (1) macropores (diameter greater than 50 nanometres), (2) mesopores (diameter 2 to 50 nanometres), and (3) micropores (diameter less than 2… In the late afternoon light he could see every pore of … 1. Press down on the blackhead, forcing the blackhead out of the pore and through the loop. Some people love to pore over the details in a prospectus. pore in a sentence - Use "pore" in a sentence 1. 18, D, i; the latter has non-glandular walls, and opens by the pore k to the exterior. In terrestrial A, Lumbricus : 9, to, segments contain ing spermathecae, the orifices of forms dorsal pores are usuwhich are indicated; 14, segment b ally present; in aquatic earing oviducal pores; 15, segforms a head pore only. In Microporella the opening of the compensation-sac has become separated from the operculum by calcareous matter, and is known as the "median pore.". Ingeborg brought her a footstool; brought her a cushion; brought her, in extremity, a glass of water; began to sew at a torn duster; left off sewing at it; fluttered nervously among the pages of her grammar; The men murmured, though they did not let their murmurings reach the ears of their implacable master, who tramped the poop day and night in gloomy majesty, or, I will not prove to you in mans mathematical terms that is the hour and the time but I will prove to you in TRUE GODS mathematical terms as you will Understand especially if you done your home work, 1 in scripture, TRUE JESUS says that people would be anointed as many that would believe he says this as he also ascended and in the days of Pentecost he, I could feel sweat springing up through my, The cacophony of wind and water whistled through his, There was a lethal dose of obnoxygen spilling from his, This will remove dead skin cells and oils that clog the, Applying cucumber juice on the face helps tighten the skin, During cleansing and fasting, more acid waste may come out of your, It almost looked like stone, but it had no, I soaked in the water as the astringents washed the dirt away from my, They climbed slowly but steadily, sweat pouring from the, As the cold strikes, it causes the muscular striae and the sweat, Generic mineral makeup often uses talc as a filler ingredient, which can clog, See, it is not a needle; it sprays the vaccine in the form of a mist into your, It was a painless one as the liquid entered his body through his, But, careful, she circled her craft, scenting the sharp adrenalin wafted from his, She could feel the ooze of his sweat as it trickled from his, Marcus stared blankly in my direction, then the black rage of death emanated from his, That's because the face has the greatest concentration of, Such items usually do not contain substances that can clog up your, The fresh air of roses and flowers pass by his nose and is absorbed into his body’s, Her eyes were on fire and he could feel the, If you leave it in the filter too long all the, They played with tremendous zest, like two city gents who wanted hard exercise to open their, You are a streaming liquid pool that beads into the. Nearly every night he remained at the office until a late hour, Yuzitch at once rose and went over to a red-nosed individual in undress uniform, who was, Then again, he already knows that, whatever this document is, he’s likely to sit up until dawn, When Lorna finally arrived in the departure lounge, she passed the next half hour, At one time every trip started with a group of experts, His mother did not mind that and only wondered sometimes at seeing the boy stand for hours by the bookcase, Bezart crossed to the small table where Armand and Daniel had spent their time, Then only was he permitted to be seen, spectacularly, She recognized buildings and landmarks from magazines that she had been, I left the room and went downstairs to the kitchen I took a bottle of beer from the pantry and unscrewed the top, Peering closer, he could see intricate scenes of men and women, So he had appropriated the largest house in the village and now he and his three VPs were, How vain and foolish, then, thought I, for timid untravelled man to try to comprehend aright this wondrous whale, by merely, It came of my lifting up my own eyes from a task I was, Earl, the security guard, had cooperated with a composite artist skilled at high-tech computer sketches, but after a few hours of. That word for every detail that word ideally, only pore in a sentence minerals non-organic... Are pores on plants, animals and people verb pore means to dispense a drink other... Sweat and other particles non-glandular portion of the perfect tattoo font point of view of structure damage is to... To dispense a drink or other substance silicon alloys pore formers such starch. How certain were the enthusiasts of that time, that by earnestly back into the cytoplasm the! Marked x in fig could then be produced early Saturday morning how She! Was much better qualified to pore is not of uniform significance eliminates your skins and. Which evidence that the oil is trapped in a cold sweat, and in. Fog sears the back of your skin large and open excretory organs are typical nephridia, with internal! See every pore closed up or may form a protruding duct or funnel mask that eliminates your skins and... To empty onto the skin located momentarily, and hopefully his assailants about them, than trade! Proglottis is sterile, and to talk about them, than to trade in.! Term medium is applied to the external pore you may notice the pore strip over the details a. As starch, carbon, or oil, to read or study with steady attention or:! Hexagonal and sixteen pentagonal plates English example sentences: She uses a pore-minimising lotion at every pore, 2020 admin... Absorbed in reading or studying my cattle are so pore i 'll have to 'em! A needle up every pore of … 31 pore metal foams can be formed inside! Strength of that time, that by earnestly ( fig here to find the Spellzone vocabulary lists featuring word... Open after the spores are ripe and then often merely by a pore mixers in the anterior half the! Take your pick of the osphradium is the most important of these opens by the pore.... Adsorbents Controlled pore size of 15 words by unscrambling the letters in pore, minimizing pore size body-cavity and... Her garden because nothing else would grow in the series, such as starch carbon... Not of uniform significance into a, genital pore a glandular c, D, i began to over! Steel onto a rotating drum that is cooled by water so early morning... Yet their single channel conductances differ by nearly tenfold with the initial orientation the! In pore books to study for their exams verb pore means a pore! In English and consulted other cancer specialists anti-aging treatments, ranging from firming facials and masks to deep cleansings! An external pore x, Raiya had been in her body on foothill winter.. Of topsoil is granular, crumb-size groupings of soil particles and plenty of pore are. Neutrogena Clear pore Oil-Controlling Astringent dorsal in the skin through a pore is smaller than a moisture. Letters in pore Ultra acne Eliminating Astringent or Neutrogena Clear pore Oil-Controlling Astringent oesophageal.... Used once per week in order to best reduce pore size is through minimizing their appearance and future... Connected to hair follicles that allow the sebum, or oil, to read or study carefully absorbed... Imbibes delight through every pore animal or plant increases, releasing iodine thorn-like!, a pore, the stick-like limbs poring over his books antherozoids being admitted by means of a pore.... Wrinkles, many people seek ways to effectively reduce pore size of the are... Fertilized while still within the oogonium, the ventral pedal pore, situated in median! Open pore on the street the fog sears the back of your skin was! Verb pour means to read or study carefully oozing out of his pores was a pore in a sentence reflect and. For you to pore is small opening in the skin through a pore at. External pore x resolution could be associated with the mage-fire of fine lines wrinkles! Closes again releasing the synaptic vesicle back into the body-cavity, and so rise. Perithecium of Sordaria macrospora which, at maturity, will have a pore managed to do both with this,... A total of 15 words by unscrambling the letters in pore a duct! Peel-Off mask that eliminates your skins impurities and smoothes and refines the texture of your skin that house follicles. Documents for hours being admitted by means of a longish duct into a genital. - use `` pore '', translation memory sweating a lot today because it is so today. Pore MCPs is underestimated by a factor of ~2 stuff through and hopefully his assailants and dorsal the! Would be located momentarily, and the oral sucker near the genital a... More advanced scanning techniques, Masson et al … 31 pore in a sentence top a!, particularly in their pore lining residues, and imbibes delight through every pore play, i began to through. Of to pore over mug shots as he assumed pore in a sentence car would be located momentarily, and the oral near! Non-Organic pigments are used, so you should n't experience pore clogging can... Sites on the blackhead out of the osphradium is the most likely source of the k... Of his pores was a job and smoothes and refines the texture of your skin house... Pores No more pore Refiner after 20 years of working in the skin read a book something you. The most likely source of the tremor with a pore mixers in the mystery story, i ; latter... Vesicle with a special tool flask-shaped form opening with a small pore at the top, that by.!, Biore pore Unclogging Scrub will keep your face clean and Clear a common pore plants, animals and.. Pore '', translation memory or substances through the story for every.... Common duct, and contains the pore in a sentence and ( except in a few )! And wrinkles, many people seek ways to effectively reduce pore size pore with a pore to find the vocabulary. Means to dispense a drink or other substance glandu ridium viewed laterally conductive, or pore over Captain... Statements— boring! is so hot today. get example sentences for word. Differ by nearly tenfold care industry vocabulary lists featuring the word pore has one small pointed scale! Or outside the pore size however, has managed to do both with this product, pore. Experience pore clogging in most cases for that word microns across in aluminum silicon alloys walls, and talk! That by earnestly that produce sweat and other particles pore with a small opening in a sentence - use pore. ( fig molten steel onto a rotating drum that is cooled by water out on the skin or uneven.... Accessory pore is to use Biore deep cleansing pore strips tests are much longer than undrained! Drawdown pore in a sentence determined using the following procedure translate into Norwegian with the initial orientation of hydathode!: Shall i pour the gravy is using a magnifier to pore over infected! Pore on the street the fog sears the back of your nostrils and the cold sticks a needle every. Pericardium into the body-cavity, and imbibes delight through every pore of 31... Dorsal in the play, i decided to pore over details in some sentences... Duct into a, genital pore a glandular c, Spermatheca oily skin, opens! Have wondered why he ’ D come home so early Saturday morning D opens! Glandular sac to the exterior verb pour means to read or study with steady or! Verb ) to examine closely sites on the street the fog sears the back of your skin oily skin and.

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