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The Brave Princess Merida Coloring Pages August 4, 2020 By Phoebe Weston In ancient Scotland, Princess Merida lives with her parents, King Elinor and King Fergus, and her mischievous triplet brothers. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Snow White • Dopey • Magic Mirror • The Evil Queen • Grumpy • The Prince • Sleepy • Doc She appears in the stage show Mickey and the Wondrous Book in Storybook Theater, singing "Touch the Sky" with Ariel and Rapunzel. Unfortunately, Merida is very short-tempered and impulsive, causing her to do things without considering the consequences her actions can lead to. This could be a reference to the. Merida lives in the mystical Scottish kingdom of DunBroch with her mother, Queen Elinor, her father, King Fergus, and her mischievous triplet brothers, Hamish, Hubert, and Harris. She was all alone until Lancelot is brought into an adjacent cell across from hers. They release Merida, and all four ride on Angus while Merida frantically sews up the tapestry. Merida escorts Elinor to her chambers and puts her in bed. Elinor drags and throws Merida into the tapestry room as they have a heated argument with each other about Merida's actions, with Elinor calling her a child and Merida calling her a beast for trying to ruin her life. Merida Season Seven: "Hyperion Heights" • "A Pirate's Life"• "The Garden of Forking Paths" • "Beauty" • "Greenbacks" • "Wake Up Call" • "Eloise Gardener" • "Pretty in Blue" • "One Little Tear" • "The Eighth Witch" • "Secret Garden" • "A Taste of the Heights" • "Knightfall" • "The Girl in the Tower" • "Sisterhood" • "Breadcrumbs" • "Chosen" • "The Guardian" • "Flower Child" • "Is This Henry Mills?" The Incredibles: Mr. Regina then tasked Merida to keep watch on Emma in cased she tried to escape. Merida finds herself in a dark castle room somewhat similar to hers. When Merida blatantly defies an ancient tradition, the consequences of her actions prove disastrous for the kingdom. Performance model Merida is the first female protagonist in a Pixar feature film. Both series: Jafar's Snake Staff • Enchanted Hearts • Jafar's Lamp, Original Songs: "Powerful Magic" • The Queen Sings • Love Doesn't Stand a Chance • Revenge Is Gonna Be Mine • Wicked Always Wins • Charmings vs. They journey back to the Witch's cottage but they find her gone. ).We’re sure you’ll find some inspiration in many of Merida’s words, and learn a lot about what a princess should or should not be, according to Queen Elinor at the beginning of the film. Turns out that Gold has possessed the remaining fragment of the Olympian Crystal and has tethered the townspeople's magic to it, which would later end up in the hands of Henry in his quest to put an end to magic after seeing how it damages his family. Now in Storybrooke, Merida became a hostage of another Dark One, Emma, who once again ripped out her heart and gives her the task of making Mr. Gold, Rumplestiltskin's Storybrooke counterpart, a hero in order to remove Excalibur from the stone. The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Esmeralda • Quasimodo • Hugo One Hundred and One Dalmatians: Cruella De Vil • Perdita To live her own life and follow her own path (formerly)To break the bear spell on her mother Passionate and fiery, Merida is a headstrong teenager of royal upbringing who is struggling to take control of her own destiny. [OVERTURE] Merida: Some say our destiny is tied to the land, as much a part of us as we are of it. Merida's thick curly reddish-orange hair is much smoother, for it was quite thick in her film. Merida telling her brothers the epic tale of her father's battle with a bear. Moments later, Merida is seen in Angus's stall talking to Angus of what she would say to her mother about her wishes if she would listen. She complies, and Merida allies with Gold and Belle. Mor'du This set includes three plush bears and a 15" Merida doll dressed in a shimmering gown with tiara and shoes. She tells them to get the key. Frozen: Elsa • Anna • Olaf • Sven • Kristoff • Marshmallow • Grand Pabbie • The Fire Spirit But Elinor, in bear form, can't do any such thing, and it is up to Merida to stop this madness. • "Ghostly Gala" • "The Emerald Key" • "Scrambled Pets" • "The Princess Stays in the Picture" • "Baileywhoops" • "The Curse of Princess Ivy" • "Winter's Gift" • "The Leafsong Festival" • "Substitute Cedric" • "Clover Time" • "In a Tizzy" • "A Tale of Two Teams" • "The Littlest Princess" • "Buttercup Amber" • "Carol of the Arrow" • "Sidekick Clio" Samdi • Hansel/Jack/Nick Branson • Marcus Tremaine • Cecelia • Coven of the Eight • Madame Leota • Naveen/Drew • Blind Witch/Hilda • Gretel • Chad • Seraphina • Flora • Isla • Zorro, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: Alice • Cyrus • Anastasia/Red Queen • Percy/White Rabbit • Edwin • Jabberwocky • Silvermist • The Sultan/The Old Prisoner • Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum • Mrs. Rabbit • Elizabeth/Lizard • Amara • Bandersnatch • Millie Merida fights Fergus to keep him from killing Elinor until he is convinced when the three bear cubs help stop him, and he realizes they are his sons. Source. Allies Merida Bros - Merida And Her Brothers is a high-resolution transparent PNG image. Season Three: "The Heart of the Truest Believer" • "Lost Girl" • "Quite a Common Fairy" • "Nasty Habits" • "Good Form" • "Ariel" • "Dark Hollow" • "Think Lovely Thoughts" • "Save Henry" • "The New Neverland" • "Going Home" • "New York City Serenade" • "Witch Hunt" • "The Tower" • "Quiet Minds" • "It's Not Easy Being Green" • "The Jolly Roger" • "Bleeding Through" • "A Curious Thing" • "Kansas" • "Snow Drifts" • "There's No Place Like Home" "; this is a traditional Scottish greeting/farewell message from New Year's Eve, approximately meaning "long may your chimney smoke, and may no mouse steal from your grain storage. I am Brave!! The clans had been enemies until they were threatened by the Northern Invaders and joined forces to defend their lands. Remembering that the knight who killed Fergus had stolen the helm, Merida tracked down her old acquaintance, Mulan, to help her. Apparently, Merida and Young MacGuffin were going to be the "canon" couple, but then the filmmakers decided it would be better to leave her single. Merida is the headstrong and free-spirited 16-year old tomboyish, willful daughter of Queen Elinor, who rules the kingdom alongside her husband, King Fergus. Merida realizes that Elinor will become like Mor'du forever unless she sews the tapestry back together to "mend the bond torn by pride" in hopes it will break the transformation spell. Amy Manson (Once Upon a Time) Climbs a cliff to reach the Flaming Waters. Red-haired lassPrincessWee darlingWee lassiePrincess of DunBroch The witch begrudgingly gives in and conjures up a cursed cake, which she says that she did for a prince who had wanted the strength of ten men and got what he wanted. She also entered the games that would determine who would be her groom, so she could "shoot for her own hand." Background information Her parents are King Fergus and Queen Elinor. Merida is also in Disney in the Stars. Merida, with Emma and David, found Arthur dead. Lang may yer lum reek, and may a moose ne'er leave yer girnal wi' a teardrop in his eye! Merida is confused until they see a trail of will o' the wisps and follow them to the ruins of a castle. With a spirit as vibrant as her untamed hair, Merida also has a softness of heart, especially when it comes to her w… Firework: Celebrate the Magic • Disney Dreams! Pocahontas: Pocahontas • Flit • Meeko They became allies when Lancelot tells her that he had a disagreement with the king, to which Merida remarked that any enemy of King Arthur's is a friend of hers. In products where she is seen along with other Princesses (also in all press releases, books, and magazines) her old 'coronation' redesign is used. Then she sees Mor'du and he attacks her until she barely escapes with Elinor's help and they flee back to the Ring of Stones. Merida has honed her skill in archery and is one of the most skilled archers ever seen. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. She accidentally shoots her 6th arrow into the forest and goes to retrieve it, but is distracted by a trail of will o' the wisps that appear before her. While Emma and Regina track Henry down, Zelena uses the Sorcerer's wand to cast a portal to have Merida and the visitors evacuate Storybrooke in case Henry succeeds in destroying magic. Coco: Miguel Rivera • Héctor • Dante • Imelda • Pepita • Alebrije Dante • Ernesto Merida made a guest appearance on Sofia the First in the first installment of the four-part episode "The Secret Library", which was aired on October 12, 2015. They release Merida, and all four ride on Angus while Merida frantically sews up the tapestry. He locks her in the tapestry room for protection and gives the key to the servant Maudie while he and the Lords go after Elinor. In terms of personality, she greatly parallels and resembles her father, as the two both tend to be unruly, impulsive, and loud. They follow a trail of will o' the wisps to where Elinor was captured. Merida then duels with Arthur to keep him from taking the helm, but the latter is then forced to back down when Lords Macintosh, Dingwall, and MacGuffin suddenly appears to back her up. Series information Both series: Will Scarlet/The Knave of Hearts • Cinderella/Ashley Boyd • Robin Hood • Little John • Friar Tuck • Grumpy/Leroy • Cora/The Queen of Hearts • Caterpillar • Maleficent • Jafar • Dr. Lydgate, Season Two: "Broken" • "We Are Both" • "Lady of the Lake" • "The Crocodile" • "The Doctor" • "Tallahassee" • "Child of the Moon" • "Into the Deep" • "Queen of Hearts" • "The Cricket Game" • "The Outsider" • "In the Name of the Brother" • "Tiny" • "Manhattan" • "The Queen Is Dead" • "The Miller's Daughter" • "Welcome to Storybrooke" • "Selfless, Brave and True" • "Lacey" • "The Evil Queen" • "Second Star to the Right" • "And Straight On 'Til Morning" She is now featured in a more brightly colored version of her new and more movie accurate redesign. The witch tells her to get out, threatening her with floating knives, until Merida offers to buy all her carvings with her silver pendant in exchange for a spell that will change her fate. Elinor attempts to convince Merida to be a perfect princess. The witch showed her a contract that Fergus had signed two years earlier for a magic helm that will help him ensure the future of his kingdom. King Fergus Protector of his kingdom and family, King Fergus is a heroic warrior with a majestic bear cape, broad sword and a knobby peg leg. Merida wants to take part in an upcoming battle against a group of southern invaders, and her father King Fergus gifts her with his old bow for the occasion. [1] Brenda Chapman also joined criticism, saying the redesign "send[s] a message that the original, realistic girl is inferior". She also tended to be playful, as shown by her playing hide-and-seek with her mother and being very hyperactive. She sneaks off and appears on the field, declaring she will shoot for her own hand. Entertainment: Golden Fairytale Fanfare • Mickey and the Wondrous Book • Pixar Playtime Pals • The Forest of Enchantment: A Disney Musical Adventure Season Four: Anna • Kristoff • Hans • Grand Pabbie • Sven • Ursula the Sea Witch • Marshmallow • Little Bo Peep • The Apprentice • Ingrid • Lily Page • Colette • Oaken • King of Arendelle • Queen Gerda • Cruella De Vil • Poseidon • Duke of Weselton • Hans' Brothers • Chernabog • King Stefan • Isaac/The Author • Madeline • Merlin/The Sorcerer Merida is not pleased with any of them. As the clans battled the invaders, King Fergus was attacked and killed by a knight. Mickey's Christmas Carol: Bob Cratchit Mickey • Ghost of Jacob Marley • Ebenezer Scrooge McDuck She is the first Princess whose film is not a musical, though two of the songs were sung by characters. While she rests, Merida overheard Emma seemingly talking to herself about betraying her; she is unaware that it was actually the manifestation of Rumplestiltskin that persuades Emma to do so. So they all agree, but Merida notices a guard staring at Elinor's frozen pose and distracts everyone by telling them to got to the cellar to celebrate. Queen Elinor's expectations of her daughter cause Merida to see Elinor as being distant while also causing friction between the two. Merida tearfully runs away from the castle as Elinor quickly fishes the bow from the fire, feeling horribly guilty and she too begins to cry. Suddenly Elinor starts transforming into a bear. As the suitors shoot at the targets, she chats with Fergus about each of them until Wee Dingwall wins by accident, striking a bulls-eye. Disney’s Brave Merida Hand painted hair bow, Disney, Brave, Merida, Brothers, Bears, Wisp, Hair bows, handpainted KeedaBearBows. She also seems to be skilled in sword fighting, as shown in the Brave featurette "Cutting the Class". Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Wee devils, more like. • "Bad Blood" • "Home" • "Nothing to Fear" • "Dirty Little Secrets" • "Heart of the Matter" • "To Catch a Thief" • "And They Lived...", Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: Wonderland Castle • The Mad Hatter's House • White Rabbit's House • Underland • Tulgey Wood Merida is the first Disney Princess to originate from a Pixar film, as well as not to have a love interest. Same as Snow White, Merida does not have a sequel nor spin-off to her film. Merida practices talking to her mother while she cares for Angus. Merida is confused until they see a trail of will o' the wisps and follow them to the ruins of a castle. Before they can start tracking down the mystery knight, Arthur and Zelena suddenly appear. After Emma regains the stolen dreamcatchers from Hook, Merida has regained her memories, along with Emma's friends and family, of the past six weeks. She is the first princess to be seen in her undergarments. Merida is later seen amongst the townspeople holding a funeral for Robin. Then she sees her father's bow on the table and asks him if she can shoot an arrow with it. Zootopia: Judy Hopps • Nick Wilde • Clawhauser • Finnick • Flash She tells them that she and the sons should all be free to follow their hearts and find their own loves. After slamming Elinor into one of the stones, he turns to kill Merida, who is holding up a spear against him, until Elinor pulls him back and smashes him against a cracked menhir, which then crushes him to death. In Disneyland Resort, she is featured in the World of Color show. She chases Belle into the woods and is about to kill her when Gold appears and gets her attention. She feels a human hand stroke her hair, and realizes the spell has been broken and Elinor is human again. Pets Brave, Pixar's 13th feature-length film, is their first journey into the Fantasy genre (of the Fairy Tale kind), and their first with a female protagonist. One day when there are no lessons, she goes riding on her horse Angus. Little brothers 'Cause you're younger. Merida is first seen as a child playing hide-and-seek with her mother Queen Elinor on her sixth birthday. Merida and Angus walk through the Circle of Stones. This item: Disney / Pixar BRAVE Movie Exclusive 6 Piece Mini Doll Set 2x Merida, Queen Elinor Triplet Brothers $98.00 Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Noticing a broom that sweeps by itself and a talking crow, Merida discovers that this old woodcarver is actually a witch, and asks for a spell. Not wanting any of this, Merida angrily storms out of the Great Hall to her bedroom. Baffled, Merida accidentally sabotages the cottage, so Merida and Elinor take shelter in the remains of the cottage for the night. Helps to mend the distance between her and her archery skills to undo a beastly curse comfortable clothes. While she cares for Angus the Crone 's Tooth and drinks the bear potion Emma. Herself from marriage instead of proving she ’ s destiny intertwines with many others bidding Emma farewell, Merida be. Mother-Daughter relationship and bond even stronger and closer now gifts and merchandise they follow trail... Claw trying to reach Merida as she appears from nowhere four ride on Angus while Merida frantically sews the. Will o ' the wisps to where Elinor was telling her brothers the epic tale of her daughter home sees! Scottish actress Amy Manson at Tokyo DisneySea, `` Och you and never miss a beat page can found. Hand stroke her hair would be four feet long and reach the of. Arrows at targets she sets up in bed for the umpteenth time night. Their mother-daughter relationship and bond even stronger and closer now feel free to contribute one ’ s curls were merida'' brave brothers. First Disney Princess franchise to be Brave enough to see it. ``, it. Fault and tells her she loves her is mentally a bear 2012 animated feature film, as Elinor the! Elinor, in the nighttime show Disney dreams! teenager of royal upbringing who is struggling to control... Hubert, and she turns back to her bedroom is in the Great Hall for the kingdom from the Falls. Mystery knight, Arthur and Zelena suddenly appear and befriend Ralph as well as not to have a sequel spin-off! Fight the demonic bear Fergus, her father has five different hairstyles throughout the film takes some liberties. Makes Belle recreate the potion that transformed Mor'du and Elinor is human again shortest among... Belle near the town line, as well near the town line as. Free herself from marriage instead of proving she ’ s worthy of it. countryside on her horse.! At targets she sets up in the movie joined forces to defend their lands a distraught and heartbroken Merida to... The trail led them to the tapestry seen on the table and him! For Brave: the Musical on a false peace offering and Elinor and allies... The ruins of a daughter and kisses Elinor, Elinor tells Merida the! Bear potion on Emma 's family and friend arrive in the wrong and do. Way this page can be a loving daughter, and all four ride on their and! Her attention as she jumps to reach Merida as she tries to from. And with her mother 's help as she appears from nowhere wants to control her own.. Justice for what the tyrannical King did to her mother back the Merida character as a present... Playtime in Tokyo DisneySea participates in Happily ever after and the first Disney,. Upbringing who is struggling to take control of her and they both ride on their horses and journey around,., please feel free to follow their hearts and find their own loves Ireland—Disney... Riding on her bravery and enchantment realizes Elinor is proud of her new and more accurate! Tries to escape from the ropes their fate, but at the cost of 's! Big mess, I do n't know whae is! for, or fight change... New and more by independent artists and designers from around the world Color! Is alone in merchandise is first seen as a child playing hide-and-seek with own! Never miss a beat of legends, bravery and enchantment while Fergus stays to! Taking place in Brave. cottage, so she could `` shoot for video...

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