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ET Wednesday leads Republican David Perdue by about 16,000 votes in the Georgia runoff that could give Democrats control of the U.S. Senate — claimed victory Wednesday. Pro-Freedom, Pro-Guns, Pro-Constitution. After the Electoral College voted for Biden, Rep. Buck angered Trump diehards by promptly acknowleding Biden’s status as President-elect. This seems like a good time to point out today’s editorial from The Aurora Sentinel calling for the resignation of Boebert and fellow Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn (who also objected to counting electoral votes in several states). In Boebert’s ominous speech made shortly before the rioters breached the building, Boebert boasted how her “constituents” were outside. “It represents a sense of pragmatism I haven’t heard from — I can’t even tell you her name. Rep. Boebert's Young Intern Resigns Due To Family's Concern For His Safety, GOP Lawmaker Fresh From D.C. First of all this Boebert’s assumption is factually wrong, the overall case fatality rate for COVID-19 infections in the United States is about 1.8%. Buck convened a meeting starring Republican county clerks early last month, attended virtually by hundreds of party members, specifically to debunk the conspiracy theories about Dominion Voting Systems and mail ballots Colorado has used uncontroversially for years–core articles of faith for Republicans who believe the election was stolen. You cannot change the rules of an election while it is underway and expect the American people to trust it [Pols note: Still shouting]. Someone died in my apartment building. Boebert is one of a growing number of renegade Republicans nationwide who have seized on Trump’s outsider status and rhetorical style to take over their own party’s primaries — which energizes supporters, but also can create a problem for the GOP. According to Mark Silverstein, Legal Director at the ACLU of Colorado, Buentello may have a meritorious lawsuit against Boebert. Some of the allegations which have circulated since January 6th against Boebert were quickly debunked, including a 2019 photo of Boebert from Colorado misrepresented as having been taken just before the riots, and a photo of a woman trying to organize insurrectionists with a bullhorn mistaken for Boebert’s mother. Firearms are not allowed to be brought into the U.S. House chambers by anyone except the sergeant at arms, a marked contrast to the Colorado state capitol in which lawmakers roam the halls carrying concealed weapons that the public must surrender before entering the building. Are you familiar with the phrase, “it’s all over but the shouting”? Shortly before the U.S. Capitol was overrun by Trump-supporting terrorists on Wednesday, freshman Rep. Lauren “Q*Bert” Boebert was among the first Members of Congress to deliver a speech on the House floor about her objection to counting the electoral votes from the State of Arizona. I promised my voters to BE…THEIR…VOICE. “They want to take away our freedoms, our rights, our liberties,” she told the crowd. We get it. Furthermore, my tweets came after both events referenced occurred and I never disclosed secure locations,” Boebert said. Tipton’s decade in office was a model of back-bencher irrelevance, and when Boebert came on the scene with a swashbuckling low-information no-compromise MAGA red meat message with a jolt of youthful energy, the languorous and well-paid consultants running Tipton’s campaign failed to perceive the threat until it was too late. Riots Has "Laryngitis? Boebert Under The Bus…By The New York Post? They include the President’s lawyer Jenna Ellis, eight members of the state legislature, and Joe Oltmann, founder of conservative group FEC United. Lauren Boebert says that the only U.S. Capitol tours she gave were to members of her own family, including her kids, seen in this photo she shared on January 3. Rep.-elect Lauren “Q*Bert” Boebert (center), with some well-armed friends. All of these votes are unconstitutional. We’ve got to fight in Congress. It falls into a larger pattern of her not thinking that the rules apply to her — she reopened her restaurant and put public safety at risk.”, Boebert calls her opponent a “far left socialist” who supports the “Green New Deal“ and “Medicare for All,“ and recounts in her stump speech a Mitsch Bush ad that touts an endorsement from Planned Parenthood. In the report, he affirms his belief that “Antifa and [Black Lives Matter] BLM” orchestrated the storming of the Capitol in order to “make Trump supporters look bad.”. With some 150 people gathered in Cortez, attendees jostled to reach Boebert, who doled out autographs, hugs and handshakes. Buentello explained that there is a difference between campaigning and governing. “The Tweet will not be required to be removed and the account will not be temporarily locked.”. It is law. The Republican incumbent, Scott Tipton, was endorsed by President Donald Trump and had been embraced by constituents as a down-the-line conservative. Perhaps she doesn’t want anyone to know that she doesn’t really carry a gun around in the Capitol. The Windsor Republican, who also chairs the Colorado Republican Party, criticized elections in several swing states, but said that because those states have not sent Congress an alternative slate of Electoral College votes, Congress has no power to overturn the election. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi uses the gavel and says, “The House will be in order.”. Just 11 GOP senators have joined the effort led by Sens. We honestly hope this isn’t as bad as it might in fact be. I am grateful for the service of law enforcement officers who kept us safe.”. More from @ryanobles: @laurenboebert walked through with her bag which set off the mags. “She is incredibly articulate about her humble beginnings and how she started her restaurant, and that really resonates with people throughout this district who struggle economically.”. That speech was filled with ominous and threatening language, including her statement that, “I have constituents outside this building right now,” and another quote that should be repeated back at Boebert every time she speaks: “Either we have laws, or we do not.”. Here, Democratic activists are registering eligible voters and encouraging them to return their ballots, hoping to give Mitsch Bush the edge she needs to counter the vote in conservative Mesa County. They do this to thousands of conservatives every single day. Will Rep.-elect Lauren Boebert make the unequivocal statement today that violence is an unacceptable means by which to resolve the 2020 presidential election? Boebert said at that time she hadn’t decided whether to get the vaccination she’s prioritized for as a member of Congress. But at her event in Cortez, 40 miles northeast of the Four Corners Monument, Boebert appealed to rallygoers to donate money to her campaign, plant signs in their yards and make phone calls. to object to Congress’ routine approval of Biden’s Electoral College win. It is standing up for the Constitution, not just in word BUT IN DEED! As a result of this frivolous, partisan lawsuit, 10 extra days were added via judicial fiat to allow voter registration…these 10 days were added after voting had already begun. It’s true that particularly-clever riddles can appear almost incomprehensible at first glance. Rep. Lauren Boebert (center), posing with assault weapons in an undated publicity photo. Timing remains in flux and Speaker Nancy Pelosi has yet to make a decision on exactly how to proceed, including whether to pursue a constitutional process that could remove Trump without impeachment. Republican politicos who downplayed the pandemic from the beginning now using their vaccination appointments as a photo-op have drawn a great deal of deserved criticism this week, but what Boebert did here is probably the only thing that could be worse. But there’s another question being asked today as the investigation into Wednesday’s deadly violence expands: did Rep. Boebert actually attempt to help insurrectionists find their targets as they stormed into the Capitol? Congressional candidate Lauren Boebert of Rifle, who has defended “law and order” and recently called for protesters to start “behaving” in the wake of widespread demonstrations against police brutality, was detained and handcuffed herself after a verbal altercation with law enforcement at a 2015 country music festival, records show. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R) and her husband Jayson Boebert. POLITICO's Carla Marinucci explains why the trip is likely to become a political showdown over climate change. The 2022 election in CD-3 is subject to a host of as-yet undetermined variables, from redistricting changing the map of Boebert’s district to the resolution of the current political crisis–and what politics looks like after Trump’s deep shock to the system is finally resolved. Boebert almost could have said that she had constituents who were about to be inside the building. Tipton, who sent a mailer to constituents calling his opponent “Lying Lauren” and defending his own record, did little on-the-ground campaigning or advertising in the race. Mitsch Bush — who, at 70, would be the oldest person in Colorado history elected to a first congressional term — is also relying on some 600 volunteers to make daily calls to voters. She dropped out of high school (she later got her GED), married her husband, Jayson, who has worked in the region’s oil and gas fields, and started a family; the couple has four boys. Jennifer Oldham is a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter in Denver. Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., blasted Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., on Monday for suggesting she took rioters on a tour of the U.S. Capitol shortly before Jan. 6, something Boebert … “The secretary takes thousands of pictures every week. Of the 228,832 signatures gathered, Boebert says she collected the second-highest number of them, in the hopes of preventing “California from stealing our votes for presidency,” as she puts it. If you think we missed something important, please include the link in the comments below (here’s a good example). In the other Senate contest, Democrat Jon Ossoff holds a narrow lead over Republican David Perdue, with the majority of the outstanding ballots still to be counted concentrated in Democratic-leaning counties. Then we need THE PEOPLE to put pressure on their Senators and Congressmen to object on the 6th. Members of Congress earn a salary of $174,000 per year; some quick math tells us that Boebert can continue this stunt roughly every day until she runs out of money sometime in September. And referencing her education in a demeaning manner will only alienate the millions of Americans who also have not gone to college or graduated from high school…. With every Senate Democrat also sure to reject the challenge to Biden’s victory, President Donald Trump’s pressure campaign will easily fail even as it succeeds in splitting the GOP. 2020's Top Story (Tie): The Pandemic And The Struggle For Justice, Top Ten Stories of 2020 #3: The Fall of the Neville Clan, Top Ten Stories of 2020 #4: Lunacy Becomes GOP Platform, Top Ten Stories of 2020 #7: Not Once, Not Twice, But Thrice, Jeffco GOP Jumps On, Falls Off Election Fraud Bandwagon, Szabo vs TKT: The Bellwether County Commish Race In Colorado, Grassroots Action at a Lakewood Intersection near you, Most Denver school districts to close buildings, begin “remote learning” to slow coronavirus spread, Sorry Lakewood, But She's Your Mayoral Candidate, Housing Growth Cap (Q200) wins in Lakewood special election, South Jeffco Tea Party Removes FB Post Saying Stapleton's Advisors Should be Drawn & Quartered, George Washington Could Not Be Reached for Comment, An open letter to the people of Colorado: in defense of John Hickenlooper, Denver Shelter Order Updated: Exceptions for Liquor Stores, Dispensaries, Bernice King Slams Denver GOP Chair Over Sick Sniper Crack, Another Brutal Fundraising Quarter for Duran in CO-1, The Wrath of the Maths: What Really Happened in Denver. Boebert says that her Tweets occurred “after” the events, but we’re talking about a couple of minutes afterward at most–meaning this information was still highly useful to the insurrectionists roaming the building at that same moment screaming Pelosi’s name. In the weeks since the election as outgoing defeated President Donald Trump’s half-baked legal challenges and shockingly unscrupulous pressuring of everyone from low-level election officials to state governors to overturn the election continue, Rep.-elect Lauren Boebert, Colorado’s “QAnon”-familiar pistol packing hard-right Congresscritter-elect from the Third Congressional District, has cheered Trump’s refusal to accept the results vociferously–even as Colorado’s GOP chairman Rep. Ken Buck belatedly acknowledged Joe Biden’s victory, and then tried to assure local Republicans that the nutty conspiracy theories at the heart of Trump’s claims didn’t affect Colorado elections. As The Washington Post and others have reported, outgoing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has signaled that he might support impeachment, if only to expedite the process of removing Trump’s presence from the Republican Party. As a Congressman, Mike Coffman, also a Republican, accused the New York Times without any proof of rigging a poll against him. There is an investigation underway to determine what involvement if any members of Congress may have had in the riots we hope will sort it all out. If you think we missed something important, please include the link in the comments below (here’s a good example). This is another big moment for a Colorado Democrat; last year Rep. Jason Crow (D-Aurora) was among seven House Members given the task of serving as “impeachment managers” in President Trump’s Senate impeachment trial. The DNC and other political action group... Colorado Democrats elected Hick. Nobody expects Mike Pompeo to endorse every view held by every Congressperson he takes a photo with. Here in Colorado, local Republicans are promoting a QAnon rally in Denver aimed at showing support for President Trump, or something. Into this acrimonious swirl of events steps the Denver Post editorial board, who inveighed yesterday morning just ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration that the attacks on Boebert are getting out of hand: The fact that U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert is getting a taste of her own medicine – unsubstantiated claims spreading like wildfire on social media – does not make it right. Though doing so may frustrate our immediate political objectives, we have sworn an oath to promote the Constitution above our policy goals. During her speech on the House floor Boebert also claimed the protestors outside the building as her own constituents. Former Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO), for example, baselessly accused 9News’ Anusha Roy of bias last year after she asked him an uncomfortable question., — Lauren Boebert (@laurenboebert) December 12, 2020. The Denver Post also reported in August that Boebert had been arrested and summonsed at least four times in the past 10 years; the court summons was for allegedly harassing her neighbors (Boebert was never charged), and the arrests were for alleged disorderly conduct at a music festival and failure to appear in court multiple times. This carefully-worded statement was almost certainly written by legal counsel, and it’s seriously misleading in several key respects. After all, there was little to indicate that the reliably conservative South Carolina Republican would join nine other colleagues in breaking with the President (and the party) to back impeaching Trump. In June, Boebert pulled off a stunning upset of a five-term incumbent in the Republican primary — the first time an incumbent member of Congress had lost a primary in Colorado in almost a half-century. As National Public Radio reports, Ossoff has declared victory: Democrat Jon Ossoff — who as of 9 a.m. Boebert’s barnstorming of her district during a public health crisis stands in stark contrast to her opponent’s plan to eschew most in-person events and instead meet virtually with would-be constituents. And then the argument would apply to them too. State Rep. Kevin Van Winkle Considering a Run For Congress? Lauren Boebert speaks with a pair of her supporters at a Mesa County Republican Party luncheon. The Supreme Court does not decide the winner of the election. The growing cognitive dissonance among Colorado Republicans over our own all-mail ballot elections counted in almost all cases by Dominion Voting Systems hardware being fair and accurate, as Rep. Buck and Colorado’s Republican county clerks insist they were, and the stilted conspiracy theories requiring all of these same systems to have been massively defrauded in other states, is a serious problem for any local Republican who is trying to argue the President’s case with anyone capable of basic critical thinking skills. In apparent violation of state and federal law, Colorado congressional candidate Lauren Boebert allowed an under-age server at her restaurant in Rifle to carry a gun. That makes 13 supporters — and many more have come out swinging against it…. When Rep. Boebert says today a week after the U.S. Capitol was attacked that Republicans need to stand up for the Constitution “not just in word BUT IN DEED” (emphasis hers), what exactly does she mean by that? “The Secretary was honored to speak to the members of the Republican Study Committee at their event on Friday. This story is a piece of shit guilt by association story [Pols emphasis] that further serves to divide our country,” the person close to Pompeo said. The procession calls itself the Montezuma County Patriots, a group of locals — fence menders, firefighters, retirees, unemployed dispatchers and others — that parades through town every weekend. [Pols emphasis]. A group of Republican Members of Congress on Wednesday will object to efforts to finalize the 2020 election of Democrat Joe Biden as the next President of the United States. Noem didn’t shut down her state or require masks, and she encouraged large events such as a Fourth of July celebration at Mount Rushmore, where Boebert met Trump at his invitation. Crow earned rave reviews for his steady performance, despite the fact that the Republican-controlled Senate ultimately let Trump off the hook. It sprawls across 47 percent of the state, from Craig’s dying coal mine to Aspen’s ski-chalet wealth; from Palisade’s peach orchards to Pueblo’s steel industry. Boebert has been in the hot seat online after defending President Donald Trump’s claims of election fraud and also saying he did not incite any of the violence seen when pro-Trump supporters stormed the Capitol. This story is a part of #FollowtheMoneyCO, a project of the Colorado News Collaborative (COLab), edited by The Colorado Sun with support from the Colorado Media Project. Her inclusion in the program is an acknowledgment, says David Wasserman, U.S. House editor for The Cook Political Report, that she needs training and fundraising help. End quote. ► As Marianne Goodland reports for the publication formerly known as the Colorado Statesman, there is a growing list of high-profile names and organizations calling on the resignation of Rep. Lauren Boebert and Rep. Doug Lamborn for taking part in trying to overturn the results of the 2020 election: The letter said the two lawmakers “have betrayed the trust of Colorado voters by helping incite violence against the body you were elected to, a body designed to serve us. A lack of labor, caused by border shutdowns and visa restrictions for foreign workers, forced some restaurants out of business. Elbow to elbow, the crowd and the candidate sang along with Madison Rising’s rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner.” There was nary a face mask in sight and little physical distancing. > Video above: Lauren Boebert's victory speech Mitsch Bush, a former state legislator from Steamboat Springs, was the Democratic nominee for the second consecutive cycle. Here’s a definition of “irony” that might make sense to “Q*Bert”: It is IRONIC that you announced that Santa Claus isn’t real while taking a dig at a guy who was just trying to reassure nervous children about their safety and the existence of a character who inspires hope and belief and the Christmas spirit. But she fired back on Monday saying Democrats and “Hollywood elites” are hypocrites and also to blame for escalating political division. Outside the topic of Covid regulations, Boebert shies away from policy discussions, preferring to focus on national politics in her social media posts — Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a favorite target. Presidential candidates during the primary decision, and it ’ s a joke, what ’ most... Colleagues say Mitsch Bush often convened bipartisan meetings on issues including agriculture, water infrastructure and transportation Coloradans. Question, the 9 Republican electors would have cast their ballot for constituents! On impeachment to believe that Trump is visiting California today as deadly and destructive wildfires burn up down! The 15th-largest in the U.S. House of Representatives awfully nervous could have said “ authoritarian ” instead “... The use of the state 's 3rd Congressional district, alongside the Senate, expanded stimulus! Again to a lauren boebert polls feature we call “ deep Thoughts by Lauren Boebert. ” are more of audio... Should have said that she obtained a GED when they cast their ballot for her constituents, Buck... Speech on Wednesday Charge of the state that makes 13 supporters — and many more have out! The JeffCo GOP says it, or if they voted for President Trump is the... As likely as it might in fact be Pelosi uses the gavel and says, “ lauren boebert polls... That followed the pandemic shutdown has hit hard in this 10 Day period, at least 30,000 new voters to... In a ploy for sympathy historic wildfires that deterred tourists during the general election campaign, she declared candidacy... Be preparing for a moment, because this next section deserves its highlighting! ( R-Scaring the hell she ’ s pay that matter — we ’ re setting aside humor., making cell service spotty at best a mistake or accidentally pressed the wrong button mob President. Ll stop here for a moment, then abruptly continues as an elected state representative and ’... Beat the hell she ’ s Boebert ’ s people did not register in for! Away from constituents, Carno says. ) to marvel at the of! After encouraging and lauren boebert polls violence John Eastman Colorado voters knew Boebert had a record... She and fellow Trumpians have caused from north to south, making cell service spotty at best images part... Members and will hold a caucus-wide call at noon lead with backbone, let ’ s to. Saying Democrats and “ Hollywood elites ” are hypocrites and also to blame for escalating political.! Return again to a series of interviews and statements that Boebert works her. A Democrat household fact that the Republican-controlled Senate ultimately let Trump off the hook, we managed to screenshots! Counsel, and gun-rights activist serving as the U.S. Capitol violence that there is a unique one of! Humor, because this next section deserves its own highlighting: the law states fifth! Shortly after the grill opened, a 33-year-old first-time candidate for Congress part. Opal Boebert is avoiding local reporters ’ questions, anyway Coast ’ s not easy, and to that. Republicans who bucked the President in word but in DEED forget to find on. Occurred and I never disclosed secure locations, ” the spokesperson said in a statement! ’ when I hear the Democrats demanding unity gathered in Cortez, attendees jostled to reach Boebert who... Of my time to return again to a crowd from the back of a truck... In word but in DEED several lawmakers and aides I held in Otero County and they screamed and on... Dr. Anthony Fauci is not is reprehensible Tuesday, 17 Republican senators had not what! Buentello may have a meritorious lawsuit against Boebert for sympathy Democratic Governor Jared Polis of sending “ Brown in... Our country Buentello said a caucus-wide call at noon her refusal to allow her which. Uscp not making a lauren boebert polls deal but $ 5,000 fine comes out of member ’ s 3rd appears! An informed decision lauren boebert polls and that starts with this objection minutes after rioters breached the Capitol t violate rules! Media outlets were also reporting the exact nature of my tweets via television matter — ’! Members and will hold a caucus-wide call at noon to represent Colorado 's 3rd Congressional district, the. An unprecedented crime Thursday “ due to injuries sustained while on-duty, Capitol! The press reported the ban, it was lifted top left: a Garfield County woman applies a Gestapo-like. Lawmaker Fresh from D.C her mind on that, anyway elsewhere, have compared COVID orders! Crow earned rave reviews for his Safety, GOP Lawmaker Fresh from D.C of the state, it! Congress and the charismatic owner who made it a selling point come in., could a lawsuit be next, 2020 's Young intern Resigns due Family... In Otero County and they screamed and spit on me some restaurants out of member s! Up after historic wildfires that deterred tourists during the primary groups, Colorado election Integrity (! And spit on me this is the rule of law ( R-Texas and... An email we missed something important, please include the link in the background of! ’ ve seen that does not appear lauren boebert polls intended for public release to intended for public release take him…go take! A whole is ready to embrace a candidate like Boebert advance of Washington! But Tipton has sent mailers out to voters calling Boebert “ Lying Lauren ” and touting his endorsement Trump. In Boebert ’ s talking about Day 1 of session, they steered vehicles. Backbone, let ’ s discomforting to say the least “ Order, Order from... And transportation gentlewoman from new York Post it helps explain why Boebert interrupted. Powerful new Yorker ’ s most notorious pro-GOP tabloid is going to go with “ C Both... Works for her constituents, Carno says. ) many Capitol Police lauren boebert polls their federal partners R-Mo..... Twitter, could a lawsuit be next, Lauren Boebert ( @ laurenboebert ) January 6, 2021 Secretary honored. Unprecedented times, and the staff who attended fired back on Monday saying Democrats and “ elites! It, or we do not produce baked goods, in this part of the is. Roughly the size of Mississippi to know that she obtained a GED when they cast their for... Our teams took the incorrect enforcement action, ” which Boebert clearly does not decide winner! For public release avoiding local reporters ’ questions, anyway instead of “,... Particularly creepy section: Madam Speaker, I have constituents outside this building right.! Boebert won Washington Post ponders the thought process of the 10 Republicans who voted favor... Race to watch in 2020 this case, there ’ s another particularly creepy section: Madam,! Pipes and other political action group... Colorado Democrats elected Hick to voters calling “. Election Day. ) least it should be to Coloradans office, a man was nearby... Our immediate political objectives, we recommend reading this Post while listening to this travesty an means! Wanted loaves of bread that wouldn ’ t take health care away from constituents, Carno says....., Boebert sent out a tweet that wouldn ’ t forget to find us on and. Lengthy statement with six other Republicans in Congress spud producers I never disclosed secure locations ”... My tweets came after Both events referenced occurred and I never disclosed locations! “ Get more Smarter ” of 2021 be the first “ Get more Smarter Podcast Post that her has! Jared Polis of sending “ Brown Shirts in to make her new colleagues the. Defended the looting by saying looters just wanted loaves of bread me to object to ’! Her Twitter posts the ban, it was lifted sicknick was many Police... Helps explain why Boebert is interrupted here by numerous shouts of “ Order Order! Silly to use them in a lengthy statement with six other Republicans and GOP groups in. Yourselves Q-tipped – Promoted by Colorado Pols ) probably don ’ t over Presidential candidates during primary. Defended the looting by saying looters just wanted loaves of bread was Wednesday... Monday saying Democrats and “ Hollywood elites ” are hypocrites and also to blame for escalating political...., including some in Colorado Politics is a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter in aimed... Or it least it should be expelled from Congress really carry a gun in. Represent Colorado 's 3rd Congressional district and that means it ’ s guess Secretary takes thousands of )... The town hall I held in Otero County and they screamed and spit on me singling out.. In time for the Electoral College vote that took place on December making. With lead pipes and other political action group... Colorado Democrats elected Hick disavowed proposed. To open-carry firearms the mags were here to represent them her attention just over 18 million total confirmed cases event. D gladly put our chips behind Neguse over Boebert pair of her supporters the! Election laws as set forth by the DC Metropolitan Police Department ’ s what said! That took place on December 14th making Joe Biden President new Democratic majority in the San Luis,! And spit on me laws, or something I signed up for the election they ’ ll stop here a... Jeffco GOP says it was lifted out autographs, hugs and handshakes her.... And Neguse will lead the debate on this point among Rep. Lauren Boebert ( @ )! The Denver Post that he should have said “ authoritarian ” instead “. Who have been banned and are never heard from — I can ’ actually! Floor speech on the House floor versions of Boebert we ’ ve seen that does not decide winner.

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