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Kurt asks Dave what's his real reason is for starting the anti-bullying group, and Dave says he just wants to make everything right. Karofsky, while alone, interrupts Kurt and Tina's stroll down the school hallway by shoving Kurt violently into the lockers without saying a word. But it's messed up and it does reveal to me is that neither Blaine nor Karofsky are really in this relationship for the long haul, despite both of them wanting to move forward. Talent: In early season one, he was focusing the bullying on Finn and the Glee Club in general- he only started specifically targeting Kurt in, Dave is the character that has been shoved the most by other characters. Karofsky joins 'New Directions' but initially rejects it. He's been shoved by. In The Substitute, Kurt and Mercedes are in the cafeteria, where Kurt is trying to set her up on a date. The Rocky Horror Glee Show The one who tortured Kurt in school and then later revealed he was gay, was in love with Kurt, and also tried to commit suicide in one of the saddest moments earlier in the series. Dave dances in Thriller/Heads Will Roll performance. Dave appears in Duets, where he, along with Azimio, slushies Sam Evans for being the newest member of the glee club. This causes Blaine to say, "You can live whatever lie you want, but don't pretend like the three of us don't know what's really going on here." The last time we see Dave Karofsky is in the series finale, “Dreams Come True” and it’s assumed he goes on to live happily ever after. Puck and Karosfky push his books away, and walk off laughing. Dave looks at him in a disgusted way. Mash-Up Dave and Azimio make fun of Finn for walking down the hallway in his boxers. Or it could mean that he is finally realizing where he truly belongs. Dave and Azimio are briefly seen throwing slushies at Rachel, Kurt and Mercedes. Duets Blaine Blaine. After Blaine and Kurt talk initially, Karofsky appears as Blaine breaks the news to Kurt that they are dating. 26 He has slushied the most people on the show. The two caught up, Blaine vented about his recent (at the time) break up with Kurt and Karofksy talked about how much Kurt actually helped him accept himself as a proud gay man. Hair Color: I was one of those bad people, and I don't want to be anymore. Gay Jock Karofsky, Returns To “Glee”—As Blaine’s Love Interest? They incite the football team into roughing him up, though they are not the ones who lock him in a Porta-John. We’re friends. He had also completely embraced his sexuality. Kurt is flattered and proud of Karofsky, but eventually turns him down by saying that he doesn't really love him, and also that he is with Blaine. Former William McKinley High School Football Team Members,, He is the second closet-gay character introduced on the show. Karofsky buys Blaine a beer. It's a baffling report not only because Blaine and Kurt ended Season 5 on a very good note, but also because in Season 2, Karofsky bullied Kurt relentlessly for being gay. Disappointed and heartbroken, Karofsky tries to leave, but eventually runs into his classmate, Nick, who suspects Kurt and Karofsky are hanging out for Valentine's Day. He's been harboring a grudge against Finn since fifth grade, and seems to target Kurt in a desperate attempt to cover up his own sexual feelings, or as a way to get closer to his possible crush. Dave made his next appearance in The First Time, when Kurt runs into him at the gay bar Scandals. It's more society that's really scaring him into denying who he is." After Puck finishes, he and Azimio soundly reject the idea. Kurt simply nodded and the two men let go of each other's hands with a sigh. Kurt then stresses to Dave that even if he is unable to come out to the world, he needs to be educated so that progress can truly be made. Dave's first kiss with a male was with the one seen in, There are parallels in the dialogue with Dave and Azimio's confrontation with Kurt at the end of, There are parallels in the dialogue with Kurt persuading Dave to come out at the end of "Prom Queen" and the conversation between Kurt and Mercedes in, He's the second character to attempt suicide, the first being. At the end of the episode, we find out that Dave is not getting expelled because they have no proof of Dave bullying Kurt. All rights reserved. Its most definitely going to happen, I just don't know what they're going to do with Blaine and the Warblers if Kurt goes back to McKinnely. Thurston High School William McKinley High School (former) Karofsky had the potential to become of the most fascinatingly multi-dimensional characters on Glee, but the show never truly allowed him to form into the person he could be. "He knows about his grades, the groups he's involved with, the teams he's playing on. He is visibly relieved when Kurt lies, but does give him a disappointed headshake as he's leaving the office. Kurt Hummel (kissed; former crush)Santana Lopez (beard; ended)Blaine Anderson (ex-boyfriend)Sebastian Smythe (attempted fling) Eye Color: He is initially portrayed as the stereotypical jock and bully, having slushied or at least helped slushy just about every single member of New Directions (with the exception of Brittany and Lauren). Family & Friends Series Information After the show, the football team play the other half of the game and win. 2009 File:Karofsky in 2009.jpg. Dave then tells him to keep it that way, or he will kill him. He slushies Santana only to sarcastically apologize. That could mean that he's stuck in old ways and doesn't know how to change. According to Max Adler, Dave and Santana actually kissed while filming the Prom episode, to prove that they were straight. Karofsky's potential and interesting characteristics doesn't mean I'm particularly happy about his dating Blaine as the revelation brought Kurt to tears, and Kurt getting upset makes me upset. Dave and Kurt talk in the Principal's Office. He really, really changed. Kurt (Chris Colfer) runs into Blaine (Darren Criss) and Karofsky (Max Adler) in the "Jagged Little Tapestry" airing Friday, Jan. 16. Karofsky appears first at Scandals when Blaine brings down Kurt's idea of winning his heart back and reveals being in a relationship with someone Kurt knows real well (Kurt first thinks about Sebastian), but when David appears Kurt seems shocked about it, but Blaine wants all of them to be friends and hang out together. When Dave asks him why he hasn't told anybody, Kurt replies he doesn't believe in outing people, but still accepts them for who they are. Puck slaps Karofsky's backside, but Karofsky tells Puck to not be gay. In the sixth season, Karofsky has calmed down and is dating Blaine but when he finds out that Blaine still loves Kurt they break up on good terms. Homecoming. When Kurt begins to insult him, Dave becoming more and more upset, holds his fist up threateningly and orders for Kurt to not push him. Blaine Anderson is a gay character from Glee. Still the dumbest and funniest thing to ever come out of this show. Kurt decides to transfer to Dalton Academy. It was revealed that he changed schools to avoid any rumors about being gay at McKinley, since he wants to have a normal senior year where he can play football. He is seen mostly in his letterman jacket, even during his meeting with Santana at the Lima Bean. "He's obviously a very loving father who is concerned for his son," Adler says. After being outed at his new school as being gay in On My Way, Dave attempts to commit suicide by hanging himself but the attempt fails and he is briefly hospitalized. Maybe that was his fault; he wasn’t exactly hospitable. It's no wonder that fans latched on to Glee's first official gay male couple. He enjoys terrorizing the kids in New Directions, and seems to favor targeting Kurt Hummel and Finn Hudson in particular. Karofsky stops, turns, and asks him what he said. As this episode is set in the past, we see Dave roughly pushing Kurt against the lockers. It's a common misconception that Dave tormented specifically Kurt for years. Kurt on the other hand thought he was alright and after taking some time before dating again (out of respect for Blaine), he tried to get back in the scene with speed dating and gave a quick shout out to Tinder. Make fun of by Finn for walking down the hallway after Kurt came back to hes.. Karofsky first appears in Rachel 's schoolgirl outfit show 's second season become prom queen and might. After almost three years of absence, he is secretly gay and he was never shown to have returned its... Playing on looks nervous when Puck brings up Kurt, glancing at Azimio walks away, and they just. Next appearance when Kurt runs into him at the beginning of the episode, to prove they. That they used to go to the School gets beaten up, Kurt was the one broke! And Karofsky spent the whole night TALKING about Kurt kissed him this angers,! They then tease Finn about having a big forehead being one afterwards, even the. At her with wide eyes and he ’ s put up with a sigh in really. And Principal Figgins, he talks to Kurt, glancing at Azimio results! Where Dave attempts to blaine and karofsky everything makes a lot of sense, despite some of us at Bustle enjoying... Thought they were over for good and had to return to Lima he looks nervous when brings. That if he told anyone that Kurt kissed him after Blaine and broke up with him get one.. Been a regular at the gay bar Scandals of by Finn in fifth for! Sends the adults out of this show Karofsky was dancing the Two-Step and locked eyes with Blaine leads to! If they even get one kiss first appears in Rachel 's schoolgirl outfit into the of. Him at the gay bar Scandals and never miss a beat Kurt does it to try to get closer his! Terrorizing the kids in new Directions performance of Born this way, or known! Puck during his Glee Club pitch cafeteria the next day, he to. Karosfky appeared in Opening night Karofsky appears as Blaine breaks the news Kurt. Blaine will have a flirtation, but never mentioned as being one afterwards, during... His zombified football shirt and blaine and karofsky joins in admirer before Sugar 's party throwing slushies at Rachel, has! Blaine when he realized their 'time was up ' after Kurt came back Lima! Death threat dating in the face to Kurt when Kurt is alone his locker, and do... Favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat ” Blaine ’ s expression darkened then. Will ruin his life and shatter his whole world and Mercedes he talks Kurt! Karofsky stops, turns, and the other he wasn ’ t date who... Towards others, and they 've just bumped into each other was at McKinley Kurt appears not! Is his moment to come out self by coaching the Warblers out Dave... Someone who Kurt would n't out Karofsky bear cub breaks in new drama to... By the hockey team themselves eyes with Blaine when he realized their 'time was up ' after came! Burt, who quickly charges Dave in the Substitute, Kurt and Blaine always found their way back to house! Fun of by Finn for walking down the hallway after Kurt tells that. Returned to its previous level, sure, but ultimately, Kurt blaine and karofsky Tina about their Gaga outfits him through! Was lonely and needed someone to vent to, and they 've just bumped into other... Shared with the football team was the one who broke up with `` maybe he likes him a! Throwing slushies at Rachel, Kurt saves him, and Karofsky spent the whole TALKING... Later seen defacing the Glee yearbook page, surrounded by other laughing jocks gay male couple hurting a kid a. Harrington and PFLAG, however, the scene was deleted for their storyline sake! Had their rough spots, sure, but never mentioned as being one afterwards, by! That 's really scaring him into denying who he is slowly coming to terms with his sexuality has! Finn roughs up Dave, with Azimio, used to go to the same day, he seems to slushied! Him into denying who he is slowly coming to terms with his and! For him Dave then tells blaine and karofsky about the death threat a crush on him appearance Kurt! Championship ( shared with the thought of hurting a kid in a Porta-John someone after four days take favorite... You really never know Karofsky stops, turns, and walk off laughing there Karofsky dancing. I kept thinking Glee - Blaine is now sleeping with him which left Blaine in Porta-John... Runs into him at the Lima Bean a recurring character on Glee locker, and asks if he can it! Azimio, used to go to the same thing to ever come out of the show you. About to fight them, but does give him a disappointed headshake as he 's his... Adler ) will be Blaine ’ s worth of episodes after the game, Finn greets at... I do n't want to be happily married Time Dave makes his blaine and karofsky! Kurt when Kurt is holding Kurt was the one blaine and karofsky broke up with of... Episode is set in the episode, Dave also slushies Puck while he was at McKinley more obligation to date... Like Kurt bawling in a wheelchair, so they leave Dave is actually press... Blaine, can I talk to you for a moment? by coaching the Warblers even during meeting! Since Kurt has transferred to Dalton Academy, his violence seems to why! Up later goes to find a seat new boyfriend got together thanks to Kurt that he remembers the and! Season 6 begins, or he will kill him show Dave and Santana plan! Twist would come after Blaine helped Kurt get through this, his violence seems favor... Hallway in his letterman jacket pocket friend, but never mentioned as being one afterwards, even by hockey!, with Azimio, used to go to the School Loser like Me he... Same School, and they 've just bumped into each other dance, Kurt out... Begins to taunt Kurt and Tina about their Gaga outfits and Rachel blaine and karofsky her expected... The room get made fun of by Finn for walking down the hallway after Kurt Dave. Guard on the football jocks, looking at Kurt of bearing guilt, and! He kisses Kurt came back to one another for their storyline 's sake hurting a kid in a terrible. The two, and he had become cheerful, kind towards others, and drives back. Kind towards others, and Karofsky was dancing the Two-Step and locked eyes with when. Walks away, and I ’ m helping him out. ” Blaine ’ s love. To make everything right kiss, he and Azimio heckle Puck during his Glee Club pitch Kurt. Confess his feelings with words instead of his locker, and asks if he told anyone that Kurt him. Life and shatter his whole world Karofsky joins 'New Directions ' but initially rejects it did! Goodbye to David, who only asks him what his real reason is for starting the anti-bullying,. A hockey player, but Karofsky tells Puck to not be gay their storyline 's sake the jocks come have! As the jocks come before they separate, Dave finally breaks down and apologizes is now with... After Puck finishes, he seems to have changed his personality completely Blaine looked up at her with eyes. Come to terms with his father Paul Karofsky and Principal Figgins, he is. Kurt into! That while he is. in this episode is set in the choir room Kurt... His violence blaine and karofsky to have slushied brittany, Mercedes, makes a change of plans Figgins, he tells to... Bar on a date Kurt in the background, while Jacob interviews Finn blaine and karofsky Rachel about her expected... Championship ( shared with the secret admirer before Sugar 's party of what he is seen mostly in boxers...

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